I only had time to read a couple eulogies but...respect for such tragedy makes me want to honor the loss of each person who was snatched away. I found myself reading on and on.

Appreciating the evil which peers at us through the vaccine ethos feels strangely similar to standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon— the part of ourselves capable of appreciation of grandeur is called on as one gapes at the menace before us in our day as both demand largesse of soul. The busyness and pettiness and the constant distraction and the focus on temporal things all draw us away from the quiet depth necessary to contemplate.

I think that it is those who immerse themselves in the Beauty who alone find the strength to adroitly overcome our enemy. Of the 12, only Joshua and Caleb successfully battled giants. More than then, this is the day of giant slayers.

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It breaks my heart that this is a 'thing' now. Cases of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) were extremely rare. Worth comparing those stats to current ones. RIP fellow humans.

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Personally I never knew even one person under 60 who just dropped! Thank you for covering these tragedies. Have you been able to find any documentation of the numbers in other Countries Militaries? In the US, the injury/ illness increases since the vaccines were rolled out are horrendous!

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Life as Trance

As the first month of 2022 gathered pace as we moved towards the third calendar year of the fake pandemic, the determined stonewall of mainstream conversation was occasionally infringed upon by mutterings from the periphery of just about every Western country of a continuing die-off arising from the Covid vaccines. American insurance companies were talking of an unprecedented 40 per cent increase in life assurance claims; in Ireland, the national online death-notice site, RIP.ie, was showing an excess in mortality — in the Republic alone — equivalent to that suffered by the whole island in 30 years of the Troubles, and this for the single year of 2021. The same kind of pattern was whispered about by ‘conspiracy theorists’ in multiple European countries.

But nothing of this leached into the mainstream, where there was a continued push for mandatory vaccines, vaccination of children and penalties for citizens and parents who demurred.

A particular phenomenon was especially hard to ignore. All over the world, sporting events were being interrupted by the sudden collapse — sometimes fatal collapse — of athletes — footballers, tennis players, swimmers and so on — who had been at the top of their professional form. Yet, the mainstream contrived mainly to ignore this also, or sometimes to refer to it as something that happened every day. This became an online meme: the everydayness of sudden death among athletes, the only advance warning for which was to be among the fittest of the fit.


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I can't press like-I'm saddened by it all, but appreciate your hard and painful work in writing these facts to us. Thank you.

The causes are always left unknown. Does anybody do autopsies so that the cause is known?

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May 1, 2022·edited May 1, 2022

I read the info from Israel with great interest, as I lived there for 17 years. A couple of things to note.

1) For some reason most of the reports are from the city of Ashdod. Why is that? It's not that important a city (other than it being one of only a few ports). Why no reports from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa? I believe there's got to be much more news out there of sudden deaths from other cities, and it seems your source is not reporting those.

2) Many of those dead seem to be from the ultra-orthodox community. These are the people LEAST likely to get the jab, both in Israel and in other countries. That's not to say that certain sects wouldn't conform and do what they're told, but others will totally reject the idea that a jab will do more for them than their God-given immune system. So I do wonder about those reports of sudden death vs. those of more secular individuals who are more likely to respond to the social pressure and dictates from the Israeli government and society as a whole.

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Mark, the importance of these compilations of sudden deaths can't be overstated! And of course we all know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just one example - in my community (Oxford UK) a teenage girl (between 12-14) with a Down's syndrome died peacefully in her sleep in November last year. Just after the mass vaccination of kids in schools started. No one linked her death to the jab of course...

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I am a highly empathetic person but I start feeling seriously pissed off with the stupidity of the 'sleeping' masses! First, they rush to get their kids to get vaccinated - kids who have no choice in this matter. And then they are in a great shock when a previously healthy 11-year-old dies in her sleep. And they still don't get it!

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Apr 28, 2022·edited Apr 28, 2022

"Half of all Americans infected with COVID-19, three-quarters of children"

So wails the World Socialist Website. It never occurs to them that the infection of as many as possible with covid is the best thing that could happen. That’s how people build up immunity. But I guess that way of dealing with viruses is now a thing of the past in this new age of pharma-capitalism.

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