You stood up to, and fought, the tyrants.

Thank you.

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Prayers are with you Mark and you are so very much appreciated for your willingness to stand for what is right and true. These evil institutions will fail one day (hopefully soon) and truth will take the place of these demon creatures masquerading in courts and classrooms, corporations and gov. The universe registers truth and those who stand firm with truth, even when man utterly fails to incorporate it into it's tragically flawed institutions. You have done all that could be asked of you in this war. 🙏

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In simpler terms, it appears that Ms. Nass is experiencing a similar pattern of treatment, and I believe that Jordan Peterson may face a similar outcome or result in the future.

- Luc

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With you all the way, from the start and going forward. You've been a true inspiration from the beginning of this disaster.

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Sep 25·edited Sep 25

I've posted this poem before at various sites about various events.

However, it has never seemed more appropriate.

I wish you all the best, Mark.

We live in a time when "The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity."

"Now all the truth is out,

Be secret and take defeat

From any brazen throat,

For how can you compete,

Being honor bred, with one

Who were it proved he lies

Were neither shamed in his own

Nor in his neighbors' eyes;

Bred to a harder thing

Than Triumph, turn away

And like a laughing string

Whereon mad fingers play

Amid a place of stone,

Be secret and exult,

Because of all things known

That is most difficult."


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Professor Miller, did you get to keep your ob as tenured faculty? IF I am reading this correctly, then I guess I am happy for you, if that is what you want. Frankly, I think your substack column shows that you are sorely needed on a platform like Spotify....and at the very least, please consider, if they don't let you teach your propoganda course at NYU, PLEASE PUT IT ON LINE AS a SUBSCRIPTION or pay per view.

I am SO disppointed...they slandered you, defamed you , made up lies about you.

But you recognize rightly that all of NEW YORK state and NYU ...the judiciary is pretty much bought and paid for by pharma, big govt. and the democratic party.

But that is not the point. The point is , New York state is hopelessly corrupted...and at the end of corruption is death.

Please think about getting out of New York state and NYU before they turn into something even more awful than a rotting corpse....

And please stay here with us. We appreciate you more than you know.

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This is not only sad news but also very frightening, in that it moves kangaroo justice even more deeply into the U.S. system of legal redress, while expanding and strengthening suppression of free speech, and authoritarian action by judges and school governing bodies. Yes, there is much resistance growing throughout the land, but hardly enough or quickly enough to avert the great reset, unless there is an unexpected sudden and dynamic awakening of the dumb masses that are volunteering for slavery.

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Oh, that’s crazy. I read your entire lecture to the students, and it was a solid, thorough, and appropriate examination of propaganda. The problem isn’t you: it’s that the courts, themselves, have been brainwashed by the propaganda (so much for critical thinking of those with degrees).

All of which is why free speech is in its death throes...

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This is disturbing. But we have control of our actions, and not the outcome. By doing the right thing you still made the world a better place. By standing up in your truth you make it easier for others and there is a ripple effect. I have to believe that.

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Speaking TRUTH to power - GOD bless you MCM for our Lord lives in the Truth & the Light of Truth will come to pass. You are a courageous Truth Warrior & are deeply respected for standing firm & speaking Truth to tyranny. Justice will prevail either in this lifetime or the next ...

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Well, at least I know now that the government of New York is fascist.

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You are an intellectual power house with integrity! Thank you for fighting back the tyranny that's coming for us all! A lot of us support you and are onto the criminals that are trying to enslave all. The last few years woke me up and I've met lots of others who get it.

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I'm sorry you lost Mark, but karma is a bitch, and those who live by the vaxx are literally going to die by the vaxx.

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All I want to do right now is to just swear - ALOT. Thanks for all you do and for fighting the fight.

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The Decision makes sense given the Known Integrity of the people you are dealing with, which is ZERO. But remember what goes around comes around ⚖️ . Just keep doing the next best thing and enjoy the Gifts 🎁 of your experience. You are a better Man, but you know you are not better than 🙏 . Enjoy your Humility 😇

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I am often in complete despair at the state of our legal system. I was baffled by supposedly civil defense lawyers (who often vote conservative) when goose-stomping along with the suspension of civil liberties and enforced health measures. An essay somewhere detailed how too many law firms rely on the government for work or their clients rely on the government - thus the same trap. No one wants to bite the hand feeding them. Whether we can untangle this mess I don't know. When the recent SCOTUS nominee refused to define what a woman was, I sort of got her point as it was a type of 'gotcha' question. But in hindsight, it was significant. I recently read a medical article on cancer screening that included verbiage that those who were identified as female at birth or identified as male at birth instead of just plain verbiage that males need screening at this time and females at that time. It is all nonsense tied to rhetoric.

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