I’m in such a weird head space that speculating whether a vaccine is causing demon-like hallucinations prior to death does not even make me flinch.

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Mark, I cannot express how thankful I am that you are willing to look, to stick your neck out, to sound the alarm, and share the evidence. This is freaky, but it is completely in line with all that I've learned about the sick and twisted elites running the show. One of my biggest frustrations, for years now, has been dealing with people who won't even LOOK.

As far as the Sinovac goes, is it possible that it somehow affects the pineal gland, which may well be the seat of sixth sense?

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I watch a lot of material, including these, and I’ve only ever seen Asian people and occasionally Hispanic people in those particular videos. In the ones in Western societies, it’s more of a sudden light-headedness & fainting.

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This has nothing to do with mRNA or 'spike proteins' or clotting. These are electrical events in the brain or heart, the 2 'electrical organs', from a chemical hydrogel and not biochemical weapon, likely graphene or other heavy metal.

Massive brain misfiring with either collapse or grand mal seizure OR massive sudden asystole of the heart with sudden collapse. There may also be a connection to the non-ionizing radiation of 5G /cell phones/ wifi activating this weapon.

I doubt it is limited to Sinovac, I have seen it in videos from all countries but will be checking that from now on.

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Check the Seychelles as they were actually ahead of Israel in the rush to roll out shots and was almost entirely Sinovax with some AZ.

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I read in a comment posted below one of these videos on twit, that the looking left and up, the arm coming up, the "flailing" of that arm, before falling and, convulsing, at least leg and/or foot movements, usually on the right side, are indicative of a Grand Mal seizure. Could blood clots be bringing on this type of seizure and sometimes death?

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It is deeply upsetting to me how many of my friends who are liberal Democrats seemed to be exhibiting the same thinking as Nazis. Many of the things said about the unvaccinated sound very similar to what was said about the Jews.

What would you think about doing a set of side by side comparisons, finding things that various Nazis said about the Jews and putting them next to things that Biden and other Democrats have said about the unvaccinated.

I seem to remember one poll that said 48% of Democrats thought the unvaccinated should be put in camps.

I understand that comparisons to Nazis make a lot of brains explode and shut down but I think it needs to be pointed out because, unfortunately, just because we're silent about it doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

You don't even have to use the word Nazi or even say who said the Nazi stuff. Maybe a format like

Left column-"Jews....

Right column "the unvaccinated...

Maybe footnotes at the bottom saying who said what.



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There are much more vivid video images of this in the documentary, "Died Suddenly." There you really do see them look upwards, turn their heads and move their arms as if to fend off something. Very striking images there.

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Pro-Vaxx Rod Stewart Reveals 11-Yr-Old Son Rushed To Hospital With Suspected Heart Attack


"The musician has received at least three Covid-19 jabs and said people who refuse to get vaccinated make him ‘angry’."

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*Sin* - O - vac

I see Jacquelyn had the same idea.

What will be coming for those in mortal sin when they die?

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Sin o vac.

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Yet Again, An Excellent & Thoughtful Observation Mark.

For The Twirling in Death:


"And all the queen's horses,

And all the king's men"


But Hope Still Remains.


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This is very interesting.

My father died Sept. 2021, no vaccine, no COVID but cancer and eventually he died of Kidney failure. Before he died he saw something as well. My kids and I saw him SEE SOMETHING and he was looking up. He was Chinese too. I personally believe he saw my mother and immediately afterwards he was no longer conscious, 4 hours later he died. A sixth sense perhaps before death? I don’t know but I like to think he is up there, looking out for us…..I need him to be looking out for us.

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Makes me wonder if people experiencing these as-if-a- demon-is- swirling deaths are somehow being subjected to an augmented reality experience that kills them.

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Someone posted on one of these videos last night and called the turning behavior “adversive” seizures. I looked it up and sure enough the definition says the seizure causes the head, eyes, or body to rotate. But why are these people having them and why are they dropping dead right after them???

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