I’ve lost all faith in all institutions at this point. For example, I completely tuned out the Ukraine thing. Have no idea what it’s about because I don’t trust anything anyone says.

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The Chinese listed zero COVID deaths for more than a year. Which is probably true. It's most likely that China is looking at COVID deaths like an insurance company. If you die "with" COVID you didn't die "from" COVID. Say someone died with COVID but dies because of pneumonia, then they didn't die of COVID they died of pneumonia.

Here, in the US, the CDC lists fatalities for the Flu, as "Flu related illnesses." But that's inaccurate as well, because other colds could cause pneumonia (which is usually how Flu deaths occur).

But we do KNOW with 100% certainty that the CDC numbers are total BS, because they literally listed anyone who died with COVID as a "COVID death." Anyone trying to accurately gauge the situation wouldn't do that. The data would be useless.

I'm open to the idea that COVID was faked as a whole. I say that for a few reasons.

1.) The entire therapeutic route was abandoned before there was time to determine if any treatments were working or not. DARPA had data on Ivermectin's effectiveness against multiple types of viral infections, but that was ignored. The data was there the whole time, but you had to know exactly where to look for it. It's on the NIH website.

2.) From my own and other people's anecdotal evidence, the symptoms for COVID didn't make sense. Nearly everyone who tested positive for COVID complained of widely different different symptoms. While different symptoms are possible, they are not probable. Take the Flu for instance. The common symptoms of the Flu are the only reason anyone knows to get tested -- for the Flu. Same with most illnesses. Only COVID had such a wide array of symptoms, often times completely different for people within a household.

3.) The World Heath Organization redefined "herd immunity" to ONLY include people who were vaccinated, not people who had prior infection and recovered. They then changed the definition back later on, when people caught on. The WHO released guidelines on how to operate the PCR tests that was far outside the guidelines, which would lead to false positives. Then immediately after the vaccine* rollout, they revised those numbers back to where they originally were. So the infection rates would appear lower. There's no scientific reason to demand that tests be operated in a manor that will result in false positives, then changed once you release a vaccine. That would muddy your own data.

4.) The dangerous mRNA vaccines* were the ONLY "acceptable" solution to treat COVID. Vaccines in general are usually years down the road, before release. Why would you push the vaccine route first, and not pursue the therapeutic rout first, or at least at the same time? Similarly, COVID was shown [CDC data] to be on par with the Flu for survivability. Why would they mandate vaccinations for something that's no more dangerous than the Flu, by their own estimation?

5.) When the mRNA vaccines* were showing bad outcomes, whether it be terrible side effects, general efficacy, or failure to stop the spread, they were sill pushed -- even harder. Meaning that mass vaccination* was the true goal, NOT stopping some illness that was ravaging the planet. They wanted to get as many people as possible to take the mRNA vaccines* regardless of possible injury, ineffectiveness, or inability to stop the spread.

6.) There was a massive government directed plan to suppress/censor any information related to the vaccines*. Information that has been proven factual -- because it came from Pfizer's own trial data was considered "disinformation?" Information was blocked on multiple video streaming services, and multiple social media services. Why block the manufacturers trial data? Informed consent...

7.) The G20 countries agreed to a "health/vaccine passport system" to limit the movement of people world-wide. Why would they do that when it's become clear that the vaccines* didn't achieve their goals? Now that they are considering COVID as a seasonal illness, there's no need for a passport system. Passports make no sense for a seasonal illness -- unless it was part of a plan all along.

If one were to run a PSYOP to try and trick the world to go along with losing their freedoms, how much different would it be?

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I had an interesting experience around 2020 when my daughter and I both came down with what we thought of as a cold. I’d always harbored a bit of guilt because my daughter wasn’t vaccinated, something my wife smartly put a stop to when they tried administering a hepatitis vaccine to her when she was born.

At any rate, by the time we both got sick we’d already been inundated with scary stories from hysterical friends and family who were convinced that we were the deserved recipients of a pathogenic wave as a result of our callous indifference to global warming.

