It was going to expand. The US insisted on it. We will fight to the last Ukrainian.

In the late 70s, Ayatollah Khomenei of Iran used to refer to the US as "The Great Satan." I concede his point.

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Thing is the Satan is not the people themselves but certain rogue sections of government that went viral. Gore Vidal, in his speeches in the nineties used to hammer home a national security directive (which number I do not remember, NSC-36 or something) that put the executive branch in the forefront to rule by fiat. We have been hijacked and the ship of state is being steered into the obstacle of one's choice, all aboard, with the blessing of our hijackers.

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Just to note, Ritter was interviewed a day *before* the US asked Russia for a cease fire and 2 days before the wounded Azov Nazis surrendered at Mariupol & a few non-wounded emerged to negotiate terms for the rest of them. The sole term being "do not video us" presumably to avoid embarrassing several countries with high ranking military "advisors" in the mix.

It's almost funny to read the western/ Ukr propaganda of "evacuation." They are already in Russian territory.

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I have transcribed fully first half interview in my substack


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About the couple of howitzer batteries that slipped past Russia & reversed Ritter's position of the state of the war:

1 of them is no more.

Intel Slava Z

🇷🇺🇺🇦 The Russian Defense Ministry reports that as a result of strikes over the past evening and night, 2 SU-24s at the airfield were destroyed, as well as a battery of American M777 howitzers and 2 locations of foreign mercenaries.

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The framing of Ritter’s remarks as some sort of shocking about-face is silly. Ritter is simply doing what he has done all along: give his interpretation of events based on facts insofar as he can determine what the facts are.

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'Whoever rules Eurasia, controls the world' Sir Halford John Mackinder

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What war was Ritter in whereby he was on the winning side? Panama? Granada?

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I wouldn't call it " ..to ensure another unchallenged century of American primacy." I would say "to ensure another unchallenged century of the United Criminals of America Empire."

USA used to be a country until 1945 only, then started destroying so many countries, democracies, civil rights, through wars, torture, terrorism, coups. They are the n°1 Criminal State of Terror of the World! By facts, by history, by their own reality.

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That was when the coup happened. Gore Vidal talked about this in his lectures. Circa 1945 National Security conspired to put the power of the government into the executive and the NSA. Unsure of the doc number, its in his speeches, but it was something like NSA-36.

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I thought Putins hidden objective was to take the Eastern Part of Ukraine from Belarus down to Moldova essentially cutting off the Western Ukraine from the Black Sea and Russias borders. It would have been nuts to take the Western Part since unlike the East they are more Nationalists and anti Russian.

This would give Putin a significant buffer between the Eastern part of Nato backed West Ukraine which he could live with from a security stand point, plus Ukraines most valuable resources are in the East.

Whats concerning Scott is the Russians inexplicable failure to stop hardware from making its way from the West to the front lines, and the slow pace of Russias efforts in the Donbas giving Ukraine time to train on using equipment coming in from NATO countries.

How is it all transport routes (rail, air, road) from West to East have not been pulverized from the air and distribution points for NATO hardware also pulverized

My feeling now is Putin never had any intention of taking anymore than what used to be called New Russia or New Khazaria. Without taking the Northeast as well, Russias security situation will be even worse than before the invasion

Plus Ukraine will never stop trying to reclaim the territory taken. It will be a forever war.

If I were Russian I would suspect Putin Is a Trojan Horse for WEF interests since the only apparent winner of this war as its being prosecuted seems to be WEF and the NATO Military Industrial Complex. Perhaps they have compromised him in some way

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This is an interesting viewpoint, but how can we square this with the fact that the US just asked Russia for a cease fire? To me that implies the US is worried about losing more than Russia is.

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May 17, 2022·edited May 17, 2022

Scott Ritter is of course allowed to change his mind, but the real question is why. Ukrainian armed forces are currently teetering on the edge of total collapse and Scott knows that.

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"Most important, Ukraine is the first battle in a Third World War, a war that was concocted and launched by Washington to ensure another unchallenged century of American primacy."

I believe Ukraine is simply a follow up on the cleansing of Kazakhstan. The US had much invested in Ukraine and watching the downfall of bitcoin, which was called into existence for paying off fraudulent cooperation, is no longer hot. Don't buy crypto for it is meant to buy children and goods that angels do not dare to think about. What we are witnessing is a great draining of a huge stinking swamp, a much filthier and deeper swamp than that in the US. When in coming weeks and months the West is going to be throttled by a self inflicted economic black hole, it will be purified and we will be getting rid of all the clowns and power drunk idiots that play with the levers. Then an era of peace and prosperity will take place. At last.

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I don't think Ritter understands end Putin's goals. All anyone can do is make educated or uneducated guesses. He also doesn't seem to take into consideration the financial front of this war.

