Well said! Kissinger is a victim of the Holocaust who identifies with the aggressor, the Nazi, so it's a perfect match. Twins, one Gentile Nazi and one Jewish Nazi. They come in all different stripes, but are cut from the same cloth, psychopathology.

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May 28, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Yikes, what a pair. But it does help us understand why we are in the mess we are in. It's not the school that's bad, it's the principal of the thing!

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Mark- your earlier substack on Bourla is not clickable/ shareable. It goes to an “error” page FYI

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A well research history of the Schwab Family- There is an incorrect statement in this thread that Schwab is half Jew by birth. This is a fallacy.


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Schwab and Kissinger are evil but they're merely front-men for the globalists and have no real power. Just like the WEF is a front-organization. If we got rid of them, the globalists would have to recruit new front organizations since they never do anything directly themselves. The real power is held by the central banks, including the Federal Reserve, which are privately owned by the globalists. Nazism and Communism were both created by the globalist crypto-satanists, who pretend to be Jewish, Christian, Muslim or atheist. Look at the upside crosses they frequently wear (e.g. Melinda Gates).

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Every time I see Killinger, I grow more and more convinced that those people actually do drink the blood of children.

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Hi Mark, love your work but I just saw your email from earlier here:


There is no way that can be real but rather than deleting the post, it would be better to explain to the reader what happened, why it was fake, what led to you thinking about deleting the post, etc.

I will criticize the MSM for stealth editing and will hold Substack writers to the same standard. It would be far better to leave the post up so it can be found by people to give context as to why it is wrong, rather than just delete it. For example, people might be looking it up on a search engine, you want those people to stay rational.

I've noticed a pattern of made up quotes on twitter that people retweet mindlessly without "fact checking" them. I've chastised a lot of people on our side for doing this, it allows "fact checking websites" to create strawmen so they can "debunk" the fake stuff which leaves a casual reader to believe that the rest of what any given person said must be fake or made up as well.

The classic example (IMO) is Dr. Luc Montagnier who talked about ADE, then was falsely attributed as saying "we must be ready to incinerate the bodies". He never said that, but the "fact checkers" threw the baby out with the bathwater on his ADE comments with that.

I'm convinced this fakery is part of an ongoing psychological operation between intelligence agencies (e.g. 77th Brigade) and the "fact checkers" themselves.

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Royal Family's-Ruling Family's

The ruling family's that rule the earth today, are the same family's that have always ruled the earth. Only the names have changed. You do not rule anything unless you're a royal family member.

The people called "The Influencers"(actors) on your TV, are all members of the ruling family's. No one becomes rich and famous unless you're of the ruling family's. All ruling family's are of the royal family's blood lines. Research the 300 ruling family's on earth.

All presidents except one are descendants of King John Of England, who ruled England from 1199-1216. Only the eighth president, Martin Van Buren, was not related to King John but of another royal blood line.

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How are we all not freaking out completely at these two having control of anything??!

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Klaus and Henry sitting in a tree

Never mind, they're both for tyranny

Take your country, take your home

They'll soon grasp what you don't own

Eat your bugs, don't complain

They'll give you drugs 'to keep you sane'

Don't you dare to drive or fly

They have a globalist techno spy

Stop your eating meat, please now

We need the world on techno power

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Worse than Kissinger is Yuval Noah Harari. Also Jewish and deeply embracing the idea of no privacy and transhumanism with him as God. He's a nazi's set dream, worse than Kissinger if that's possible. He's Klaus's top advisor.

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I am glad Kissinger said the war should end, in so many words, whatever sort of monster he is.

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Hello All, Some might be interested in the following quote. With DAVOS having just wrapped, it seemed the timing was apt. It is from one of my favourite writers John Ralston Saul, who clearly had Schwabbie’s measure some time back before he reached household name status.

DAVOS/WEF: A Hall of Mirrors for Humiliated Princes (Inside an Echo Chamber) — 👉👀 More backstory on #KlausSchwab and #DAVOS


EXTRACT: 🗣‘From the beginning [DAVOS] proposed viewing society through an economic prism and viewing economics through the prism of the managers of large corporations, rather than through the eyes of capitalists. Eventually the core funding of DAVOS was taken over by its corporate membership, thus facilitating the use of the meetings as a public relations exercise for the themes that the controlling members wanted attention paid to that year. All of this has always been perfectly transparent to anyone who cared to look, which made the growing attendance of senior elected politicians all the more peculiar...yet fascinating.

