A year ago I would have dismissed this as conspiracy nonsense. But now I think it could very well be staged. Once you accept that governments world-wide are conspiring to depopulate us with the clot shots, then anything goes. I now accept that JFK and JFK Jr were both assasinated by the Deep State; 9-11 was an inside job; HIV=AIDS was a hoax and an earlier attempt at depopulation; the Moon Landings were a hoax. I'm even open to the possibility that outer space is fake, according to the flat earthers.

Here's another skeptical take on the subway shooting:


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We know there are surveillance cameras in the subway, so that's pretty strange if no surveillance camera footage has shown up.

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Teasing out psyops requires good detective work. Suspect anything the MSM toots. I think Mark you know the signs and can smell a rat better than most. Suspicion is a good start.

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Its pretty disheartening to come to the realization that basically all geopolitics during my lifetime were scripted. JFK obviously mafia or govt (same thing). I never gave 2 seconds thought to 9/11. Never considered lunar landing fake. Now I nearly as sure on the other sides of the same coin. Clearly space exists but landing on the moon, then, and returning back. Hmmm well. Am I sure about this subway attack? No, but even before this posts I noticed several of the questionable aspects of the videos pointed out herein. Its awfully strange how all of a sudden there are multiple shootings and none of them fit the recently prescribed profile. In and of itself that is enough to question the veracity.

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Apr 18, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Re: the moon landings:

I find blind spots fascinating e.g. how the Left eagerly jump on the covid bandwagon because it seems they can be ferociously sceptical about all sorts of organisations but not about the medical/scientific establishment. Similarly, there’s a commenter over on Off-Guardian by the name of Petra who fearlessly denounces most of what she sees on the TV news as staged bullshit ... but not the moon landings. Why not?

I can only assume it’s because these landings provide some kind of psychological assurance that the human race can truly pull together to do something remarkable and that “Science” can indeed “redeem us”.

Well sure, if it’s true then it is indeed something to be proud of. (Or perhaps not. There are many who believe it happened but are disgusted that the millions spent on it were not put to more urgent use considering world hunger etc.)

But viewed as a psy-op, it seems to me to fulfil some functions.

First, it was used as a distraction from tensions at the time – most obviously Vietnam. (And how the ruling class love their appeals to unity as witness covid’s “We are all in this together”)

Second, it made up for psychological wounds in the American psyche after the Russians had the nerve to be the first to send a man into space. Steven King has documented the trauma this caused. And of course now, under cover of protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Americans are even trying to delete Yuri Gagarin from the history books.

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Apr 18, 2022·edited Apr 18, 2022

I saw this video in which the narrator points out what seems like a woman directing people. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NPDG2YKIZ3mr/

There are a bunch of people wearing red and black (maybe red and black is the rage in Sunset Park these days?) (There is also a guy in red sneakers like in Orlando. Coincidence?)

At one point, there is a man standing holding one black shoe in midair. He waits and then tosses the shoe. Bizarre. You would think people would show more interest in getting away.

(Disclaimer - I don't necessarily agree with everything said by the narrator. Some of what it shows is interesting. I have not really verified this source or had time to look at their other videos)

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Perhaps it is time to keep our skepticism on a shorter leash. to stage this with all the critical timing and moving parts..?? then what about paying for this mini production.. ?? regarding the cameras being out.. I bet 30% of the subway cameras are out.. gangs screw them up all the time.. I give this incident a 5% possibility of being staged..

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It certainly would be a good Psyop if that's what it was. I mean good timing. Just as people are starting to get back to normal. Hey, stay home stay safe!

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I remember the incredible detective work uncovering the Boston Marathon bombing. Crisis actors who appeared ubiquitously in other staged events (along with, famously, a war hero who lost a leg fighting in Afghanistan who happened to have lost the same leg again during the Boston Marathon "bombing")

There were two locations that the Boston explosions occurred. One was cordoned off and the other was given the full televised treatment. Whenever I mentioned it to friends, relatives and collegues I was called a conspiracy theorist.

Great work uncovering the latest event designed to take away any freedom we might have enjoyed up until now. In China they have had police, metal detectors and luggage x rays for well over a decade in order to enter the subway. The assumption that this will be rolled out throughout the USA as well is a highly likely scenario.

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I agree, any big event in this country could be a false flag. Especially if normal surveillance cameras "happen to not be working" that day. 🙄 Every event should be evaluated with scrutiny, and not believed at face value until you have a chance to weigh the evidence yourself.

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Spot on, appreciate you calling these details out Mark Miller. These orchestrated shooting incidents make me think to something researcher Mae Brussell used to talk about. She would reference the 70s film CABARET (the backdrop happenings in that film), and forecast that the cartel/cabal would escalate more and more the terror/fear operations chaos in the same manner in the U.S., flooding America with incidents such as all these orchestrated shootout operations to bring the totalitarian regime closer into place.

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I’m glad you brought this up … of course we reflexively wonder about the veracity of emotional news stories. All mass shootings should alert us to what is going on in the gun control world, they often proceed legislative efforts … staged or not shootings are often conspicuously timed. I wonder though, if this was staged, why not cast more a obvious villain? A Kyle rittenhouse look alike? Why not make the victims more LGBTQish? I mean if you are going to the risk and effort of staging a major story like this where there are many legitimate witnesses (risky ground for staging!) … why not go for the obvious story that feeds an already raging narrative? The “casting” seems too obscure?

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My only counterpoint to your take is that the MSM has largely ignored the story because of the identity of the alleged shooter.

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The strange thing about this piece, the filmed shooting in a NY subway. 3 years ago I would have thought you guys were crackpots

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That is not how really terrified people run away. They don't stop until they get all the way home.

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We know that with sirhan sirhan , he did indeed shoot at rfk.

However, he was supported by the security guard behind rfk who had the same gun.

In this case I wondered why he didn't shoot to kill... Not even the police do this lol

Same with the colorado shooting at the theater.... Many things didn't check out.

But it did happen just it was kind of illogical.

Oh and the shooting at the center in California where there was no footage and they later caught the woman who was tiny yet nobody described a short gunman.

So who knows what really happened

.. If we can verify the victims we can say he really did shoot but it still doesn't eliminate the tl programmed assassin or patsy theory....

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