So far the US & EU sanctions are bleeding themselves dry. China lockdowns (over a few cases of covid in 25m population) are wreaking havoc with the supply chain. And instead of hemmirhaging, Russia's economy is flourishing. It doesn't need the west.

In the meantime, the eastern half of the US is running out of diesel. We may be facing rationing by summer. Per Bloomberg & now at least 1 US congressman on relevant committee (I forget who) we are literally using up our existing hardware.

All the contracts to replace won't matter if 1 supplier or another of a critical part chooses the other side.

And Biden has decided to bomb Somalia & send troops there.

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The Shanghai lockdowns were just to create supply chain disruptions, nothing to do with Covid. The US requires so much supply from China that it doesn't hurt them, just us. Taiwan trying to offshore their chip making but can't do it fast enough.

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I am shocked that Russia did not realize that, yes, of course, the West will illegally seize all of their assets abroad, and yes, America will fight a proxy war, we are the best in the world at fighting proxy wars. How could Putin et al, not see that? They believed our propaganda.

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Um, Russia has responded by seizing $1/2B foreign assets in Russia.

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Better late than never. Didn't Russia know we did that with Iran and Venezuela to name a few? What were they thinking to leave themselves open for similar theft ?

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Seizing assets is illegal. They have sought to remain on the right side of the law. They let the US seize first to demonstrate the US illegal behavior.

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And this is where they lost the war. Did they never hear the proverb, "All is fair in love and war."? "They let the US seize first to demonstrate the illegal US behavior." ??? That hardly needs demonstrating. U.S. history is rife with illegal machinations in war and finance.

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What makes you think they lost the war? You must be steeped in US/Ukr propaganda. The US idea of "war" is to bomb 3rd world countries on the other side of the world into oblivion, with limited blowback -- just a few terrah attacks -- expected.

Much of Ukraine was part of Russia off & on for many, many centuries. The south & east are 60% ethnic Russian & were "gifted" to the newly created Ukraine when the USSR collapsed.

The Ukranian Nazis have been attacking those areas since our coup in 2013. Now, after years of begging from Luhansk & Donbass, Putin is liberating them from the fake country they were forced into.

He doesn't want Kiev or the west, but will get rid of as many Ukr Nazis as possible. The Nazis have held civilians in basements. The Russians kill the Nazis, free the citizens, feed them, treat injuries & illnesses, & help to rebuild. Then guess who the citizens decide to join with?

Remember Rumfeld's claim that Iraqis would greet US liberators with flowers...after we bombed their lives into rubble? How did that work out? Oh, & when we took their oil the war would pay for itself. Riiight.

Well guess what videos show? Citizens lining the streets, cheering the Russians when they arrive.

Putin is doing all he can to avoid all out war, but if US goes too far, all bets are off.

And Russia is selling less oil, but for more $$, so they're actually conserving their reserves & simultaneously increasing their profits.

Not to mention, the Ritter interview took place a day or 2 before the US asked Russia for a cease fire. "Winners" don't ask "Losers" for cease fires so they'll have a respite to re-arm & regroup against the "losers."

The interview was also couple days before tbe Azov Nazis surrendered in Mariupol. This group was the best of their forces, & includes high level NATO officials who had been running the show, btw.

Ritter also doesn't take into account the economic front. The sanctions against Russia have backfired. Putin, Xi & the rest of the BRICS were prepared & have already started weaning off of Swift & IMF. Russia's economy is doing fine. The ruble is now gold-backed & strong. The BRICS economic plan is to have a single, digital currency *for international trade only* & keep their local currencies for in country transactions. The local currencies will be pegged to the digital international currency. They will therefore control their own currencies, be able to create to fund infrastructure projects without the IMF inflicting ruinous austerity while skimming off the top (& middle).

Don't know where you're from, but Eu is going to have a very cold & very hungry winter if they continue on this path.

Same with the US & Canada.

Here in the US, the eastern half of the country is now running out of diesel fuel. There is talk of rationing coming. My propane supplier has already increased home between deliveries by 33%, presumably to save on delivery costs.

Diesel fuel is heavily used in agriculture...you run out, you can't harvest & food rots in the fields.

The supply chain also runs on diesel. The farmer gets the harvest in, but delivery shuts down, the food rots in warehouses.

With the WEF Nazis running this shitshow, we the people are in for very hard times indeed.

Winning? 😂😂😂😂😂

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Great post and one that saves Pearline from making a trip to the local library.

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Which war is that?

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Sorry, I don't have time to teach a history course for free. You can start at your local library.

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Nah, I don't think they did know. Otherwise, to know and fail to protect yourself IS stupid. I think they believed all our talk, and not our walk.

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I stopped listening to people who only tell truth about one or two topics. Tex Ritter is a more trusted news source.

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But if u haven't seen the two docs from O.Stone. I suggest you to. Great work, nice to watch and learn also, and listen directly from Putin too



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