Will share. God help us.

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"Vax in the cradle"

Brutal and sad, still creative karaoke.

On that note (and at the risk of spamming this comment thread) may I submit my own classic song re-write of the The Eagles' Hotel California about the pandemic.

It's called Hotel Paranoia:


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It's great. (I miss the harmony, as I'm sure you do, too.)

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Here are the lyrics:


(the rewrite)

On the great reset highway, fools’ words in my ear

Warm smell of infection, rising up through the fear

Up ahead in the future, I saw a frightening sight

My health grew heavy and my rights grew dim

I got locked down for the night

“Show passports at the doorway,”

I heard the armed guards tell

And I was thinking to myself,

“This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”

Then they brought out the needles and they boosted away

There were voices from the monitor,

I thought I heard them say…

Welcome to the Hotel Paranoia

Such an ugly place (Such an ugly place)

So just mask your face

Plenty of doom at the Hotel Paranoia

Any kind of fear (Any kind of fear)

You can find it here

The news is definitely twisted toward propagandic ends

They got a lot of pretty newsman boys they call friends

How they lie in the courthouse, hyping the threat.

Some lie to remember, some lie to forget

So I called up the doctor,

“Please help me feel fine”

He said, “We haven’t showed that spirit here since nineteen twenty nine”

And so our choice is falling so far away,

Taken out in the middle of the night

Then you hear them say…

Welcome to the Hotel Paranoia

Such an ugly place (Such an ugly place)

So just mask your face

The living will die at the Hotel Paranoia

What a big surprise (not a nice surprise)

Right before your eyes.

Fear’s up to the ceiling,

They keep vaccine on ice

“Sure,” we said, “we are all just listeners here, on our own device”

And in Big Pharma’s boardrooms,

They gathered for the feast

They profit from our sickly lives

And they just can’t care the least

Last thing I remember, I was

Lying on the floor

I couldn’t get the message back

To the way it was before

“React,” said the fright man,

“We are programmed to deceive.

You can fact check any time you like,

But you will not believe.”

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Someone should put together a greatest hits compilation: Covid Contrarian Gold

Vax in the Cradle; Hotel Paranoia... here's my contribution: Justin Bieber's Face: https://shumway.substack.com/p/14-song-justin-biebers-face#details

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Great! I like that you ask him to speak out about it.

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Well done, DW!

If I had your singing/musical skills, I would have performed Hotel Paranoia. I had a musician friend sing it instead.

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Watch out for Vimeo, they'll ban and take everything you have down if a few complaints fly their way.

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Thank you, Rich. With less than 20 views/listens on the Vimeo link, I think I'll be below the radar for a long time.

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I like it. Good job!

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Well done! 👏👏

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Jun 30, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

I remember the original song, but listening to it now it reminds me of my experiences with my daughter, who sadly died a few years ago long before this COVID shit. It is a sad song, of denied and postponed parent-child communication. I am in tears.

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It's Heart-wrenching when you're awake. Those that believe their TV sets will not understand.

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This was amazing, thank you Mark.

I’ll be sharing❤️

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I have shown clips of Schwab, Harari and the rest to my vaxxed family. They can't seem to see the connection. I guess I'm glad I was too messed up by Big Pharma earlier to have children of my own.

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Jun 29, 2022·edited Jun 29, 2022

So sad, I can't even bring myself to share this. :(

I did share the substack post, just not the video.

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It's the end times - ok for me - but my children, grandchildren and great grandson. My heart breaks for them every day

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me too. it's truly a gut wrenching reality when you put two and two together.

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Holy shite! This is perfect

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Wow. That was awful in a brilliant way. And, Elmo has died. His friends and family are shocked and astounded at the tragic coincidence. Maybe CNN will host a celebration of his life.


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The best one yet, Mark! Thanks!

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you have to hand it to the powers that be. they own everything. they plan everything. they control everything. they run the planet as their personal empire and most are eugenics promoters. it does make sense that in their world of AI and iOT and robotics, those powers that shouldn't be would want a depopulation agenda, perhaps through quacksination? easy peasy, make up a story, push the story on owned, operated and scripted media, propagandize the hell out of fear of dying, put manufactured mRNA gene therapy, never before used on humans, with who knows what else is in that quackseen and call it an "experiment", push to jab every human on the planet to save granny, keep gain of function labs going pumping out more "deadly viruses", keep pushing "the cure" quackseens and boosters, which are no cure at all, and soon, you will have created a trans human, who will be incapable of procreating because you've sterilized the people with your frankenstein made in "science" labs cure alls, which the end goal purpose, was to redesign human beings into controlled transhumans. I know, it sounds too crazy to be true. but, hell is empty and all the devils are here. and if you dared to open your mouth and say what you have garnered through rabbit hole research, you'd be shunned, so you remain silent and you walk among those that are mass formation hyponotized like The Walking Dead and think "where the hell am I", and no matter what you say or do or beg, such as begging your children not to jab their children, your grandchildren, they WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU because they are under a spell that cannot be broken. I suppose the Tavistock Institute and places like that have for years learned how to control the masses. Just look at these last two + years as an example of propaganda and control. Seems to be working on an entire global population who cannot connect the dots that if the first, second, booster after booster after booster doesn't stop transmission or infection, it's time to stop the insanity of believing a narrative that is falling apart day after day. Yet, children under 5 to the age of 6 months WILL be injected. One day those children will come to their parents and ask why did you believe what you believed and why did you inject me when I had no say in the matter? Perhaps then this evil spell will be broken. But it will take broken children who grow into broken adults who will pay the biggest price of their parent's ignorance, which will cost them dearly in the global elite's vision of a transhuman future. Think about the word trans being bandied about. Think about gender fluid. Then think about identifying with no gender at all. No male, no female. Think about LGBTQ+ being taught in schools. Then think about the idea of sterilzation through jab after jab. Then think about a human being fused with AI connected to the cloud, hooked into the Metaverse. Then realize that's what the powers that shouldn't be appear to be pushing. A transhuman agenda wet dream akin to the Matrix. Sounds like a bad B rated sci fi film. Then think maybe, could it be, for real? Is this what these global elites want for their 4th Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, NWO, Agenda 21,30,50, Build Back Better, Green New Deal future? If they are the predators and we are their prey...then why would we doubt their quest of getting what they want. So far, the predator elite are not stopping and I think it's clear they won't stop unless WE, the plebs, stop them. I'm sick of the talk, talk, talk. I expect more than pitchforks and I wouldn't want to be any of those global elite predators or their minions who work for them in these coming years if a Great Awakening occurs in time. So far, from what I've seen, I'm not holding my breath.

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Lol @ “Operation Herod!” That couldn’t be more perfect!

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Awesome! Hope Fauci is listening from his sickbed

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He didn't take any poison darts! Takers must be down. I here the push to jab 5 and unders was a flop in NYC. I hope and pray that's true for the sake keeping of the children.

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oh good as i have been avoiding the place since most of my friends there are brainwashed. so even nyers have a limit …

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Sad, Scary, Powerful, and Hilarious at the same time.

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Pretty haunting.. tragic revision for a new generation.

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