Oh, my. Really hard to keep reading these. Dr Lee Merritt calls them "casualties of war"- war waged on the people by our government, big to small. They took the (kill) shots, for whatever reason--buying into the whole false narrative and believing the shots would help them, or giving into coercion from assorted parties, or wanting the "convenience" supposedly offered by taking them.

Hoping others wake up to the unreported ongoing murders and maiming everywhere. For these people, waking up is too late. Yet others may never awake from their stupor.

May God grant their souls eternal rest.

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Soon, you'll need to have three parts to cover the sudden deaths in the USA.

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A family friend passed away from a hear attack at age 40 this weekend. I couldn’t help but assume he’d recently gotten a booster. But how do you ask??

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Thanks again a listing all these people and the details around their likely vaccination. 💕🙏

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The focus must be on those who are still on dear Earth.

Two questions must be addressed:

1. Why did you take the faccine?

2. What research did you do?

Caveat emptor

Volenti non fit injuria

As for the faccine pimps and nazis, they made their beds.

Of course, a loss/pain is a loss/pain; but context matters.

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Apr 13, 2022·edited Apr 13, 2022

I find it interesting that obit articles now include extensive pre-existing medical mentions for notable people dying “unexpectedly” and “suddenly”

Reading about Gilbert Gottfried and body building Cedric McMillan sudden passing we’re led to believe they were lucky to even still be alive both having had “long term” illness and previous “near death” episodes. (both quotes from news articles)

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The child that Died Suddenly, In Austin, was killed in a accent by a road rage asshole that was beating on this kid. Here is the article:


If you’re going to all allege something, have the curtesy to find out what you’re talking about. This incident was horrific enough. It doesn’t need someone to try to use it for their own personal gain, or sensationalism

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