Professor Miller, you may not be able to teach your propaganda course at NYU, but you have a world wide classroom now. I know I'm not alone when I say your knowledge and insight is appreciated by those of us who would never have had the opportunity to take your classes. Thank you for keeping this conversation going.

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Thank you Mark. I'm watching this now... I'm thrilled!

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While I think, Mark, you have some valuable info to share, I was really disappointed that this Corona Committee went for the snake venom story. I has no scientific basis and was a major distraction. Their case was initiated on the basis that the RT-PCR was simply pumping out false positives - which is substantiated. I think that should have stayed their focus.

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Wow! Love it. Have followed Fuellmich & associates for years. Am trusting the world is increasingly listening to such common sense. Cheers!

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Mass media is highly concentrated. https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/files/futureofmedia/files/us_media_ownership_may_2021.pdf As you know GE, Viacom, Newscorp, Disney, Time-Warner, CBS own 90% of mass media. Then add in Metaverse, Alphabet, Twitter. :) Goethe commented to Eckermann about media in his day being for profit advertising disguised as news.

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So very true- none of this happens without the bought off media hyenas.

All of the exaggerated and repeated fear-based messages from the media and government agencies these past two years were just part of the advertising campaign for the pharmaceutical industry’s newest lucrative product.

Without the fear-mongering propaganda campaign no one would’ve noticed anything unusual about the last two flu seasons because there was nothing unusual, except for the criminal, murderous, and utterly unscientific lockdown policies in response to the non- existent threat.

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How awesome that you were interviewed by the Corona Investigative, Committee, Mark! 👏

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I still think labour unions have been part of the fraud, too...bought and paid for.....no support or accommodations of any kind and they just repeat the narrative of both the employer/gov't.....this was their time to shine and stand up for employee rights and human rights but they have ALL stayed silent all over the world...why? I think we all know.....

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New study, danger danger

uninformed are in danger from informed


Apr 28

"Unworthy of life/Do we tolerate these people".

One of this quotes was spoken by a high level nazi referring to the Jews of Poland I believe it was.1943-4 not sure One was said by a high level canadian politician about some of his fellow canadians 2020 not sure In fairness I assume because he is being supported by many of his fellow legislators they must also feel the same way. Just spreading the weight of it, so its a lighter burden for all involved.

These quotes were said in different times I put them in one set of " marks they are they same quote after all. Maybe the times aren't so different.

I heard 50% + of our legislators our Klaus Swhwab(?) grads, not sure if that is contagious or not, hope not. gee now I'm the one that's scared.

As for the study, "Impact of population mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated subpopulations on infectious disease dynamics: implications for SARS-CoV-2 transmission" Out of UofT I think not sure

The "health by the month" arm of the major investment firms are simply trying to drive profits by scaring everyone within earshot, I think under the newly crafted legislation its legal, you know for the greater good.

A headline like that (injected vs non injected) is more than enough to destroy families work relationships. As to the meat of it,, doesn't matter its a tabloid read just the headline please, just the headline, really its all that's required nothing else to see here move on.. I guess I won't be going to my sons wedding this summer. I wonder if there is legal action here, hmmmm nope they can say anything they want. Its the new law.

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My friends back to basics time, we are being data dumped.

I believe they (pharma) are feeding us unending documentation knowing it takes time to process this info:

time is our biggest enemy and there biggest friend.

There will be more and more bright and shinny catastrophes to distract and overwhelm. Such as double digit inflation, bankruptcies war, next pandemic on and on.

We forgot WMD bank collapse etc... we don't talk about them anymore and nothing happened to the perps even though WMD lie cost 100,000 +lives and the lie was proven.

does ivermectin/hydroxy work, when did they know who knew who suppressed it.

As they drive home"safe and effective" we must drive

"does ivermectin/hydroxy work, when did they know/ who knew/who suppressed it".

If we can prove that one point everything else falls everything else was WMD

"does ivermectin/hydroxy work, when did they know/ who knew/who suppressed it"

We need to start at the top and go down. Nice thing is the truth is on our side and that one thing “Does Ivermectin /Hydroxy work” is an easy point to prove, easy to sell, easy to prosecute.

As a bonus every politician that said we have to wait for the "safe and effective" vaccine at the cost of 15,000 lives a day is guilty of at least something you decide?????

I don't capitalize canada anymore, where my heart lives.


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Let’s start with libel, slander, defamation, and criminally negligent homicide, then work our way up from there.

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Can’t wait to watch !

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It's probably hard to assess the situation in Germany from the U.S., but Reiner Füllmich and Vivian Fischer are part of the controlled opposition. Many plaintiffs have given him a lot of money, but he has achieved nothing in court. It is not a coincidence that his name is "Füll mich!", in English it would be "fill me", preferably with money...

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Thank you for your contributions to the Corona Committee.

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Very good video. Thank you Mark!

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This is the biggest and most dangerous loophole in the U.S. Constitution. It enables 68 people to determine the "law of the land"

"Article VI, Clause 2, --- all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."

Any treaty that the President signs and 67 Senators ratify become the "law of the land". This has led to the U.S. being turned over to a small unelected clique and world government.

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Don't hold your breath waiting for anyone in the "free press" to be held accountable.

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