I cannot explain it because I find it weird, but I find myself strangely looking forward to these posts. What is that about?

Read today Tyrone Davis of NFL fame, age 50 passed away. No cause listed.

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Yes. He'll be in next week's.

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He went to a private school up the road from me, he was a good kid.

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I think we all need weekly affirmation that we aren't crazy, that we have experienced an insane mind control / mass poisoning event, and we aren't the only ones that see it. I find it to be grounding in a way.

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I think that is a good answer. I don't enjoy reading about these folks dying, but it does confirm what I believed since the beginning. Until now there was no proof, I was a crazy conspiracy theorist that people were going to start suddenly dying.

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Agree. It's just all so sad and so unnecessary. There are no words.

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It does make you feel like you're crazy but @CovidVictimsPortraits stated it well. This is so beyond normal especially when you don't see it happening around you when you know people have gotten multiple inoculations. I personally know 2 acquaintances on my street that have died from it and so many who are sick with "cvd", recurrence of cancer, joint pain (that goes away once they detox), "unexplained" nightmares (that goes away once they detox), fatigue (that goes away once they detox), and strokes but most people don't put 2 and 2 together. Even if they do, since they're "ok" they don't think anything is going to happen to them and they are safe. We tell them to detox but they don't. It just makes no sense to me how people are so blind and ignorant. It's just strange how for a year and a half at least we've known the severe dangers of these shots but I go to stores and everything is normal. I find it unreal that people look at labels on food products but didn't ask about what's in an injection that's being put into their blood and into their children. I text with my friend (someone I can't tell anything to because 1) she wouldn't believe me and 2) if she did, she'd literally have a nervous breakdown knowing that her whole family has been poisoned and she told them to get this poison) and everything is flowerly and far from reality. I get that it's hard to believe because it is so evil that there are no words but I also know it's been evil for at least a century when the carnegies and rockefellers first got rid of holistic practitioners (flexner report) to make more money and sacrificed humanity for their own financial and personal greed. It's been evil before that, too, but I won't go into that here. It is basically the same monsters, and now their "proteges", that are doing all of this.

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nature always provides what's best (naturopathic health care), while there's also great wisdom in the teachings of witches, druids and shamans.

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Just learned my coworker’s 57 year old sister died last week from bacterial meningitis. Her hands and feet had gangrene. If she survived they would have had to be amputated. Is bacterial meningitis common in someone who hasn’t traveled to a jungle or floated in a dirty river and lived a quiet, fit life in Massachusetts?

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My God man, I never thought 30 years ago when I used to read your articles in the Nation...how did it get here?

This is beyond reality, yet you survive as perhaps a greek chorus of righteousness. Thank you.

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Join the private group on Facebook called “died suddenly news”.... You will be overwhelmed with all the carnage...

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In September this group was at 234.2K members. Got shut down by f-b, so all previous posts gone. Now restarted. Now Died Suddenly/Unwanted Effect.

There's a smaller group Died Suddenly.

"Died Suddenly" Facebook group with 300,000 members reportedly removed from the platform


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Here’s the guy who created it ... There are a lot of knockoff groups but he’s the original...


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The greatest collection of anecdotes in history.

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I referenced the volume of anecdotal evidence of vaccine damage to my LPN daughter in law.. “ anecdotal evidence is rot, it’s not empirical science.....” ....the exchange went downhill from there....

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Anecdotes are real. Science are observations from anecdotes.

And where's the 'empirical evidence' the 'vaccines' did anything claimed? Seems to me, they rely on a lot of anecdotes.

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This “heated argument “ took place Memorial Day weekend....I don’t take kindly to medically trained people ending an argument with “ you don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re wasting doctors time”.....so, a lot more damning anecdotal evidence since then,....Thanksgiving should be interesting....

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At least the good news of no more Russian conscripted hacksxxxine is a positive development

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No. But you've given something to ponder about.

I guess my comment can ask: How many anecdotes are needed before it becomes evidence?

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It is mind blowing how this has played out. In 2003 when Rosa Kiore a forensic Real Estate the first of the US was campaigning against the Land Grab and ESG guidance in every city, town State in the US who in 2011 released a book Behind the Green Mask Rosa Koire. She Was a forensic commercial real estate appraiser .

She gave up everything for this fight. God bless her but Alas we did not listen.

The UN and the New World Order can be traced back 10,000+ years. Jon Rappaport who called out this China/Wuhan lie in January 2020 stating it's all a lie and if you bother to spend a few months researching what's left to see the truth you will find George Bush Senior stating in 1993 that we will move to a New World Order.

This is the same Technocracy which was first pushed out in 1787 by the French.

The Technocrats grabbed power and lost power while the US was being created. Somehow they were held back but only visually as the Big Lie is Climate Change a creation of Mankind.