So when G started to cough up phlegm, something that the media had been warning about, I got worried and called the local hospital to get her tested. Oddly They weren’t worried about her but said that because of my age (I’m retired), they were most concerned about me and that I should make an immediate appointment to be seen at the temporary testing facility set up in an adjacent building to the hospital and due to the sudden influx of patients I should act now. So even though I relayed that my symptoms

Weren’t that severe, I duly made and appointment for that afternoon and had my son drop me off there assuming it’d be along wait. When I got there, I was stopped by a serious, masked person with a clipboard who prevented me casually entering before I was handed a mask and relayed the nature of my visit. I was then allowed through the sliding doors where I was met by another very officious-looking couple of masked people wearing scrubs behind a long table towards which I wasn’t permitted to Walk closer than ten feet, who again asked why I was there. I had to keep pulling my mask down so they could hear me speak from that far away. I was then allowed into the main entrance where a third person asked my name and was told to go sit on one of the chairs they’d lined up in the hallway. There was another official-looking person at a podium who glared at me as I sat their feeling like I was infesting the staff with the plague Or Something. Up to that point I’d been met by an attitude of suspicion and mistrust, almost a kind of callousness; very weird for an institution supposedly dedicated to public health and the preservation of life.

After sitting there uncomfortably for a few minutes suddenly I was greeted by a rather jaunty fellow also in scrubs and mask who asked “Are you Mr Waters? Do you know how I know? Because no one’s here!!” He then lead

Me to the makeshift clinic filled with nurses and orderlies sitting about laughing, chatting, reading and doing crossword puzzles. Wtf? I was put in a room and was met almost immediately by a Doctor who seemed somewhat exasperated by the entire thing. She was unmasked and allowed me to take mine off. She confessed that it was a very strange “virus” but wa unhappy with how they were “Handling” it. She talked in hushed tones almost like she had to keep our discussion private. I told her I wasn’t feeling all that bad at that time and that I’d been following the advice of several “alternative” doctors who were suggested high dose vitamin C and D. She suggested I keep doing that and mentioned a couple herbs I could add to my regimen and sent me home with a printout saying that I’d probably had SARS cov-2 but that they were so low on tests and they were so expensive to run that they couldn’t spare any at the time. I was left with an uneasy feeling that something was amiss about the entire enterprise. I couldn’t tell who believed it or how sincere anyone was. The people who’d greeted me seemed like low level staff but they were the ones who seemed more than happy to wield the new bit of power they were bequeathed and it’s since become obvious to me that those people are the ones to look out for- the functionaries who act as gatekeepers of the official narrative. Since then

I’ve greeted every bit of the story with skepticism and when those makeshift hospital tents started popping up in parking lots at taxpayer’s expense replete with the aerial photos dutifully splashed across evening news reports and the web it became obvious how invested they were in shoving this narrative down our throat. There was something fraudulent about it. This is same uneasy feeling I got when the media lost all pretense of journalistic ethics and started breathlessly reporting every scurrilous story about RussiaGate as undisputed fact back in 2016. Up until that point I’d been your average good liberal. Now I despise their phony moralizing and handwringing and situational ethics especially the way everything becomes politicized.

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I knew it was all a lie, China is saying they're unleashing a new virus on the world to keep the fear porn going. I've never trusted anything they say and never will. How do we get this info out to the masses?

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Here's a comment today from a UK site:

What would be the point of testing arrivals from China?

Then what – isolation to keep out a mild virus producing Cold symptoms that has been in circulation here for probably about 3.5 years, to which most of the population has had multiple exposures and mostly immune.

Viruses evolve in a manner resulting in increasingly mild variants being more successful at reproduction and thereby dominant.

Why would variants from China be of more concern than our home produced ones or those from France or Canada for example?

Will this madness ever end?

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I don’t think the media companies get off the hook. If this guy could do it so could they.

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The lying shits. That’s because they want us locked down again. No bloody way!

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Funny that not ONE “reporter” from any western media (with vast resources) has sent someone to do what this man on Twitter has done. Paging cable news ( all stations), New York Times, WAPO, WSJ, Not to mention European media...

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The Covid-19 Crisis was not an epidemiological event nor a medical emergency, it was and is a criminal conspiracy- an orchestrated program launched by elite Western financial interests in response to the comprehensive collapse of the Western financial systems in 2019 which itself was the result of decades long Ponzi Schemes carried out by these elites.

1) There /is/was no pandemic caused by a unique viral pathogen; 2) There is/was no lab leak or gain of function to be concerned with; 3) There is/was never a need for any special measures to address this non-existent medical emergency.

