These "apologies" are starting to bubble to the surface and all at the same time. This is not a coincidence. Clowns like Oster don't just "think this up" on their own. They are tasked to float these trial balloons by PR firms to gauge public sentiment.

This is just the opening salvo in a PR campaign we will likely see over and over again. Most likely this represents testing the rhetoric to determine which phrasing is the most persuasive and effective for gaslighting the population.

It is a disgrace to even be having this discussion at this time. But what else would you expect from narcissistic scumbags?

Further, the perpetrators do not get to decide anything about "sorry" , it is the victims who determine when and if forgiveness is appropriate.

I am personally engaged on a regular basis with numerous victims of various Covid medical murders, for but one example, and I can assure not one of these individuals is thinking about "sorry" they are all seeking justice for the murder of their loved one. I can further attest to the fact that universally they are repulsed by this notion at this point in time.

This is not even an apology, it is more gaslighting. The only thing that should be discussed right now is justice for the crimes that were committed across all sectors of society.

These crimes are still being committed on a daily basis. Millions were killed and millions more have had their lives permanently marred.

'Sorry' ain't gonna cut it.

This notion of "sorry" has gotten to the point of being pathological. To even suggest such a thing at this point is a disgrace and an insult to the millions who have had their lives destroyed forever and the millions who were killed.

Forgiveness of the criminals who have destroyed the lives of an entire generation of children can in fact be problematic. I don't believe we should even be in a conversation about "forgiveness" at this point- we need justice.

Without that these ghouls will do this again and again- they are already planning on it.

"Oops we killed 15 million people and implemented a mass surveillance control grid. Will you please forgive us? If you do, we will give you extra mealworm cupcakes."

No thanks.

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Nov 6, 2022·edited Nov 6, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

I am listening to police sirens today Sunday...we've just had two. Reminds me of the Spring and Summer of 2021 during the Jab rollout...every day about 5 times a day.

It is a beautiful day here, 71 and a breeze. Indian Summer. I am dusting and moving the electric fireplace into my bedroom because it gets cold in there. Winter is coming.

Two young kids walkacross the parking lot, and my mind thinks: When I was that age, the one thing I knew in my life was that my parents would take a bullet for me. We knew we were the most important thing to our parents, and there was nothing they wouldn't do to keep us safe.

What are they going to think when they get a little older, and realize that we shut down the world, masked them like slaves, deprived them even of normal play, trashed the economy for their lifetimes, just so the old and afraid people could live a few years longer?

When they realize their parents would sacrifice them in a heartbeat to keep themselves safe?

I don't think this is going to end well. After such knowledge, what forgiveness?

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Because my family had already been infected with TDS, and because they already viewed me with suspicion for my political views (independent), they viewed with strong and impervious suspicion anything I had to say (questioning) about the lockdowns, masks, vaccines.

The brainwashing is, I fear, permanent. They are all about that amnesty and ready to move on.

Last night I hung out at a crowded bar with a dear old (brainwashed) friend who no longer feels the need to wear a mask because she has had 5 of the magical jabs. I said something like, "well, at least when most people are getting sick now, it tends to be mild." She said, "well, not if you are immunocompromised like my husband (unmasked, sitting beside her in the crowded bar)." Neither one of them has "caught it" the entire past 3 years. (and neither have I, despite having turned down all magical injections.)

I'm not sure what their thinking is, but they still strongly believe in jabbing and will definitely put their masks right back on as soon as the "go" sign is given.

Around here, being unvaccinated or questioning equates to being a Trumper, and essentially a leper. This is still the case. Many of my friends still don't know my status. (not their business)

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It's simply the biggest conspiracy in human history. Forgive? FUCK NO. REVEAL EVERYTHING INSTEAD. Get to the bottom and the top of it! REVEAL how it was engineered and why it was so successful! So it will NEVER BE ABLE TO BE PERPETUATED UPON HUMANITY EVER AGAIN.

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Absolutely! No Amnesty!

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Ahead of Tuesday's election, I've personally spoken with most of my local & regional candidates, and corresponded with the rest via email. And as a former political science lecturer, and someone coming from the "political left", I never thought I'd say this, but I'm now pretty much a single issue voter - Don't try to poison or kill my kids.

