Keep telling it as it is.

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Absolutely love this. Whenever someone asks me when has the NYslimes ever lied? I can't ever remember the exhaustive list. So I will keep this handy.

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WA Post = CIA

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I first became aware of the New York Times problems when Barack Obama was president. He was trying to pass the affordable care act. And the New York Times reporting on this subject was extremely dishonest and disingenuous . I am a physician in private practice for over 23 years. I’m very interested in rolling back to state intervention in medical care and restoring private medicine. I am a member of a group called the American Association of physicians and surgeons, the AAPS. The affordable care act and medical care delivery and insurance are topics that I know a great deal about as I am a partner in a private surgical practice. The New York Times reporting on Barack Obama and affordable care act were atrocious. It was at that time then I realized that the New York Times was really like a state Organ. An american pravda. Its only gotten worsr

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NYT and Bezos Washington Post.

Mark, Scroll down and read Ray's post about how Polio became a "virus disease". Example, 1824: Metal workers had suffered for centuries from a paralysis similar to polio caused by the lead and arsenic in the metals they were working with. English scientist John Cooke observed: 'The fumes from these metals, or the receptance of them in solution into the stomach, often causes paralysis.'


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It might be considered bad form to gloat over the decaying remains of an old and dearly loved family friend. She wasn't called the Grey Lady for nothing. This is a process which may strike at the hearts of the best of us. Dementia, senility, decay - who is immune? Unfortunately for her readers (many of whom - such as myself - with almost 7 decades of devotion) and with a corporate board to answer to, gracious retirement was not an option. One of the world's greatest newspapers, although never first in circulation, may America's paper of record rest in peace.

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It's not easy to determine which is the greater travesty in the covid era; the complicity of the medical industrial complex or the complicity of the media. Both are crimes that should be investigated and prosecuted was contributory to crimes against humanity, but they won't be.

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I realized they were a scam with the whole WMD in Iraq thing, but then again I wasn’t much of a fan to begin with.

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May 23, 2022·edited May 23, 2022

As an undergraduate at Princeton in the 1960s, I used often to read back issues of "Das Reich" in their university library. For an undergraduate, it was fascinating reading. Starting in high school and until recent decades, I used to read the New York Times almost every day. So I could certainly make the comparison. "Das Reich" was much better written.

Later, when I was stationed as an airman in the U.S. Air Force in Berlin, part of my job was to look at "Neues Deutschland", the official paper of the governing Communist party of East Germany, the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands. I found it drearier reading than "Das Reich". Maybe that just shows how effectively I had been indoctrinated during the Cold War.

Of course, much of the political content of "Das Reich" was offensive, but how much better is the political content of the New York Times, especially in recent years?

"Das Reich" had much better cultural features.

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Thank you for linking the Greg Maybury articles.

Stephen Lendman (StephenLendman.org) is one of the most astute, most incisive analyzers of the crimes of The Times--their massive sins of omission, sins of commission, lies, distortions, fabrications, and propaganda, especially as regards the covid scamdemic and the US/NATO war on Russia via proxy Ukraine plus the Times's deceitfulness on nearly all controversial issues like so-called climate change, the CIA/Mafia murder of JFK, the 9/11 false-flag operation, and so forth. Lendman's ongoing dissection of the NYT's daily sins leaves blood all over the operating table. The New York Times is so disgusting, they even covered up the "death-by-coincidence" of NYT Deputy Asia Editor Carlos Tejada, who dropped dead at age 49 hours after getting his Moderna booster and shortly after he posted comments on social media praising the covid "vaccines". In their glowing obituary/tribute the paper made no mention of Tejada's "vaccinations". (https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/a-ny-times-editor-has-died-of-a-heart/comments?s=r).