If you step back to view this in a historical context, you might at first laugh at Mr. Klaus Schwab’s egocentric claims of originality and influence [in establishing DAVOS]. He is reminiscent of one of those pretentious salt tax collectors become duke in the days before the French Revolution. Or you might become intrigued, even annoyed, by so much power gathered in a place of such narrow and peculiar, and eventually (again) fascinating.

Schwab succeeded in creating a modern version of a court, with all the characteristics of palace life [such as] an absence of power but a hope of possible influence; courtier-like behaviour, now called lobbying or networking; and powerful dukes and princes humiliated by the apparent need to pay court to the king or those close to the king, who in this case had taken on a more abstract form. The king of Davos was a concept. The concept of society seen through the prism of economics. And those to be courted were the managers of the big firms. The humiliated princes were the elected leaders.

The purpose of Davos was and is to advance the policies of those who own it. They themselves would explain that that is to advance a deregulated, business-led global system. It is an organized, concentrated lobby system. And since most Western democracies have normalized the lobbying process by bringing it inside their managerial system, thanks to registrations and declarations, it is hard to suggest that any of this is technically unethical. Davos is merely a global expression of the normalization of unethical behaviour.

The...troubling thing about the gathering was that so many elected leaders felt they should accept the organization’s logic in order to become courtiers there. It is one of the curious things about the atmosphere that courts create. There is always an abundance of mirrors, but courtiers can’t really see their own reflections. The dukes at Versailles also tried to convince themselves that the process of attending court was not designed to humiliate them. But it was.’ END EXTRACT

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Excuse me; I butt in. I don't take sides in this special dialogue, I've not followed it, except to say:

I used to think something like this, that we are all in some sort of prison. It's common fare for hippies, truth seekers, hassidic kabbalists, new-agers, most-of-us in some ways. Well, I still believe we are, <b>but by what's likely to come, it's complete bloody liberation!</b>

And we could still have our loving saviours (for whatever they were/are worth) offering techniques such as Moses, Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Mohammed (blessed be them all), who arose whilst not such complete 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D lockdown coverage eased our paths. They might shine and lead, they might enlighten, they could easily reveal and experience , or they could readily be communicated with by highest being. What if all that technical possibility goes? Or even hope of it?

Next, we have a 'regular' prison. Here we may be raped, cut, forced to clean, and lose our liberties. Nevertheless, I am sure most of us reading here would make the most of our time at least to indeed read: history, mathematics, linguistics, law and lacrosse. Things could be a lot worse, right?

So now, after all this we have genetic lockdown. Let's say the 10th vaccine you took went okay, for some wholly random reasons, but the 11th started switching on-N-off genetic switches within your body dna brain. As a spiritual sentient being, are you so completely confident enough that you could out-compete such barrage of thought impulses yet always prevail as a casual human, as normal? I doubt it, and so seriously do you.

Now then we have switches to turn on, turn down, and turn up the volume on your greatest fears. Is this really such a future prison?

<b>My money's on you'ld be bummed n' cut easy now rather than face what's comin'!</b>

Thrown from tall buildings, trapped in caves, swimming in sharks, drowning in submarines, fried in Kentucky, each and all make lonesome whole-body gangrene a breeze! For real. And its all at their fingertips; their little laptops. Over and over again, and for as long as they want, or as long as educates them, or thrills them.

<i>Remember 1300 individuals (people) control 94% of all the money, wealth and resources on this Earth. How is that they're so obsessed (losing sleep) over the remaining 6%. </i>(Henry Makow)

I do not wish to be crudelis (cruel) to you brothers and sisters, you think lucky that y'die an all this ends. No sweet-pea it only just begins for ever and ever. Capice''?

Monkey Pox vaccine is just for pussies!

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The Borla video is gone from Rumble already.

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Was the Bourla post deleted? Or disappeared?

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