It’s all spiritual at this point. Either whatever benevolent creator exists acts on our species’ behalf, or we’re done. There’s no in between ending to this story.

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hard to believe ... 45 years later and to see Neil Young ... Neil Young! ... has been brainwashed by the same people he protested against and tried to expose half a century ago... truly depressing and made of our worst nightmares.

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I swapped out my smart phone for a 1990s non Q.R. Code flip phone. I haven't heard of a law mandating smart phones.

I've never even had a travel passport.

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Do you know a successful business person that doesn't plan ahead


8 hr ago

I have said in other posts and many people agree its all planned. Hard to believe. Months ago I was wondering how the transition from Covid to normalcy would be done. You just can’t stop and go back to cat in a tree stories.

Speaking for myself I know that the next crisis pushes the last crisis to the rear of the thought chain. Imagine if we went from a super hyped crisis call it covid to cat in the tree. People would have time to wonder, wonder leads to thinking, thinking leads to questioning and that is something them,they,those people can’t have.

The seque:

martial law in Canada, war in the Ukraine. It seems impossible that those terrible things aren’t pure happanstance, they must be, it couldn’t be anything else. Could it?

Canada is one thing but the invasion that’s another. What a fortuitous, purely coincidental turn of events.

The covid narrative falls below the fold, gently easing out of everyones conversation. Now its how terrible it all is over there and it is. Becarfull of the mis information,but don’t worry we will curate the information for you. You are safe.

I think about the oil giants, the P/L sheets. Lost revenue due to less driving because people are working at home. Lost future revenue because people like working at home. Keep in mind the single passenger vehicle commuter class are often not the class that has to be in the office. Often that class can work from home comfortably. (referred to as the laptop class). Lost future revenue?

I am going to sell fewer barrels of oil now but how will I keep up the P of the L.

The price divided by the commodity must increase.

And so we have war. Increases our cost of living. Maintains the corporate profit. Diffuses the covid seque. Stops the covid conversation.

But will it


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The timing of the invasion seems all a bit too good to be true at some level. I mean the underlying message will of course quickly become that I would have to be some sort of a cad wouldn't I - to in the midst of the human suffering of war - to still insist that we must hold those in charge of covid policies accountable and to accurately account for all the damage done by the vaccines? I must say it just doesn't smell right.

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It is an absolute distraction. Sean Penn in a photo op? Give me a f$&@ing break. We’re being played by whom I don’t know. It’s like an Agatha Christy plot but the stakes are humanity not fiction.

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Ran across this nostalgic clip from 2014. Notice the middle aged reporters greeting Psaki with their BS sensors on with regard to US meddling in Ukraine. Contrast that to the reporters covering Covid with their n95s who not only failed to challenge Covid edicts but fully supported them as puppets. The video is posted on the RT channel - but so what. It isn't doctored. https://youtu.be/jW1WDbDX7wE

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MITRE was a key player on 9/11 too, according to Indira Singh.

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Please see the beautiful new song by Tom MacDonald. It captures all that we are going thru.

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Is this primarily a war on the food supply?



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For on the ground reporting from Donbas see Patrick Lancaster. He has been there since 2014. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjTWVaRx6jMN5ZYgbqe2_w

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Please don't promote the music of Neil Young. He's not on our side.

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The US has been the provocateur—not just in recent months, but since the 2014 CIA-backed coup, when Obama/Biden installed a puppet government, large factions of which were, and still are, literal neo-Nazis. And just like in the case of Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc., we have covert ops training terrorists and Nazis and ultimately driving what will probably become a long, protracted and bloody insurrection.

But in today’s tribal, left/right, binary mentality, these views render me a Putin-loving, Stalinist. No, all of these global tyrants are corrupt, egomaniacal psychopaths with blood on their hands. But at the end of the day—whether through actual warfare or sanctions—it’s the civilian populations that bear the brunt of any conflict. And in this case, I think there’ll be tremendous hardship and suffering inflicted everywhere.

On a more macro scale, the conflict could serve as a distraction from the collapsing Covid narrative and/or to conveniently advance the multipolar new world order, justify the much-anticipated cyberpandemic, precipitate a banking collapse and the transition from fiat to central bank digital currency, justify the war on domestic terrorism. Ultimately, it will probably serve to accelerate the move toward global technocracy, in which case we’re all victims.

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