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I find it instructive to see here that MAXAR, the satellite mapping outfit that just happened to provide the NYT with that "damning" photo proving that bodies were left in Bucha on the street in the exact same position for 2 or 3 weeks after "assassination" by Russian or DPR soldiers.... is closely connected with the CIA. I'm sure that's just a coincidence, but it might have been revealed to the reading public .... if the NYT were still a real newspaper and not a willing mouthpiece for Washington power-wielders.

Then there was the news about the pope's recent reactions to news out of Ukraine, embarrassing news for Catholics like me. First, Bergoglio seems to swallow whole the Zelenskyy government's version of events in Bucha, no independent investigation needed. One wonders how the Vatican would react to others automatically crediting all allegations of clerical sexual molestation and/or financial shenanigans with no independent confirmation or judicial procedures. Second, there was the news that Pope Francis is totally against war.... unless it's the war waged by Ukraine to defend itself against Russia. You see, war -- again, according to Bergoglio, not to traditional Catholic teachings -- is always immoral ... but somehow not on this occasion [?!?!]. This, of course, could be nothing more than one more example of the muddle-headed thinking the Argentine pontiff has become notorious for since 2013.

And we can say the same thing about the current papacy's approach to arms dealing. On an ordinary day, Francis can be counted on to excoriate weapons manufacturers and sellers; according to him, one nasty lot of humanity, that crowd! But, in the case of Ukraine and the huge amount of American and European guns, ammo, planes, and bombs being dumped inside its borders.... well, you see those are good death merchants! This pope seems to be as flexible in his approach to morality as the Western media are in their approach to the truth.

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This is important. Ukrainian NAZIs are the ones committing/responsible for the vast majority of civilian casualties in Ukraine - just as they have been, for the last 8 years. Far too many have been taken-in, by the OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD Presstitutes at the WaPo and NYT. Even people who seem to get a large percentage of the other important points about the Ukraine situation, are falling for this False Flag - Safari squad/Botsman Boys -massacre. https://covertactionmagazine.com/2022/04/16/weapons-are-not-helping-how-do-we-end-the-war-in-ukraine/

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I get either turned off or become weary whenever the word "expert" is used. That word, like most words, describes a relative concept. A short-sighted man is an expert among a cohort of blind people.

Secondly, there are NO "experts" in geopolitics. There are only either opinions or speculations - like medsa (medicine).

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Is there any video of the missile strike on the russian ship. particularly from a none american/western media source?

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