In Canada, elected member of the Ontario provincial parliament Randy Hillier, who has been standing up against the lockdowns from day 1, has been arrested.

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The irony is that only the 1% of the 1% will come out on top. The very people enforcing this for their overlords will be rewarded with death or slavery. Unlike the dissidents they oppose, these fawning quislings won't see it coming.

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Having watched her participate in Reiner Fuellmich's Global Grand Jury proceedings, I'm horrified by the arrest of Virginie de Araujo Recchia. She's clear, courageous, and lovely. I pray for her safety.

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Europeans have never sufficiently cherished liberty. They love paternalism and use those words for rhetorical cover to increase the powers of the supranational Nazi EU machine. The French are some of the biggest poseurs with their quaint national slogan. I lived there for three years and saw the hypocrisy everywhere, before covid.

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Hi Mark,

thanks for keeping us informed.

Here's my take on how these anti-Russia, pro-vaxx, food, energy, and economic crises intersect:


I'd really appreciate your thoughts on my piece.

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this is incredibly disheartening.

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Thank you Mark. I'm listening to the Willem Engel interview now. Fyi, the site for the last link of your post has been removed from the internet.

Here we go, this is the next phase. Freedom isn't free. I pray for our strength, courageous hearts and sovereignty. Let's do all we can from where ever we are. ❤️🙏💪🏽

I never got on board with "the covid narrative is collapsing" posts from a few months ago that claimed the fight was coming to a close. I've also been reading more about the Bluetooth challenge. Anyone can do this, I haven't tried it myself because I haven't been around vaccinated people, but I plan to. If this is true, it occurred to me that the powers pushing the vaccine will have to come down harder on people, or speed up their fascist plan, because any vaccinated person can check to see if they show up on bluetooth.

This blog explains in details how to do the Bluetooth challenge, it has an accompanying video.


This video explains how to find people on Bluetooth as well, by downloading a Bluetooth scanning app to your phone and turning on GPS and Bluetooth.


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First thing is kill all the lawyers so the dissidents can’t make their legal arguments.

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and they cart the innocent shocked citizen off to prison, a crime committed by "officers of the law" in broad daylight. I hope we get some updates.

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Message from Willem Engel's organization "Virus Truth" this morning: Thinking of Willem - from viruswaarheid this morning (posted in https://t.me/WFAorg today - World Freedom Alliance):

Willem Engel is due to appear in court in The Hague on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

This is regarding his arrest at the demonstration on October 10, 2020 in The Hague because he called for walking to the city hall. This charge has been dropped

Willem is currently on remand in connection with the investigation based on Norbert Dikkeboom's report (accusing him of 'opruiing' - sedition / incitement. On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the chambers of the Rotterdam District Court will decide whether this remand is to be extended by 30 days. These are therefore two separate cases. The action at the court in The Hague only concerns the arrest of October 10, 2020.

To support Willem, we are organizing, entirely in the style of Willem Engel, a loving action on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

We ask everyone to place a white rose (or several roses) at the Court in The Hague with possibly a note attached 'We are the decent people'.

Why a white rose?

The Weiße Rose, White Rose, was a German resistance group during World War II. The group called for nonviolent resistance against the Nazi regime

Keep it clean and stay peaceful. If you are asked by the Police to leave, leave. If you can stay put, stay put.

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Speech by Willem's colleague Jeroen Pols on March 21: https://viruswaarheid.nl/juridisch/toespraak-van-jeroen-pols-tijdens-mars-van-de-menselijke-verbinding/ "Whether you disapprove of Willem's opinion, or whether you find Max and Eline's actions distasteful or not, it doesn't matter, because we as a society have to agree on one thing, and that is that we can disagree with each other. , that we may express uncomfortable opinions. That is why we should never accept that people like Willem, who emphasizes in every message that non-violence, love and understanding for our fellow human beings, connection and patience are paramount, are put in prison for sedition."

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Crestfallen at this news. They always come for people at dawn. Maximum shock and awe traumatization. These times are so dark, scary and dangerous for the rare excellent beautiful souls who are publicly and outspokenly exposing and fighting these crimes against humanity. Thank you for posting this news Prof. Miller. I will be praying for these persecuted courageous justice warriors. I hope and pray they will get released asap. Truly awful development.

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Seems the global reset evil never stops, it just varies speeds and changes bogeymen!

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Good news is Willem Engel has been released from prison. However, he should have not spent a single day in detention.

According to reports, Willem cannot post on social media or he faces 90 additional days in prison. They are trying to silence him. (posted in Taylor Hudak Telegram: https://t.me/taylorhudak

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I am linking to this now familiar essay in sadistic browbeating purely to direct attention to the way it ends:


“On March 23, 2020, 12 days after the World Health Organization declared COVID a pandemic, the Harvard Business Review ran a piece titled “The Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief.” It immediately went viral. On social media, people praised it for the way it summed up their inner turmoil and captured a sense that “we are not used to this kind of collective grief in the air.”

But that feeling was localized, limited to a now-surreal stretch of time when some thought we’d only have to know terms like “social distancing” and “lockdown” for a brief stint. Two years later, grief has become the air itself. We are simultaneously grieving the former sturdiness of friendships, old relationships to government, and the familiar rules that governed the world. As one investment research firm put it in a recent paper, “The risk of Armageddon has risen dramatically. Stay bullish on stocks over a 12-month horizon.” There it is again. That funny feeling.”

Consider carefully what is being said here. The “collective grief” that was expressed in March 2020 (a suspiciously early time for such grief surely?) wasn’t nearly enough to encompass the “true horror” of our situation. We thought it would be “a brief stint”. Absolutely not! Grief “has become the air itself” – a telling comment! The “air itself”? You mean like the media? And if “we” are “simultaneously grieving the former sturdiness of friendships, old relationships to government, and the familiar rules that governed the world” then we are being told that these things are now gone!

And note the curious reverse list: you would have thought our leaders would have quite a bit of say in the world’s familiar rules, less say in relations to government and no say at all in the “sturdiness of friendships” – but the list goes the other way., And no wonder. It is the “sturdiness of friendships” which are the big worry for our overlords!

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Update post from 3/19 (via his Austrian resistance colleague Alexander Ehrlich): https://t.me/ehrlichalexander

Apparently, Willem Engel is in solitary confinement because he is refusing to get tested and is thus treated as an “infected” person, with the sign “Corona” at his door. Nobody is allowed to bring him supplies because of “danger of infection” The door to his cell has to be closed at all times. Several guards admitted that they received orders from above to bully Willem as much as possible. Nobody is allowed near him. The team (from his organization) did manage to bring him a bag of food.


Update from Taylor Hudak: https://t.me/taylorhudak (3/24)

Reminder that Dutch activist Willem Engel, who challenged the government’s COVID measures, is in prison and held in isolation. Willem will be in prison until at least March 30, 2022, which is the day of his court hearing.

There are 2 possibilities to contact him:

1. You can write him a letter

Willem Engel

Registration number: G 1000 5784 3595

Date of birth: 15/03/1977

PI Hoogvliet (Stadsgevangenis) Koddeweg 100

3194 DH Hoogvliet Rotterdam The Netherlands

2. You can write him an email:


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