Carlos Tejada sadly joined the ranks of tens of thousands of other misinformed vaccine victims who have died within 12-72 hours after getting the Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, and AstraZeneca "vaccines" (India's Covishield and Russia's Sputnik V too?). Hundreds of thousands of other vaccinees start to deteriorate immediately upon getting the jab and go steadily and irreversibly downhill, often with paralysis, uncontrollable tremors and convulsions, wrecked immune systems, heart, lung, and brain damage, blood clots, micro-clots, stroke, cardiovascular problems, extremely low blood platelet count (thrombocytopenia), meningitis, miscarriages, permanent vision loss, and other serious side effects.

"It's all just a coincidence, no relation to the vaccines" is the Times's mantra as it blacks out the vaccine-induced genocide/democide taking place daily around the world. Because the NYT is the bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece of Big Pharma, it lies constantly, proclaiming that the Genetic Cell-Disruptor Biologics ("vaccines") are "highly safe and effective." After Tejada died, the "fact checkers," funded by Big Pharma, quickly chimed in with blatant lies (even quoting the corrupt CDC) to ridicule any connection between his untimely death from a "heart attack" (as per his wife) and his injections with the experimental genetic cocktails.

From the comments to Alex Berenson's article about Tejada's murder by Moderna:

"Literally nothing can wake the Times. This won’t. If the entire Board Of Directors all had heart attacks and died, the Times would try to pin it on global warming. The Church of Covid brooks no heretics."

"The Times is probably the most consistently corrupt media in the history of the USA. No chance in HELL they do the "right" thing."

"Without the fear-mongering propaganda campaign no one would’ve noticed anything unusual about the last two flu seasons because there was nothing unusual, except for the criminal, murderous, and utterly unscientific lockdown policies in response to the non- existent threat

and the shortened lives of the already fragile who were 'eliminated' through mandated medical malpractice."

"The only “bio-weapon” to be worried about are the poisonous injections that have already been plunged into the bloodstream of millions of people, maiming and murdering countless thousands, including perfectly healthy people who face no risk from The Virus™ and now kids have been placed in the cross-hairs of these psychotic billionaires."

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is vaccine action."

"... Three times is enemy action. What about 50,000 times?"

"Or 50 million? Nothing to see here, Just jeep on moving on. (side

effects are not finished counting yet, Just wait for the next years


"The problem is these people DON'T experience cognitive dissonance. The Covid religion remains undisturbed by any data."

"Their minds are hermetically sealed against any data which contradict the propaganda narrative."

"Look at what [the NYT] did during Hitler coming to power, while Stalin was starving the Ukrainians to death. The NYT is nothing more than a Totalitarian butt wipe."

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I was interviewed by a NYT reporter on the masks effect in aviation, in April. Gave her really good info, stuff that nobody knew about, and a friend discussed the day the masks came off. She used none of it, and wrote the worst article I ever read on the subject. Completely boring with nothing of substance included. I was completely disappointed, but not surprised.

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Thank you for the links. I became a believer in them being a mouthpiece for the CIA when they were so heavily promoting the Iraq war via Judith Miller.

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Apologies on my Comment, I thought I was on the page of the author you linked. He should take a lesson from you.

I was really excited by your recommendation (I started to write "pitch") as there are people I really to understand this. But it would be more than useless to share it with them. It is intended for the choir and the echo chamber.

Keep up your own good work.

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I am sympathetic. I really don't want to come across as mean spirited.

And, this writing is repetitive, repetitive, repetitive. The adjective-to-content ratio is about 100:1. In serious need of an editor.

But of course it's an easy sell to those drunk on the *need* for a good critique; who have no actual need of content as they're already of like mind. Who want to hear someone shouting out for their side. I guess that's who you're playing to.

Worked for Donald Trump.

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"Worked for Donald Trump". The most repeated phrase in NYS bankruptcy filings.

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I am sympathetic - and this is pitiful work. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

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Speaking of bad press, here's Jimmy Dore's recent episode on the Washington Post's spin on the demise of Biden's Ministry of Truth, which had a shorter run than CNN+. https://youtu.be/jP9UiAfZ46s

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