crazy thing. this was known in early 2021. written up in the BMJ. peter doshi i believe. and i have been telling people since then....for almost 2 years...that pfizer did not study if the vaccine prevented transmission. they didn't study whether it stopped infection or reduced death either. what they studied was if it reduced symptoms. 0 people i told saw this as an issue. why? because vaccines are more like religion than science. people simply know (on faith) they work. whatever science is written is inconsequential.

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It was known by "conspiracy theorists" who has eyes to read publicly available docs.

They LIED about everything, while telling the truth in their own documents.

“The Long Term Effects and Efficacy of the Vaccines Are Not Currently Known” – The Purchase Agreement Between the EU Commission and Pfizer

Further proof of the world's governments deliberately lying to the public while hiding the truth in plain sight


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So it turns out that in the whole - "get vaccinated for others" propaganda operation - the "others" they were referring to were actually the Pfizer stockholders. Go figure.

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Oct 12, 2022·edited Oct 12, 2022

MEP Rob Roos asked, "was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping the TRANSMISSION of the virus?

J. Small of Pfizer replied to a different question, her own question. Her response to Rob Roos was, "did we know about stopping the IMMUNIZATION? ... No!"

"stopping immunization" ?! What does that mean? Was this an intentional non responsive answer? Or was she nervous of the truth that is revealed so publicly.

And her statement, "we really had to move at the speed of science" ?! What kind of nonsense is this? What is the speed of science, 5 miles per hour? 50 miles per hour?

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I was terminated over this. My crime (in addition to believing in God, who directed me), to do my research and read the FDA Fact Sheet, which has said since long before I was terminated that they hoped it prevented transmission but they did not know. I also read other documents, including the EU safety document, which made clear how many were excluded from the trials (including persons with my medical history). I also did my research on approval and knew that what was "approved" was not available, so it was EUA, giving me a clear legal right to say no. Not only was I terminated, my former employer confiscated substantial deferred compensation and denied Severance. This former employer prides itself on ethics and "speaking up," yet terminated me. They hope I lose strength over this fight, they refuse to even discuss a settlement. God is with me, He guides me, and I am ready for this battle. So much of my life experiences before COVID had set me up to be skeptical and do my own research. Thank you, Mark, for being such a voice in this battle.

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The video is making the rounds, Tucker covered it, actually very quickly, people are picking the translation apart, but the main thing is this questioning by Mr. Roos will make at least some of the vaxx'd question the jab, and hopefully prevent them from getting boosters. And hopefully inspire more politicians to get a pair.

I am so ready for the round up and Nuremberg II. It has got to happen. They are not going to stop until they are forced.

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Some of us actual read the Clinical Trial Reports and the very first one in December 2020 explained as much. They only checked for symptomatic disease, not asymptomatic infections or onward transmission. FDA approved the trial protocol. Pfizer never claimed it prevented infection or transmission, that came from MSM, CDC/FDA vax pimps, politicians, corrupt experts and was backed up by Twitter/Social Media Censorship of anyone pointing out what Pfizers/FDA’s own report did

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My drummer said he was doing it exactly, for the good of others , he wanted to help the herd immunity he thought, he was protecting others , he said.

Haven't heard from him in quite some time since...

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Pfizer originally admitted that they didn’t test for that, and they also said the shots would work against illness (not mentioning infection) for three months at least. Beyond that they didn’t have data I guess.

A bit into the rollout Wolensky said CDC data shows the shots are blocking transmission, so take off your masks. Then they changed the testing threshold to make it much harder for the vaccinated to test positive. So they saw the first few

months as a test to see if they blocked it.

Dr. Birx recently said they knew in the trials they did not stop infection.

All eight bivalent-jabbed mice got infected.

The White House is still saying to protect Granny by getting the new shot.

Today they said expect a yearly booster. They don’t say why not a bimonthly one or a new

-variant one whenever.

They say whatever they want, they have a captive brainwashed radicalized, powerful audience. Now they’re out there smearing Dr. Ladapo, of course.

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a review of the majority of language spouted by officials during the course of this debacle- will be shown-upon scrutiny - to be barely concealed mendacious hedging...

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I felt like sending this to my sister but why bother. Last month she got the latest booster and shortly after that got Covid in the form of a mild cold. (Well tested positive anyway). Her response was that her “Covid case” would have been far worse without the jab. See - it’s really working!

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Oh, ho, who cares we know the vaccines prevent severe dis-ease, I feel so happy every time I get boosted! Bring on shot #6 !

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Oct 12, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

From the onset of the debacle, I have not relied on anything but the pit of my stomach. MCM has served to verify that my BS meter is still intact and functioning properly.

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In the Prizer trial protocol I read in November 2020 it clearly said the aim of the study was to assess whether the injection would 'reduce one or two symptoms by one or two days in mild to moderate disease' Words to that effect. If the aim is to reduce symptoms it clearly does nothing to reduce transmission or infectiion - non infected people don't need symptom reduction. I have been pointing this out to all those around ,e ever since then, and they don't listen or read it for themselves, they just called me mad because of course vaccinations stop the disease from transmission and infection.

It's there, in the papers, nothing has been hidden. All we need to do is open our eyes and read it. They have the perfect alibi - they told us. And they told us with no ambiguity.

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She was unable or unwilling to accurately repeat the question and used the word “immunization” instead of “transmission,” so I guess she didn’t really answer the question, did she?

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Thank you, Mark. Your article inspired my next one that, of course, refers my readers to yours! :)


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