I suspect the "opening of eyes" will follow the pattern of the Ernest Hemingway quote: Slowly at first, then suddenly.

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You're doing important work MCM. 🙌

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A Global Slaughter:


Unprecedented: Mortality in Finland Has Risen to All-Time Highs. Australian Deaths Are 17.5% More Than the Historical Average


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A massive global red-pill moment is coming. We are now at a few "SADS" deaths per week. This will climb quickly to hundreds per week when the 3rd and 4th boosters kick in. There appears to be a 'time-fuse' on this jab which seems to be getting shorter and shorter as the boosters roll out.

Because of this and to divert attention, the globalist psychos will need to roll out a major event soon; nuclear war, internet down, EMP event....who knows. But it is coming because the 'SADS' tsunami is upon us.

Marc Mullie MD


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Those that have ears let them hear.

Many won’t allow themselves to believe they were so wrong

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The proganda never stops; BBC reported that “talk tv said that Kate McCann was fine, but the show was stopped due to medical advice”.

Fine? Um, she collapsed guys, so hard it is audible on the tape. And why not just continue the show if she was fine? Why did medical advice have them stop for someone who is fine?

You can’t make this stuff up.

BBC…ha ha ha…

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It was all so easily avoided by following the advice in Psalm 1:1

The New Living Translation puts it this way:

"Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked..."

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Imagine how many are not caught on camera

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The article about the number of guests associated with one wedding party, whose only other common denominator was that they all were jabbed is indicative of how information spreads in real life: the best way is to spread by real people telling of their experiences around the matter.

So many people seriously affected, you wonder how big was that wedding party?

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this is incredible. watch liz truss. she knows exactly what's happening.

i hope olga in italy has relatives who will bring her murderers to justice. all of them.

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Jul 27, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Prof Mark Crispin Miller,

I expected this and more - ALL data is not being collated as many jabbed people do not realise that certain changes in behaviour alone, can signal reactions re The Jab - and do not realise the many different Signs & Symptoms that portend so much more to come re health issues.

MORE IMPORTANTLY Mark, so many people have already had their bodies altered-shall I use the word PREPARED for The Jab - over many, many years, by Vaccines, HIV/XMRV being spread per air and so much more.

My 2 sons who had International Careers, we are Australians, sons, around the 50 years old mark,  one with Asperger's, after the 2 baby jabs-Mum diagnosed at 7 months,. We had an ongoing Major  stress event (05/1987)  in our lives and we all went down with Auto Immune disorders, in the late 1980'- Fauci Lab leak (read Dr Judy Mikovits book "The Plague of Corruption" FREE download).  We all had excellent health, rarely a cold and NO FLU ever. 

Many of the COVID jab Signs & Symptoms were experienced  by us over the years, and we still must take car with Diet etc., of our Auto Immune disorder.  Had Narcolepsy, Carpal tunnel, Neurodegeneration, CFS, Arthritis, IBD, Fungal, EAR & EYE problems, Hives, Rashes, joint problems, Thyroid & Adrenal, moderate Diverticulitis-self-cured,  Dr wanted to operate on my neck - NO, said I, and never a problem after  self-treating, but did have to wear a support Collar for sometime, Infection+++ (Drs 4.5 years of Antibiotics, Chest, Emergency hospital, seriously ill a number of times, Bronchitis ++, and the list goes on & on.  FORCED to be Dr, Researcher, Pharmacist, now we are up and running when I decided to totally divorce the Medical and Pharma worlds.   Except for the occasional blood test while I bear in mind that they are fallible, but do serve as a baseline of sorts.

Drs are amazed and ask what am I doing?  I tell them to do their own Research, also change their systems/ training etc.,

Stress "triggers" this Auto Immune reaction that so many have had, long before this PLANdemic.

People were beginning to suffer so many Chronic diseases and other illnesses and Drs gave them pills that gave temporary relief, but then made many worse.

But it prepared the way for peoples Immune Systems to be weakened, and bear in mind I said STRESS precipitates illness and we are now in very stressful times, so with those factors present - connived by those who are supposed be in positions of RESPONSIBLITY and who have abrogated same for $$$.

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I keep wondering when it will sink in and how bad it will be for these people. Acknowledging what's going on means having to contend with your own (possible) death sentence. I desperately tried to wake people before they got the shots. Now, I try to avoid the subject, because I am legitimately worried about what it will do to their mental states.

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So angry 😡 about the poor woman who literally was executed by force. Her crime: being an old lady in Italy. What will make this stop?

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And yet tomorrow morning they will show up with bright and shiny faces pushing this poison on babies. They are now concocting a new Trivalent jab that will untested and ready for this Autumn. Dr. Malone calls this pure insanity. One of my closest friends with zero health problems was found dead just 3 weeks ago. I literally begged him not to take it but his boss insisted.

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Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova had the best take on the presenter who collapsed while Liz Truss was droning on with her usual drivel about democracy. Zakharova said she was overcome by the bs Truss was spewing.

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But we already knew the consequences of the injection. Because thousands are dying all over the world, and now? Are we going to bring them back to life? Let us wait because the world continues to undergo a great transformation in our eyes. Let us take it easy and wait for these results not those of vaccines. They took it done. We've been explaining for two years. Enough is enough.

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