Absolutely! The question must be asked... How on earth did she get from having the cognisance to physically free herself from her restraints; desperately trying to get off that stretcher... to being declared "legally brain dead" and then "deceased" within hours?! Something very very sinister happened to Anne Heche. https://www.bitchute.com/video/DXWQQesDJ1f8/?fbclid=IwAR2ZLBHjfnZ2UGsJSF-EdxKI38dV8zFEeh7xiW0N0feP6x1jsWkX8F1Ix9U

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Three important factors to add to Daisy's post:

1) The Mini Coppers have had the capability of remote steering for 20 years:


I'm a car guy, a good friend is a mechanic and I've spent hours hanging out in his shop after close. He shows me the inner workings of newer cars and it's scary. There are so many computer components these days, so many can be hacked, or simply malfunction. He once had a Ford Flex (the wagon/crossover type vehicle) in the shop with weird electrical issues. He took it out for a test drive, it started doing donuts on the HIGHWAY! During RUSH HOUR! The steering was going berzerk, doing it's own thing completely independent of the steering wheel. Remote hack, malfunction, or sabotage - all are on the table.

2) The fentanyl should not be overlooked. Regardless of whether the hospital gave her some, it would be incredibly easy to give someone an additional dose. Just dusting some on the door handle or steering wheel is enough for an overdose. Maybe she had some and used too much. But seriously, fentanyl is some scary powerful stuff, and thus far I haven't seen details on *how much* was in her system.

Anyone recall the bad orange man warning us that seriously dangerous drugs were coming across the border, while Dems laughed and mocked him? Well, I'm no fan of the orange guy, but he was 100% correct on this, and it's all public record even if it gets limited media attention. Cops who are arresting mules are going to the hospital for fentanyl overdose, just for coming into contact with residue on the outer packaging. You can overdose just by touching it.

3) The most disturbing part to me is the organ donation. It can easily be used as a legal form of involuntary euthanization. This is something else that gets zero attention from the media, but the organ donation industry is probably as crooked as the vaccine industry.

I have read all the Heche reports closely - thus far I have not seen any reports that convince me her condition is terminal. It appears they are doing what they often do - euthanizing a person so they can harvest her organs. Well actually, to be blunt, they harvest her organs FIRST, while she is ALIVE, and then euthanize her (and then, of course, they get to "sell" her organs, it's a highly profitable industry).

Over the past week, I have often wondered, did someone out there face a decision: A washed up starlet, with an apparent addiction problem, with burn scars that may ruin her career, hanging around for decades -versus- A troubled mom who's last gift to humanity was donation of her organs so someone else could live? Death narratives are important.

There may be parallels with the death of Robin Williams - remember how important his death narrative was? The family asked that nobody talk about it, and the media complied? Even TMZ, etc, seemed to comply - suddenly nobody was allowed to discuss the way he died. I'm a fan of Williams, I have no interest in stomping on anyone's grave. But seriously, if he had mental issues, depression issues, sex addiction issues, shouldn't society be allowed to have open discussion about these things? Couldn't high profile awareness save lives?

Back to Heche, do yourself a favor and look up the organ donation industry - and take yourself OFF those lists immediately. Look into kidney donations, for example - the propaganda around this stuff is SO thick, and it is NOT what you think. All these foundations (which are shills for industry) put out these rosy statistics about how you can live a healthy happy life with just one kidney. The reality is, the post-op monitoring system is worse than VAERS, and only follows people for 2 years. How can they claim to know the lifetime outcome of donating a kidney when they only follow 1% of the people for 2 years max? The truth is, it shaves (on average) a decade off your life, and many kidney donors end up with pain, complications, and may even need a kidney donation themselves. And, of course, some donors don't even make it 2 years.

Also realize, taking organ donation off your drivers license does NOTHING - if you ever (even once) said yes to it, you're on the national registry for LIFE. You MUST contact the national registry and ask (repeatedly) to be taken off. Again, to drive the point home, you are ALIVE when they harvest your organs.

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There is a connection between the motor vehicle accident recently of Representative Jackie Warlorski and the deadly motor vehicle accident that killed Anne Heche. Jackie Warlorski had been working for years to end human sex trafficking and had also been working with Anne Heche on her film. It doesn't seem to be coincidental that they both died in terrible car crashes. As we know from Wikileaks, the CIA does have the ability to hack into the controls of late model cars and cause them to crash.

