I'm not sure of that event, but we have something wicked coming at us here in the Bay Area on that exact same day: Anthony Fauci live at the San Mateo Performing Arts Center. He's small enough to be put into a Faraday bag, too.

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Who knew we'd be living in a sci-fi dystopian world, just a few years ago. Thanks for the heads up.

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is it "fear porn" or is it real?

Sometimes the white hats put out disinformation directed at the bad guys, not us.

For years now we've been given dates for various events and they never pan out.

Use your discretion. If you feel you need to disconnect on that date, then do it.

I am not concerned myself, but that is my choice and opinion and intuition.

Think about who is putting this message out, where it comes from...

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Seems that if someone was of a mind to do something this awful, they'd let it leak that it was going to go down on Oct 4, and then fuck everyone over by actually doing it on the 3rd!

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I feel like these are fake things to distract, and for "them" to see how much disruption they can cause.

Why don't we have a "Turn off Your Phone - National Holiday"?!

It's a nasty addiction anyway.

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Sep 24·edited Sep 24

Mark, I'm an engineer. I can tell you shutting off your phone will do absolutely nothing because none of your phones broadcast 18GHz. Not one. You can go to this website here and see for yourself. Not one carrier is deploying 18GHz.


Even if they did, it still wouldn't do anything because the cell towers would be broadcasting and so everyone would be subjected to whatever frequencies they broadcast whether your phone uses it or not.

I honestly think this is a real exercise to determine how many people they can dupe with dis-information. Think about it. What better way to test how many people are involved in anti-covid activities than seeing who shuts off their phone at that time, on that date? Everyone would be identified down to the individual.

Does anyone have a single reference that validates that an 18 GHz signal "swells" the lipid nanoparticles?

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Glad I'm not injexted, but my friend is, he'll laugh at me if I tell him about this.

I don't doubt the towers and massive cell phone inferstructtuer of late is for nefarious purposes, I hope the ravens are able to eat away at them as yhey sometimes are wont to do

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It's somewhat peculiar that this news is receiving worldwide attention. "Something wicked" has already been around for quite a while, and things are progressing along the timetable of Agenda 2030 unhindered. Even the mass murder in Maui is ignored and goes unpunished.

I personally believe that this is a "Chicken Little" exercise, testing people's responses and conditioning them to ignore real danger:


Although the date is probably a bit off, but the game will not end well:


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Pre-covid they did one of these alerts, I was sitting in the dentist chair. So much has happened since then. I never did the lockdown thing, I came and went as usual. I do know for a fact while the Covid lock down was going on I saw lots of white vans and work trucks doing things in the odd places on roadsides, and wherever there were utility poles. No names of companies, no identifying marks, nothing. I never did learn who they were or what they were doing.

Here nor there, nothing surprises me anymore, and honestly I wouldn't put it past these people to try anything. At some point there will be a breaking point, one way or another. I don't really have any foresight that any good guys will be saving us like in the movies.

All I know is I have felt very unsettled lately, like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I do know people out in the public square have changed. There is a weirdness to everything.

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My take is this OCT 4th is a real check of the system. But next time, its real, whatever they are doing.

As an Engineer, it seems a fake or real EMP attack is most likey. In 2018, a congressional investigation said a well planned EMP would take down most of the Grid for 3 years or more. This would kill 90 percent of people in those areas. It is the easiest and most "peaceful" way to kill us.

Trump had a EO to harden the Grid. Biden canceled it day one. Think. Hard.

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Sorry guys - but until someone “scientific and can be trusted” can show that these pathogens exist in the lipid nano particles, I am not going to believe this. The lipid nano particles are a “fat like” delivery systems for the MRNA. They allow the MRNA to be delivered without the immune system recognizing and attacking them. So… let’s not go down this road without real evidence.

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Sounds like bull to me. If they could do that with a microwave signal your own cell phone would be a triviality so turning off your devices would be no help. Haven't heard of ANY Marburg in Western nations, assuredly if a simple mechanism like a microwave at a certain frequency could activate it, that would have already happened to some people, hobbyists play with different frequencies all the time.

Why do something crazy like that which would be easy for virologists to detect? We do know they (CIA) loves the Marburg virus, so I have little doubt they have a Marburg-Corona chimera virus made-up and they would release it the same way they released SARS-CoV-2. With aerosol sprayers that they bought by the truckload. I doubt they threw them away after their Plandemic. Our Psychopath rulers must be thinking "it would be a shame to waste all that equipment we bought".

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Anything is possible

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Because I didn’t take the shot and don’t carry a smart phone I am not worried about it, but do plan to be at the beach that day.

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That sounds completely nuts.

But, I was in shock for at least a week when our governments ordered a lock down of all of us & our economy & civil rights for a virus with a similar lethality to the seasonal flu, & 95% of the people around me just went along with it. Then they lined up like sheep to get an injection from a company that has been sued for egregious violations in the past.

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People freaked out over this when obama was pres. People freaked out over this when Trump was pres. People freaked out a few months ago when UK tried it. This is called a psyop, and since some people dont cower from one invisible hobgoblin (virus) they now are running a fear porn op getting people scard of another invisible hobgoblin (5G). They want you scared, they planted the mind virus, and come Oct 4, hypochondria kicks in and the mind virus really takes hold.

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