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You're A bad dude, Mark.

Not as bad a dude as me... Let's be realistic

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Reminds me of the time I heard War, Grand Funk and James Brown on the same show.

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Keep 'em comin", Mark. The music is inspiring.

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Such a good song Mark. "If a man carries his own lantern, he need not fear darkness.". Hasidic saying

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what a great song - and the riff at the end is the same as "get up stand up" by peter tosh

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Great Song ! I remember listening to it on my brothers stereo... WAR was a great band!!❤️💯

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Mark, if you gonna keep putting out such great music I'm gonna have to get some decent speakers for my laptop. This reminds me of working trip to NY (when it was still the great Apple) and going to black clubs with a friend who knew where to go...

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You’ve found the anthem of our time.

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This one is for "Fletch" of Depeche Mode died this year of an Aortic Dissection, Enjoy the Silence, peace be with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_3dc6X-Iwo

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Thanks, Mark.. Powerful. So much great music I've not known. I reallllly like this!

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Excellent song. 👍🏽

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I haven't heard that in forever! What an unerring sense you have. Kerouac said "Music is the only truth" here's Nathaniel Rateliff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw4MiegZxsU

And It's Still Alright"

It ain't alright, the hardness of my head

Now, close your eyes and spin around

Say, hard times you could find, it

Ain't the way that you want

But it's still alright

Late at night, do you lay around wondering?

Counting all the lines, ain't so funny now

Say, times are hard, you get this far, but it

Ain't the way that you want

I'll be damned if this old man don't

Start to count on his losses

But it's still alright

They say you learn a lot out there

How to scorch and burn

Gonna have to bury your friends

Then you'll find it gets worse

Standing out on the ledge

With no way to get down

You start praying for wings to grow

Oh, baby, just let go

I ain't alright, you keep spinning out ahead

It was cold outside when I hit the ground

Said, I could sleep here, forget all the fear

It will take time to grow

Maybe I don't know

Hey, tonight if you think about it

Remembering all the times that you pointed out

Say, the glass is clear but all this fear

Starts a-leaving a mark

Your idle hands are all that stands

From your time in the dark

But it's still alright

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