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First of all, we did not see the "Eyes Wide Shut" that Kubrick intended. We saw instead the mangled product that remained after Spielberg sank his filthy hands into it after Kubrick's death.

That said, I wrote the following to a friend before I saw this commentary:

Yes, as someone who carefully examines the "news" that most slavishly accept as real and/or true, you must have noted the suspicious nature of the Anne Heche story. And it's not like we needed further proof of sinister forces (and the wood of the holly) at work. Why is a woman (I don't know who she was) we were later told was in a coma and after that told was no longer viable trying to escape the goons loading her into an ambulance? Yes, people kill themselves. And people have horrible accidents. Stipulated. But we both know suicides and accidents are often murders.

Do I care because this particular person is (was) a celebrity? No, I care because almost nothing is as it seems. I don't know that the woman being forced into that ambulance was in fact Anne Heche. I don't know if Anne Heche was in the car we're told she crashed. After decades of movie and TV fiery crashes in which vehicles obviously contained no living drivers, it's reasonable to assume that the car might have been remotely controlled. We don't know whether it contained someone or didn't.

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Anthony Bourdain was witness to Adam Schiftt hotel dalliance

He was making a documentary with two 30 something actors who had been abused by Hollywood.

All 3 committed “suicide “

Bourdain was too surely to commit suicide, if was going to. Not by hanging.

A hot shot.

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I saw it in passing and figured it was a car vaxxident. BUT this makes MORE logical sense.

We have evidence now that in most places where there's been smoke, there has in fact been fire. And we know they're deliberately mowing down millions. A few more targeted hits are entirely possible.

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When my husband first told me of the accident, I said, “Well, she does have a troubled track record.” I didn’t really give it a further thought. This article makes me rethink that, due to the child trafficking angle. Interesting, to say the least.

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My question is if she was actually a drug addict and alcoholic, would it be wise to be donating her organs as has been so widely publicized? That could explain a lot of the answer is no, they don't generally accept drug addicts' organs.

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Anne may have been over the target. It wouldn't surprise me but then nothing does any more. ;)

I've never bought the official Michael Hastings cause of death story, particularly after reading his classic book, 'The Operators'. Friends of mine who served in 'The 'Stan' verified that Hastings' account was true in all respects. That the U.S. fled the scene (whether it was Obama, Trump, or Biden is irrelevant) leaving behind billions of dollars in largess for the Taliban to seize is consistent with Hastings' entire narrative. Money laundering is money laundering.

All jokes aside, this reminds me of recent articles by brilliant Substacker Margaret Anna Alice about the 2014 death of British comedian and actor Rik Mayall (gifted in his own right). The official story is that Rik died of a sudden heart attack. However, around the time of making the movie 'One by One' (worth seeing if you can find it) Rik made a video wherein he warns of sinister extra-governmental forces and to not be surprised if he happens to die suddenly. Rik made a few videos that can be found on YouTube with this theme. He died soon after.


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The vodka bottle could have been planted.

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Chris Cornell and Anthony Bourdain also knew too much.

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Here is a thought to consider, was she driving a vehicle that could be hacked.

If they wanted her taken out, that would be an option.

“These whistleblowers have shown us exactly why the new fleet of 2020 cars are extraordinarily dangerous, can be hacked and are potentially the biggest national security threat that exists today.”


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And what about the nurse who torpedoed through an intersection? I had thought maybe light just turned red and she ran it. I watched the video, which I never do, but a well known activist whom I used to admire, linked it to all the high speeding cars at intersection. The nurse’s behavior was not normal. It was the act of a suicide bombed but no more mention of this significant and horrific event.

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I saw a video of the accident posted on Twitter. Overhead POV. The firemen were actually wheeling her away on a gurney - zipped up in a body bag as if she was already dead. She ripped open the body bag and sat up!!! They didn't even pause - kept pushing her into the back of emergency vehicle - as she started to gesticulate with her arms and shake her head.

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20 minutes before the crash she was in a store buying a red wig. She was acting coherently and took a selfie! https://nypost.com/2022/08/09/anne-heche-seen-coherent-in-photo-just-before-crash/

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Many many thanks to ya Mark, here's the official "published" story link (no longer a draft) -


Like those waking up to vaxx harms now that FINALLY folks are seeing so many friends and family fall sick or die, Hollywood too needs so many honest and brave whistleblowers that the truth will out and the trafficking (and silencing) will stop.

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