As the “War on Terror" illustrated, these deep events are constructed to exploit as many different lines of acquisition as possible. With the “Covid Pandemic” replacing the phony “War on Terror” yet another revamped “worldwide crisis” miraculously morphs into a ruling class multi-purpose golden opportunity.

While the immediate necessity was to staunch the bleeding of the global financial system many other purposes were and are to be served by this multifaceted operation. None of this is accidental. All of this is hidden in plain sight, planned and executed as evidenced in multiple tabletop exercises such as “Event 201” and delineated in numerous documents such as “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

We are living through the biggest worldwide organized crime since WW2. The scale of the deception is too large for even many who consider themselves “in the know” to accept or comprehend and remain trapped in some version of the "Covid" merry-go-round. Others are still asleep or traumatized as the social fabric is being smashed to pieces and the world around them is being completely transformed.

The financial elites know that they have run up massive unpayable debts and deficits. They know the promises of pensions and benefits cannot be paid. They know the system has reached its Waterloo and social unrest is inevitable.

They know they must act rapidly and comprehensively to subvert this inevitable collapse in order to protect the financial Leviathan which underpins their capacity to maintain power and control.

Put simply, Covid-19 was not a widespread medical emergency, it was a money laundering scheme, a massive psychological operation and a smoke screen for a complete overhaul and restructuring of the current social and economic world order.

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Hello, I write from Belgium, very small point on the world map. I spoke three days ago with my son who works in China, near Honk Kong. According to him, in the city where he lives, there are many sick people. For example, a school of 1000 students closed, almost everyone was sick! Teacher and students. People are only sick for two or three days, not seriously, except for the older ones apparently. On the other hand, people are very scared and stay home (they isolate!) Many shops have remained closed. Many Chinese are angry with the government for abandoning lockdowns without warning or preparation. In one day, all the test stations had disappeared, there were no more controllers dressed in suits in the streets. In general, there is a big difference between what my son tells me and what the Mainstrean press tells me.

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Dr miller do u think the CCP want ppl to think that they are now endangering themselves because they did NOT obey the lockdowns? Is the CCP trying to create a backlash against the protestors and anti lockdown crowd and use this as a pretext for even more control? Lockdowns and isolation of healthy ppl was never going to work in the West and never did . The virus still spread anyway in a city . The only way that isolation would have worked was if There was a relatively small population in a geographically isolated place. And even that didn’t work. There was a group that went to Antarctica and they got tested repeatedly, they were all negative, and then they still caught Covid

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Yes, Mark. A reminder is possibly never too early or not even late. :)

Mass poisoning is one problem:


Another that you must understand as a fellow professor is


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Someone in the replies to the tweet linked to the following video:


This is a 48 minute video of a young man who went to multiple hospitals in multiple Chinese cities 2 days ago, and documents it all on video. I watched the whole thing and it confirms the message in the tweet that Mark linked to: The situation is very calm.

I've also read many comments on the YouTube video. People are validating the message: The YouTuber went to real hospitals in the places that he says he did. Others who actually live there confirm there is no medical emergency whatsoever.

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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022

When I saw some 'news' articles stating that Covid infected travelers from China were in Italy, I had an immediate sinking feeling that we are entering another wave of this op. And then another sinking feeling that the majority of people are going to buy it, once again, because they are allowing their fear to dominate.

This whole thing has a sick theatrical extravagance to it, and at this point, I'm really stunned that people can't see it. Where I live they built an enormous 25 million dollar tent hospital that wasn't really used. It was torn down during the "delta" wave before entering fall/winter cold and flu season. Weird timing if one actually cared about overflowing hospitals, but they never cared about overflowing hospitals. Just like they didn't care about overwhelmed medical staff when they fired them for not getting the jab.

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WOW! The Chinese as so cooperative with the DOD at scaring Westerners.

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thanks for your indefatigable work Mark, most appreciated! Also enjoy your many talks. As someone who knew alot of US friends that fell for the NYC scam with Cuomo and co.,, I have yet to see a decent report or documentary that exposes those lies, with the mobile morgues, empty ER's, relentless CNN reports etc. I have only seen amateur footage so far, it would be great if someone could tie it all together as a retrospective to help others see how they were duped.

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