When buying a new cooktop on Saturday, the saleswoman said one of their good customers who was jabbed and recently boosted, died from a “rare” aggressive cancer.

A family friend who was to retire from the FBI also died of a “rare” cancer at age 49. She was in the Moderna Vaxx Clinical Trial.

Another family friend lost their 10-year old son to a “rare” autoimmune disease within 2-weeks of his Vaxx.

This sh!t is everywhere.

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My, my, my, my Pfizer

Why, why, why my Pfizer

I could see, that vaxx was no good for me

But I was lost like a slave that no man could free

Too soon? 🙄

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Jul 19, 2022·edited Jul 19, 2022

A friend got Shingles. She is vaxed & boosted. That was on a friends group messaging today! Several on the message group started saying right away they “had the shingles shot” or “needed to get another since they only last 5 years”…. No one connects the dots of the covid vaccines possibly playing a role.

I was invited to a pool party yesterday but was asked to promise I wouldn’t mention covid or vaccines bc at the last party in March a neighbor had complained of hearing two women arguing outside about such. (Me & another women who was drunk & got a bit obnoxious). I said that was an “extreme exaggeration” but conceded to not talking about those things in order to go. I heard I was actually blamed for ever having brought up those issues at all!!!! I said well I was just trying to converse about an ISSUE THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOWADAYS & HEAR OTHER’S VIEWS. You know, just normal chit chat!!! Oh, no. Those subjects are NOT TO BE DISCUSSED!!!! Plus, I was hoping to INFORM others!!! Oh well!!!

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Once again Mark ignores the obvious benefit of the vaccine:

Pfizer has made over $81 billion—and no one can sue them.

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These are absolutely beyond belief....but what is more beyond belief is that lack of reporting or response on the public's part....

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It is clear that the rubes must hence-forth use the following to cover, every and all eventualities including fit folk face-planting, singers taking a dive and cyclists, well not doing much in the way of actual cycling (prefer motorcvycles myself - not too much exertion and it gets me quickly to a nice microbrewery for the evening). Excuse #1: Putin's war in Ukraine, #2: Climate Change, #3 Definately nothing to do with the experimental gene therapy with all downside. So there ye have it - Go Dutch Farmers!!!!!

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Sudden illness and death: Brought to you by the good folks at Pfizer.

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"Ido Benny, not yet 13 years old, got into a war for his life - and won as a superhero"

Reminds me of that Pfizer commercial about superheroes:


Um, how 'bout kids just avoid the vax entirely and live their lives normally.

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Not so unusual anymore, now is it???

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Jul 19, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Oh Mark!

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"We are many in the group who have the same symptoms."

Symptoms of the jab.

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Someone could write a newsletter: Nuremberg code violations, trials, and death penalty and offer deep discount to Pfizer, Fda employees...

Or protests outside their offices "Nuremberg trials and then hangings / give us actionable evidence to possibly escape "

Or just spam them on their hovernment email...


See 2nd Smartest substack today

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Ran into a “friend” at a party last weekend. Hadn’t seen her in two years. When she found out I wasn’t “vaccinated”, she jumped back from me said “I love you, but I don’t want to catch Covid!” It was an outside party on a beach.

These people are so behind on the facts— I don’t even know how or where to start sharing what’s really going on! So I avoided her.

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These bitches comply to their masters, then comply again with silence and lied.

No self respect, these are zeroes

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Tom Jones?!? Damn, I thought he was cool


I did imitation, singing She's a lady, made my mom spit out her wine...

I was gonna try for soccer, but now.... the new Lance...

And, yeah, he cheated... but the damn guy CARED

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We've gone from "The show must go on" to "the show can't go on"...

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