So inflation, crime, abortion, environment, all take a back seat. I only want to know the answers to a few simple questions: Have you ever supported mandatory jabs? Did you support the lockdowns? Have you supported censorship or open debate on this issue? (And frankly these questions set a pitifully low bar, I'm basically asking, "Are you a fascist?")

But no Democrat (in my locale at least) could give me a satisfactory answer, and so, for the first time, I will be voting straight ticket, 100% Republican.

But to those of you Republicans who want us on board, don't get too excited. You guys cannot turn a blind eye to Trump's position on the vaccines. Dr Miller has pointed this out many times. Trump, the author of Operation Warp Speed, gave millions to fund new vaccine research (has everyone forgotten about this?), gave billions to GAVI (whose singular goal is to vaccinate the entire world), and Trump has unapologetically sung the praises of the vaccine over & over again. He can add his qualifier (". . .but I respect your liberty") all he wants, but he is in bed with Pfizer, taking millions in campaign contributions from them, and appointing them to his cabinet. So while we're on the subject of never forgetting, let's make sure to put Trump where he belongs, in Camp Complicit, along with Biden, Obama, the Clintons, Bush 43, and the rest of them. And frankly, Trump had something the others didn't - people ALL around him brave enough to tell him the truth, in some cases loudly. And he ignored them.


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Attorney Ann Cox was interviewed on Steve Kirsch's VSRF on November 3rd. She successfully fought NY on proposed internment camps. The state is appealing that ruling. Amnesty is being proposed so they can regroup. https://odysee.com/$/download/VSRF-Weekly-Update-Promo-EP-54_110322_Final_Odysee/2f7e89d9d4317bf0c6873b52ce214875004d0a0d

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Mark; have they even stopped paying hospitals $100k plus liability protection per c19 death? Perhaps they should stop killing people before they ask for forgiveness?

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May each and every person that wished pain, suffering and death on the "noncompliant" rot in Hell for all Eternity. Perhaps Lucifer will provide amnesty.

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#TrudeaumustgoNOW 🆘️

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They are still injecting us and our children everyday, everywhere and they want to be excused for what they are actively doing!? F ! that sounds like a Demonrat!

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Tell this grieving mother about amnesty:

‘100% Because of the Vaxx’: Grieving Mother Vows To Bring Justice Following Death of Teen Daughter


Murder trials in local courts are whats needed, along with all the implications for discovery and precedent. Multiply that by millions. The result will be change.

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Amnesty? The masking and coercion to get shots to attend college, work in health care, military, schools, and other employment is still going strong. There is no slow down. The ads for more shots are still going strong also.

The useful idiots who destroyed families, communities, personal health, and livelihoods need to go to jail for their crimes against their fellow man. Crimes against humanity. They can write beautiful prose from their jail cells. Amnesty is off the table and out of the question.

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If you haven't seen the film "V is for Vendetta" you really should. Yesterday was November 5...

This piece has many relevant excerpts --well worth your time to read. https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/i-would-like-to-take-this-day-to?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=748806&post_id=82661079&isFreemail=true&utm_medium=email

A while back (the last DIM candidate I actually worked for) Marisa DeFranco who was running for senate in Massachusetts against Warren recommended I watch "V is for Vendetta" - I didn't 'get it' back then - just scifi I thought. DeFranco was wise. Great film great cast; very prescient. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_for_Vendetta_(film)

Most people haven't a clue what's really happening despite the courageous efforts of people like you Mark. Wait til CBDC and the WHO (i.e. BIGPHARMA) treaty that authorizes the takeover of "health" for the entire world kicks in, in the not to distant future. I had hoped for a nuremberg 2. Instead I think it'll probably be WWIII because of the nut jobs in DC and the MIC. And I think all the propaganda/brainwashing/ingested poisons now block any possibility of a real revolution. I'm sad for my children and grand kids.

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Amnesty for Emily? Geraldo Rivera? Anderson Cooper? Gene Simmons? All those and the other WAR CRIMINALS who advocated withholding medical treatment, shunning and outright locking up the unvaxxed for the crime of not taking a series of experimental gene therapy injections for a disease with an IFR of 0.3 (CDC, May 2020) and the current variant is half that.

You want amnesty? Here's your amnesty.


Oh and if you thought that you were important LOL


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For about three years, I've been banned from restaurants, theaters, museums, and libraries. Hell, I couldn't even go to yoga or my private Spanish conversation class without wearing a goddamned mask.

Forgiveness hell—I want revenge.

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