This is the Big Lie. In the US like across Europe every town and city bought into the ESG claiming they are saving Earth.

The Technocrats lost power in the US in the 1930s and while they were regrouping the US like a blubbering fool plodded on Vaxing children as they were born. The rates if Childhood disease because of outrageously stupid policies that the brainwashed Allopathic doctors followed along like good little slaves.

The Earth is a Slave Planet. The human is the only species that must pay money to exist. When Woodrow Wilson brought the Globalists Federal Reserve in he stated in no unusual tone they will never know what hit them. Social Security will be taxed on them and we will return less than 5% of the money invested.

You are all slaves. The IRS is not part of the Federal Government. It is part of the USA Corporation along with each state and each human.

You are not your name. You do not live at an address. Learn your words but never fight police alone. If asked where do you live you answer I live where ever I am as I am a man. A living man under guard.

If they want to know if you are The state your name, your answer is you are a living man and if you need to communicate with me you can call me Harry. No other name and in mixed case.

You are a human man under God and need no permission to exist. Unluckily we mostly missed that opportunity.

The Baby Boomers of the 60s and 70s created Silicon Valley. Then GenX, Millennials and the newer groups were schooled in a different way where they believed taxes for Labor is needed. Property taxes are just.

The reason for 1776 was to not be taxed by the kind. The US offered allodial Title of land which means each human is the king of his land.

Every County in the US have been illegally collecting property taxes as well as employment taxes which are both illegal under the US Constitution.

Unluckily the US Constitution is dead as Lincoln never took us out of the war act. The Social Security system is a world wide trading system of humans.

The Man playing Joe Biden is an actor. The real Biden looked nothing like the idiot they are using.

We all must awaken the sleeping masses and the true poison is Food and Healthcare. Eating 3 meals a day is insanity. Eating the gluten and GMO vegetables are death. All Allopathic Medicine is a fake medicine. The hospitals are businesses as no Allopathic Doctor understands health.

The Doctors are brainwashed as much as the masses. Every illness is created by the system as the White Lab Coat and the belief of the Doctor as a God had led us to the insanity of a pill for a SYMPTOM and then a pill for the Symptom of the first pill. This goes on and on.

The massive quantity of food has left the population with undigested protein throughout the gut.

Humans require NO FOOD at all. We are made in the image of. Our etheric body is a connection to each other.

Your body needs a minimum of 18 hours of nothing drunk or eaten. IE if you eat at Noon then you last bite of food must end by 6 Pm.

Even this is not enough. There are ancient practices of cleaning the body. Coffee enemas for example allow the liver to clear the bile ducts and remove toxins sitting in the body for decades.

There are many simple natural ways to help yourself but turn off the TV. I hear it today still that I like TV and I cannot turn it off.

TV is the mind control mechanism that allowed this to explode. Technocracy was in the US Government again thanks to Carter and the Tri Lateral Commission.

Trump is part of the same group. If Trump is good why did he not work with RFK Jr regarding the poisoning of our children with 72 vax by 13.

Autism when up by 15000% percent. 1 out of a million is now 3 out of 5 boys from the childhood vaccines.

Today's Allopathic System is not understood by those that practice it. It is a sinister system where the idea of the Doctor as a God gives you a nonsense test and tells you what you have.

You believe it and that is the end. The Subconscious obeys the conscious beliefs. You create the illness by the simple fact of being told you have something.

Cancer is the Human bodies natural reaction to disease. In 99.9% of all cases if food was greatly reduced including fasting and no doctor visits ever you would never be sick. Obviously there can be NO TV watching. Pharmaceutical ads on TV are insanity.

Unluckily most think everything I wrote is crazy.

There is one person in the Criminal NAZI created NASA August Dunning wrote the Phoenix Protocol. This is the answer to good health.

It is not as much what you eat as how much you eat. Eat less. Fast longer.

Dry Fasting no food no water for 3 days will help tremendously. 11 days dry fasting you will have a new body. That's dry fasting . No Food no water.

You can live to 150 years easily. 900 if we stop devolving and go back to evolving.

We are not Apes morons. Wake up

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Avoidance of VAX poisoning 'LIABILITY' was a decades old TEMPORARY CONCESSION that MUST BE RE-INTRODUCED IMMEDIATELY! Since way back in 1976 it was allowed for another dodgy injection, supposedly for Swine Flu. The INJECTIONS KILLED 50+ US citizens. That Experiment was abandoned for being "Too Dangerous". Big Pharma 'forgot the LIABILITY 'concession' was TEMPORARY and still pretend it exists today. Big Pharma thinks Temporary means PERMANENT!" Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots from day one!

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Mark, this is appreciated.

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