I can't believe it's monkey pox season already 🐒. I still have my Ukraine decorations up! 🇺🇦

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Monkees! "And then I saw their face. Now, I'm a deceiver, I got a fever, and I'm tired........" 😫

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I'd been assuming they were planning to eliminate a certain percentage of the population, based on some utopian eugenicist ideas mixed with a dollop of environmentalism, something like 80-90% of us. But now I'm beginning to think they want to kill every single human being on earth. I guess they have some idea of surviving in transhuman form, and will not need any pesky humans 1.0 around even to do their dirty work. Or maybe they think once they've succeeded in bringing hell to earth they'll dwell with Satan, as gods, in the infernal paradise they've ushered in. We can be sure that won't go quite as they expect, and they're not going to enjoy it as much as they think they are.

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There is nothing to fear from this disease but they will make it be something it is not just like the did with COVID. The big scare of SARS 2 on 2003 was another fake scare to push the revision of the IHR they had been working on since 1995 and couldn't move forward. Not ONE case in the US and 774 deaths world-wide but they hyped it up in order to hugely revise the IHR in 2005. We MUST REFUSE TO SUCCUMB TO FEAR.

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They just can't leave us alone, can they!

I guess the first jab did not kill enough people so now round two....

I thought they might try a second time with a scarier virus, possibly a third, since everyone went along with it...

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Monkeypox or Moronic?

Apparently, Apple is mandating the muzzle on its employees again. The only relevant figure I can recall is a NIH paper, co-authored by Fuxxi, from 2008, when they exhumed the bodies of the 1918 “pandemic” and found that up to 95% of them had died of bacterial pneumonia, obviously exacerbated by the muzzles people kept wearing. They want us dead, but there is nothing to see here; keep walking to your early grave.

Of course, no virus has ever been isolated and Virology, along with “vaccines” and “pandemics” is a fraud, but who cares. Oh, the WHO definitely does, and it looks like the politicians who imprisoned, maimed, and killed their own citizens based on fraudulent “science” are not going to resist, so the decisions regarding any further plandemics all over the world will fall into the hands of the Cabal that owns everything, including the WHO, and has been running the show ever since central banks went into private hands (the Rockefellers alone own over 160 of them around the Globe).

It looks like the mass murderers enjoy taunting their victims. As they announced around 1981, “we will kill the elderly first, and then the stupid.” Hospital and nursing home protocols took care of a lot of old people, while the lethal injections extended the scope of the worldwide genocide.

“Omicron” certainly sounds to be a twist on “moronic.” The latest fraud is monkey pox, another non-existent “viral infection” (viral infections do not exist), probably caused by some mass poisoning that the body wants to get rid of and in the process of detoxification, develops the symptoms. The poisoning can come from various resources, including, but not limited to chemtrails, spreading the illusion of an epidemic.



This time, the “monkeys” will get it.

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It is so in your face, why arent people rioting in the streets? More money to Bill Gates and Pharma?

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See here:

Why Is The WHO Convening Emergency Meeting For MonkeyPox Virus That Is Allegedly Going Global? And Why Specifically MonkeyPox Virus?


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Monkey see monkey do

Joe is the proudest monkeeeee

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Typical virus theory garbage...

Take an issue caused by other things (polio-pesticides smallpox-sanitation and now this- vaccine side effects) and blame it on a new pathogen.

It's getting old and I wish more people would question the science behind this whole hubbub about diseases that get invented out of thin air.


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We do know the answers to those questions.

David Martin has compiled them:


But you know that already, because you posted about it in November:


Other chronologically-organized public records evidence of the comprehensive, all-government-encompassing premeditation of the massive crime is in the statutory history:


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The senseless and brutish things that man does because of his fatal addiction to growth and fraud. Get me off this planet so I don't have to hear any more sugar-coated sociopathy.

Rachel Carson said "To sin by silence, when we should protest makes cowards out of men."

Such bewildering passivity in an obvious juggernaut of evil.

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They've already created a new cure, to stop the Monkeypoxaclipse. 🤫

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It's not just that they prophesied covid but that they just knew, as soon as covid was announced, that it was going to change everything forever. They clearly had one of Tolkien's Palantirs handy!

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The Trotters have gone bananas:


“Over 100 monkeypox infections detected in 10 countries as unprecedented outbreak spreads globally”

But our Impeccably Scientific Trots continue to emphasis …. THE FACTS:

“The fact that this monkeypox outbreak takes place amid the deepening COVID-19 pandemic has caused unease among a growing number of people, particularly those who have been alerted to threats to public health by the COVID pandemic.”

Angry time:

“…criminal negligence … deliberate mass infection …have needlessly killed…”

Building up to The Big Explosion:

“If capitalist society has disastrously failed to stop the preventable spread of COVID-19, what will transpire in the coming weeks and months with new or previously rare infections?”

Coming weeks and months? Don’t you mean years and decades? Of course you do!

Also note:

“Asymptomatic transmission is theoretically possible.”

So get ready for the next voodoo virus that you won’t know you have till your tested!

Meanwhile one comment from “John”:

“Can’t catch a break. Two potential pandemics at the same time. One causes causes (sic) brain damage while the other messes up your face.”

Since you are now double typing words, John, I reckon you better check for brain damage yourself.

“At a time when Capitalist governments are getting rid of any measures such as masking, social distancing, and contact tracing.”

Yes indeed John, lets’ prove our ardent Leftist credentials and hasilty re-install these much needed chains!

“Let’s be honest if left up to these psychos, monkeypox will become a pandemic.”

Shhh John! At least give us a “spoiler alert”!

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