Because politics is not real. Its a Hegelian dialectics play for the "useless eaters" scripted years in advance. All the worlds governments and political puppets are serving the same masters

The Hegelian Dialectic Process: One and the SAME


A Staged Russia/Ukraine Conflict Is Part of the Plan To Take Down the Current World Order


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Oct 1, 2022·edited Oct 1, 2022

In answer to the popular refrain "they wouldn't do this [whatever it is or was] to their own people," they and we aren't "their people." We are their chattel.

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So his words are nice, but his deeds say otherwise. I thought maybe the Russian jabs were less deadly, but they seem to be just the same as the western ones. I heard Putin has been removed from the WEF website. But has he been 'removed' from their puppet list too? Is it all a charade? Who will tell. We the people will never know exactly what is going on. All we can do is make an educated guess.

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The pilot dying mid-flight is the nightmare at 20,000 feet I’ve been fearing for over a year now. This story should be being broadcast on every MSM outlet with an urgent call to #StopTheShots, but that would be in a parallel universe where the media actually cared about humanity and hadn’t sold out whatever integrity it once had (if any) to its corporate paymasters.

Mark, I wanted to make sure you saw my latest post as I know you are working hard to #StopTheTreaty and #StopTheWHO:

• “What If They Threw a Pandemic and Nobody Came?” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/what-if-they-threw-a-pandemic-and)

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Because he’s part of the globalist WHO/WEF agenda too? Make it make sense

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And this was what I mentally noted months ago. Why did Putin place congratulatory phone calls and even award medals to the doctors involved in the Russian version of The Science, when continued expansion on this project would undermine his own nation's health. I guess he has to play the game on some aspects.

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He certainly accurately describes the actions and intentions of the West, especially toward Russia. The West has been trying to destroy Russia for centuries.

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I categorically deny the "mad Vlad" narrative by the West & NATO, which seeks to portray a black hat/white hat fiction, and an uncompromising dictator bent on nuclear war.

However, having said that, I see lots of evidence that Putin's thinking has become erratic over the past year or so, and wonder if the jab (or Covid, for that matter) has affected him neurologically. It's clear the spike protein can do that.

I suspect the same with Biden - who has been stumbling for quite some time, but look closely at his speech patterns before & after the jab, he's clearly gotten worse. (Has little or nothing to do with age, I reject that narrative as well)

And, for that matter, both leaders have surrounded themselves with yes men, and billionaire "elites". Putin himself is one of the richest men on earth. Studies have shown being rich affects you neurologically as well, empathy goes away almost entirely.

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In Memoriam, July 19, 1914 (the day Germany declared war on Russia)

By Anna Akhmatova

Translated by Stephen Edgar

We aged a hundred years and this descended

In just one hour, as at a stroke.

The summer had been brief and now was ended;

The body of the ploughed plains lay in smoke.

The hushed road burst in colors then, a soaring

Lament rose, ringing silver like a bell.

And so I covered up my face, imploring

God to destroy me before battle fell.

And from my memory the shadows vanished

Of songs and passions—burdens I'd not need.

The Almighty bade it be—with all else banished—

A book of portents terrible to read.

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Remember Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia in 1984? Eurasia and East Asia are more traditional than Oceania in some respects (for now) but all are pro shots.

These new "vaccines" are somehow tied to the new economy after the petroleum dollar collapses. Bill Gates is the vaccine king. He also has a new form of cryptocurrency he took a patent out on through his software company Microsoft. It's supposed to measure bodily energy and hook into the Internet of Things.

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As far as I know, the Sputnik injection is not much better than the ones "approved" in the West. Anyway, by now, it's quite clear that there are no "vaccines" that are not toxic and offer literally no protection from anything...

Putin has never been a Young World Leader, but he was "on good terms" with Schwab, which might simply suggest the Sun Tzu's idea of "know your enemies" is an evergreen option for all leaders.

Still, Putin's activities raise a number of questions as for his role on the road to the NWO:


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Too bad putin has a blind spot for the murderous crimes of the soviet era. He minimizes and glosses over decades of terror murder despotism

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Playing both ends against the middle? We are the middle? Living in interesting times is getting really old!

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THANK YOU for the complete Putin speech----I was crying by the end.

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Did Putin MANDATE the covid vax?

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Thanks for reminding all that Putin is not the 2nd coming. For the West, he's more like the rider of the pale horse. For Russians, he rides the white horse, but they too may see three more riders.

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