Their claim that Russia invaded the Ukraine because Putin is evil is as ridiculous as Bush's claim that 911 happened because they hate us for our freedom. The people that dream up these narratives are worse than modern day screenwriters.

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Sep 14, 2022·edited Sep 14, 2022

It is long past time Russia took the kid gloves off. Get on with it and get rid of the US vassal state that replaced Ukraine eight years ago.

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Here is a narrative that will most likely not be given from anyone. The entire Ukraine narrative, going back to 2014 has been a manipulated lie. The narrative that NATO is getting too close for Russia's liking could be BS. How many countries are and have been over the years dependent on Russia for energy? Is this not maneuvering knowing that at some point Russia could turn off the spigot? I believe that they are all on the same page. The US and European Union are sending droves of money to the Ukraine with most of it not getting there. This is a looting operation and a means to hurt the common people in different areas of the world. Russia will flourish and Ukraine can wipe out the useless eaters along with the strokeme19 lockstep psyop adhered to all over the world. Putin was on the WEF website up until the beginning of this event and then removed. I think we are all being played by this distraction narrative, especially with the jab hurting and killing worldwide. This plays directly into the Great Reset plan of the WEF. Even if you push this narrative away, keep it on the back burner bc I believe they are burning us all. After the global covid lockstep, dismissing this would be kind of foolish.

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Good stuff. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who has not yet seen Oliver Stones film UKRAINE ON FIRE do so, as fundamental background to undertanding what's going on.

(Do not confuse with "Winter on Fire" the spooks answer to Oliver Stone!)

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Sep 14, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

All I know is, when a nuclear armed superpower starts pulling their troops back, it’s not time to celebrate, it’s time to be concerned….

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Great post.

Do you follow The Duran and their separate channels at Alex Christoferou and Alexander Mercouris? They are an important central hub of information bringing together many different independent journalists from around the world. Brian Berletic of The New Atlas doing good work as is Jimmy Dore who brings on Jackson Hinkle, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and George Galloway in the UK.








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Finally, someone with reason and intelligence! Good thing Mark has extended readership!

Somehow, the whole thing is in the air. Only yesterday, I also published an article about the "armchair generals," who keep gaslighting people:


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Thanks for this, Mark. For additional informed content on the Russia-Ukraine situation, I recommend The Duran, featuring Alexander Mercouris in London and Alex Christoforou in Athens (https://theduran.locals.com/): "The Duran is a news-media platform that advances a realpolitik position. The Duran is not right, left or center. It is a media site that focuses on a pragmatic analysis of stories in the news."

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I have relied on the daily videos of Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris (together, they are The Duran). They are on Locals, Telegram, Rumble and YouTube. Excellent and balanced analysis.

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Great job Mark. Appreciate this site very much.

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Speaking of the NYT, I recnetly read The Gray Lady Winked, Mark. Chapeau to you and Mr. Rindsberg.

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Sep 15, 2022·edited Sep 15, 2022

If you are interested in exploring this tragic conflict along with much other geopolitical observations, take a look at this channel


Through the Eyes of was created and hosted by Ania K, a beautiful Polish lady who recently returned to her homeland after living the last 15 years in LA. Ania’s on air curiosity and brilliance is wonderfully flavored by her genuine kindness. She manages to bring on her podcast some excellent analysts including Scott Ritter, the fellows from the Duran and many others. She understands the cultural, economic and political situation better than just about anyone and I often listen to her before going to bed because her voice exudes a glow of humanity in the very midst of madness like we’ve never seen. Truly one of the bright light in a very dark world.

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I have resources collected in comments at: https://covidsteria.substack.com/p/community-covid-resources/comments

Telegram channels Intel Slava Z and ASB Military have good coverage from the Russian perspective. They criticize Russia when warranted... Also Chilean-American Gonzalo Lira in Karkov BUT they have no electricity or Internet at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfUzUq5L9NFv2GMVGbEBgkg/videos

"Here are the stages of war-time propaganda we’ve noticed in every war we’ve covered:

1. The Presidents are “dying of cancer” or some other disease

2. The presidents are dead already, you are seeing their double

3. The losing side has everything under control

4. The side committing the most warcrimes usually cries the loudest about “enemy warcrimes”

5. The losing side swears that by next week the enemy will be defeated

6. One side is always better at media propaganda

7. The losing side kills thousands of enemy soldiers everyday, yet does not retake any lost territory

Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Artsakh, etc.

applicable to every conflict ever."


I do meme collection posts + add news that the MSM is not telling you:

- https://covidsteria.substack.com/p/putin-invades-ukraine-memes-no-gaz-for-you

- https://covidsteria.substack.com/p/best-ukraine-hypocrisy-memes-nazi-to-see

- https://covidsteria.substack.com/p/putin-invades-ukraine-memes-aug-28-2022

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The commentary that the Ukraine troops are exposed in what is flat largely open countryside is very relevant. They have very little air cover and the Russians can stand off and use air strikes, artillery, rockets, etc. to eliminate and also take out logistics support,

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What a load of crap.

Pure Nazi propaganda piece.

Look a bit deeper. Like starting in August 1939. Just give it a try.

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There is also one option to know what is happening in Ukraine - to read or listen to Ukrainians. Of course, we will see a lot of messages that it was NATO soldiers in Ukraine because Russia needs to explain somehow its failure to the public. But does it mean we need to share it?

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