I have this little fantasy, a fairy tale for our time really. Everybody has been keeping track of the "influencers" that pressured them to get jabbed. All the people injured, or relatives of those who died as a result, are suing the influencers. The swamp was drained and much wealth was returned to the people.

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And just think that we used to fantasise about 3 Swedish nymphomaniac sisters... how the World changes hey ?.

Strangely enough I have similar fantasies and dreams, but let's just say I they are slightly different. .. for me ... my imaginary army of like minded citizens, well we are a little bit more direct and physical.

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I have those fantasies also but I leave them unspoken.

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DO you need me to get you psychological help ?.

I live in a jab free house for my hotties.. although the wife is jabbed - hence the need for the "hotties".

Heart damage and blood clots hey ?.... well if I am going to pop off soon; I better order them on a regular basis and die BOTH STANDAING and with a smile on my face.

Sick comment "Fast Eddie" - you need to get a life, or get paid more, because as a troll - you are crap. Now do one.

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Oh hell, I did forget it ...and I am the first to tell others to add it as well. Sorry. I got it the first time.

Also sorry with the y.

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Beautiful dream! To bad it’s fantasy. We all wish for this. I agree with Bob-Enough. Directly and physically!

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Betta pack a lunch!!!!

This mass formation is resistant to data and facts. Name just ONE person that you changed their mind...speak slowly so I can understand. I bet, if it's not ZERO, it will be approaching zero.

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Notice how late-night talk show hosts were spared.

Oh wait! I forgot, they’re not comedians. My bad.

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CNN Is A Suicide Hotline.

Except They Call You.


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This is so very sad... I wish the 1/3 of the population would stop denying the dangers of the vaccines. They don't even want to know- the very group that most prides itself on its open-mindedness. I wrote this article to look at the excess deaths in the 25-44 year old population. More deaths due to non-Covid causes. https://turningpointnews.org/corona-virus-reports/what-has-been-causing-a-huge-increase-in-the-number-of-deaths

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Good article. And you are right. They don't want to know. That headline from Scientific American is chilling but also revealing about one of the reason nobody cares. For instance in Canada recently, a poll indicated that 50 per cent of people think homeless people should be offered euthanasia. That is a chilling lack of empathy, especially since in Canada housing has become so expensive and often difficult to find that most people can say, "only by the grace of God go I," when it comes to secure housing.

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WOW. It's so shocking about Canada and so many people going along. The very ones who pride themselves about being critical thinkers and open-minded... so instead of looking at causes they think it's OK to euthanize people who can't afford to live. SMH. I saw an article about Canada and the 50% earlier today or yesterday. Imagine what our grandparents would think! Have a great week!

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The one thing The Handmaid's Tale got wrong - Canada will not be our sanctuary.

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Oh God. So true. Nowhere to go really.

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It’s no laughing matter.

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The Jester

Langston Hughes - 1901-1967

In one hand

I hold tragedy

And in the other


Masks for the soul.

Laugh with me.

You would laugh!

Weep with me

You would weep!

Tears are my laughter.

Laughter is my pain.

Cry at my grinning mouth,

If you will.

Laugh at my sorrow’s reign.

I am the Black Jester,

The dumb clown of the world,

The booted, booted fool of silly men.

Once I was wise.

Shall I be wise again?

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Yes the tears, for the ignorant peepul. thinking they are being pure and nonjudgmental and so loving

And there will be more lists, more heartbreak and more loss

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Thanks for posting Langston Hughes

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Thank you for keeping track

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A lot of comedians die every night, on stage 😂

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Yet the ultimate comedian, Zelenskyy has gone from strength to strength

Strange times we live in

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May they rest in peace. *****WE NEED COMEDIANS*****

Relatedly-- from a comedian who refused the jab--





[TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This TikTok video features the cover of the latest Atlantic Monthly Magazine, which features the essay by Emily Oster, "Let's Declare a Pandemic Amnesty: We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID."]

ROSS DUH BOSS: Look, look, look, look, look. [holds up index finger] They want everybody to forget and forgive everything that happened during the pandemic.

[places hand on heart] We were all in the dark, we were all afraid.

Like, nah, bitch!

Like, that was like we all got kidnapped and put together on an island and then all y'all bastards were like, we should eat them! And we're like, what the fu*k?! And then now they took us off the island and we're just looking at you on the ride home, like [looks right and left] and you're like, wasn't that crazy?

And we're like, nah, bitch, you tried to eat us! [laughs]

I didn't kick you out of no stores!

I didn't ruin your job!

I didn't tell you you couldn't come to the family reunion!

I didn't tell you you had to drop dead of a heart attack because you didn't get the jab so you're not welcome at this hospital!

There ain't nothing to forgive on my side, Baby Boo. This is you problem! And we're still talking about it!



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I wonder how many of the family members of those who are now deceased will even consider the POSSIBILITY of vaccine injury? Probably none.

Shakespeare meets Vaccine Injury Denial. Listen to Turfseer’s hit song PERCHANCE TO DREAM. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/perchance-to-dream

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It's possible. Just sayin'.

I agree.

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"Thor actor Ray Stevenson dies at age 58 after contracting mystery illness"

So many mysteries, so little time.

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No Nukes !

Ironic Isn’t It ?

That The No Nukes Rockers

Just Induced

A Chernobyl Level Event

Within Their Own Bodies

Without An Ounce Of Protest.


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Performers, almost to a person, opted for these injections, so the resulting figure doesn't surprise me. At 74 years old, I look at all the former "rebels" among the oldies music industry. Jagger telling people they were stupid not to vaxx. Gene Simmons telling the unvaxxed that we were the enemy to walk among them unvaxxed. Nearly every single performer was a Nazi vaxxer. Anyone involved in THE ESTABLISHMENT, who had their ego, reputation, and income wrapped up to a large degree in the traditional economy, turned into blubbering, blithering casper milquetoasts. They couldn't read nor think for themselves. They only desperately wanted everything to "return to normal." They are prepubescents. I could have told them from the get-to...we're never, ever going back to normal. Covid was/is about control and was never about disease. I don't go places where any restrictions are placed on me for any reason. I'm still a rebel. They're not. My closing shot: think Justin Bieber will ever tour again? Celine Dion had a tour planned. Now she's prematurely retired. So, genetics play a role. The vaxx is a crap shoot. I would say to all performers who opted for these injections: just hope to hell your genes are the ones which can withstand the hydrogel nanotech. For those of us who remained unvaxxed, bookmark this video in case you encounter someone who doesn't understand your anger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI3yU5Z2adI&t=3s

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Well now, that’s no laughing matter.

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