I am anti-vax and unashamed of the label.

If I had children, they would be unvaxxed and uncircumcised.

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This message is as terrifying as it is simple and compelling. The difficult challenge is how do we overcome this dissonance in our friends and family who made this decision?

The other effect of this is to create division. In Marx’s writings, it was the proletariat & the bourgeoisie, in CRT division is by race, and now they’ve created a division that is more psychologically nuanced, because it is rooted in decisions we have made which have serious implications that stir strong emotions - a master stroke for the propagandists.

I think they did not account adequately for the power of truth, which once known, will overcome.

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Have decided to be authentic with everyone. Of course, still out of a job due to jab. Noticing people turn away from me. It's tough but so am I. I feel the zombies can sense the vibe, or whatever word you want to use. We are like the cross to the vampires

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On point! I've seen this in action in others and also in myself. I am NOT vaccinated and have had covid 19, and possibly (I never got tested), the lesser variant about two months ago. But I see this mind-game in myself, as many friends and family members have been vaccinated and I cannot conceive of their lifetimes having been reduced by the vaccine. And... neither can they. So it is a big evil no-go swamp of a discussion topic. I recently met a couple at a concert. She was a nurse at the same hospital I went to and was diagnosed as hiving covid 19, in July 2020. This gal and I really hit it off about the music and the venue (I'm 74, she about 34, and her hubby was with her... this was not sexual, just friendly). We were yakking it up, the husband occasionally joining in, very friendly and warm, and then the subject of covid came up and I told her how I was 'refused' treatment (HCQ) and simply 'sent home' to live or die. (They told me that if my lips turned blue or black, to get myself to the emergency ward ASAP. That was it.) Well, once I brought that up I could see the veils on her eyes descend. The conversation began to shut down. I would say that even at this late stage, 90% of people WILL NOT believe such a thing was done to us. AND, if and when they find out, they will, I believe, literally, tear the doctors and employers who forced them to take the shot... to shreds. But the 'if' is a big one. We are still not there. Just not there yet.

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I had dinner with a dear vaccinated friend the other night. I tried to explain the EUA situation....that there were no early treatments given because they wouldn't have been able to give out the EUA vax if early treatments did exist. She said well your saying that 1 million people died because they did not receive early treatment? I said yes, many people died because they withheld information about early treatments. First she say well they didn't know back then about those treatments, because they would never have done that. I said, yes, many people knew about the treatments and the information was demonized and withheld. So she said well if what you are saying is true this worse than 9/11. I said I guess it is. She thought for a minute and said, I just can't believe that. It is too terrible.

And I didn't push any further or give her anymore facts because she was so upset.

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Polluted food, water, air and fake government and fake money and fake healthcare we tolerate. Many people are able to deny the truth. In old Russia serfs going to the scaffold shouted Long Live the Tsar. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme due to the little lies we tell ourselves. We are brutalized children even as adults. We prefer the lie. In regards to vaccine deaths my bet is the average soul will buy the lie that no one knew the harm would be greater than the cure. To admit otherwise would probably be so overwhelming psychologically that the nervous breakdown would crush them. After all truth impedes acquisition of material goods and in a largely secular nation money is the Messiah.

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Aug 25, 2022·edited Aug 25, 2022

Informed consent is the crux of the matter. It was never possible to give it, and without it there is a crime committed. It’s just that simple.

Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav Speech at Nuremberg 75

“Never Again” is Now


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Pray for California today ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!

SB 866 is set to voted on today in Assembly.

August 25, 2022 This bill cuts parents out of medical decisions for their children leaving it open for more of the same coercion and bullying.

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All the moms who have known for DECADES that vaccines injured their children- with the American academy of pediatrics schedule … and they were silenced

Now know the government has ALWAYS known

This wasn’t a matter of educating anyone

They’re all aware

And complicit

And have been ….for decades!!!

This NOT new.

This is just more of what they have already gotten away with!!!

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They are just as trapped by their inability to understand the reality of the world they live in.

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I realized that aspect too, while first working on writing up Todd Callender’s interview about the 2005 WHO International Health Regulations:

“The goals and actions of the individual humans working on the global Covid-19 democide project are so brazenly and profoundly evil that good human minds shut down the instant they confront the information. We recoil instinctively — emotionally, cognitively and spiritually — from the extraordinary saturation of evil; we struggle to grasp how it can be so comprehensive in its scope and destructive in its force.

The human perpetrators and their Satanic accomplices have instituted many layers of legal and media control and distortion of information to demoralize and confuse their victims.

But our natural recoiling phenomenon, our fingertip-on-a-hot-stove natural human withdrawal from evil, provides them with powerful additional camouflage for the evil acts, because the mind of the observer will self-add the camouflage of "this is so evil, it can't possibly be true" adding to the layers of legal and media propaganda cover the perpetrators control and impose themselves.”


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Fantastic article - thank you!

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On the flip side, I don’t think this operation went nearly as well as they hoped and planned. They claim they got over 70% to take one shot but less people took the 2nd, only 50% took the first booster and 30% took a 2nd booster (their numbers). The Expose revealed per UK data they likely had similar results on the initial uptake although they claim it was much higher. Hardly anyone took their 5 and under to get jabbed in the US. I don’t know if people are going to admit they got duped but their behavior seems to suggest they aren’t onboard. I don’t think the CDC, Fauci, Wen etc. and the media would all be rushing to attempt to re-write history and changing their position if they were winning this.

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Everyone of us must face our demons inside first. Then we can accept the outer demons.

What has preceded this is the notion of there being no God. Then No God. Then No evil. Lucifer’s best trick. No evil. Not recognizing that evil is well and has seduced 5 biillion people into getting a vaxxine that is not a vaxxine that is lethal.

I am anti vaxx too for 27 years ......and call me whatever you like ....i worked for Big pharma. And woke up during my 7 years while selling chemotherapy. We all wake up or die oblivious Waking up is a punch in the gut. But face your demons and burst your illusions its worth the strange journey after you begin to really radar evil asap.

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I'm about 30 pages from finishing Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism, and here it is - the incomprehensibility of (and therefore inability to see) "radical evil."

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With the vaxxed, I harp on the fact that the shots didn't work. Period. If they don't know I'm not vaxxed, I tell them I'm not getting any boosters or any more shots, that I gave two years of my life to slay the beast and now I'm going to live my life. No more masking, shots etc. I tell them I've amped up my vitamin D and I'll take an "anti-viral" if I get Covid. Sometimes the conversation goes to Ivermectin vs. Paxlovid and I'm encouraged that with some people they "get" that anti-virals work. Sometimes I talk about IVM having better safety data so I'd choose that one. People seem more open to accepting IVM now since that shit Paxlovid is also an "anti-viral." It's a step in the right direction. Some of my vaxxed friends aren't getting any more shots. One admitted he's never felt the same since getting them with joint inflammation. One thing I never do is talk about the injuries and side effects of these shots with the vaxxed. My emphasis is don't get anymore. Their brains sometimes almost explode at the connection between IVM and anti-viral. Just trying to move people along a little bit.

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