It's that bad under Fidelito. This is ALL on the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois who prop up his insane and stupid mandates because 'huh vaccines'. The stories I'm hearing, reading and seeing about this idiotic App is sickening. Since when is a fricken app mandatory? What's their game here? Go to hell Justin. Literally.

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"If only that were so; because the prospect facing us is really worse than that—a novel blend of fascism (at the top) and communism (at the bottom); nor is the entity that’s pulled this off the CCP alone, but the exalted caste of globalist predators intent on either killing or enslaving us, and who therefore see China as their model."

Exactly my take. Global technocratic fascism using the collectivist "we are all in it together" model to weaponize people's sense of civic duty against them.

The CCP is an important part of the globalist vision of the new world order - almost certainly China is the envisioned new host of the predator class - getting rid of Pax Americana and replacing it with Pax Zhōngguó. What's hilarious is these "elites" think the CCP won't destroy them once the goals are achieved.

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I had already bought a flip-phone that could be easily adapted to a simple 'first wave' phone similar to the very first one I owned, where only talk was available and texting. Stop. Nothing else.

I was still using my stupid 'smart phone' only out of laziness because I did not know how my new one worked, I needed to study..and in the meanwhile, I was considering throwing the Samsung in the river, when I lost it somewhere but it came back to me cos of somebody handing it in to police. Well, I soon left it on a taxi and it never came back again...so I studied my minimal use needs for my Nokia. There are ways of de-googling smart phones you've grown to hate, but it sounds complicated; throw into the river is sort of final and get a cheap Nokia is my tip. As an easy switch-over you could try leaving the phone at home and enjoy your freedom...you might like it ;-)

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I think we all agree. Focusing on vx or covd is all smoke. Let’s unite and make this stop. How do we? How do we unite as one and end this thing? It isn’t through politicians, 535 of them are in control of our lives and have been through all this, so who do we rally behind?

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Massive global corruption

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When I protested the outdoor mask mandate that my Republican governor instituted in Massachusetts in November of 2020, my Democratic senator wrote me back in an email and said "if you lived in China, they'd lock you in your house."

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Those china vids were frightening. No way are they sticking a PCR test swab into my brain. 😠 This is why it's important for Americans to keep access to your weapons and defend the second amendment.

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This ends when we say it does.

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The Chinese people endured the most punishing and ridiculous lockdowns, but even the CCP backed off on forcing the covid shots like Trudeau.

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Being here in Chinada, it does feel like we are steps away from some version of hell, yet almost everybody acts like things are fine. It is truly astounding. Many still walking around masked! I am only able to have conversations with those who already feel as I do, though I stick my foot out sometimes to test the waters...read independent only news, sign petitions, stay alert for signs of life when I am out. I am the resistance I want to see.

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Thank you for this article!

I agree with your last paragraph: "it ultimately matters less exactly how this came about, than that the rest of us unite to STOP it." Yes, we must unite against what's happening without getting too much into the weeds (as long as we don't create our own mass formation).

However, we still must be aware of and stop tyrannical changes in their earliest stages. For decades, we've been boiled like frogs, slowly, until we hardly notice that we're dead.

Just a few recent examples of how tyranny came up and bit us in the butt:

* Two weeks to flatten the curve (or stop the spread) became permanent Covidian religion.

* Mask indoors became mask everywhere 24/7.

* Avoid indoor crowds became mandatory 6-foot distancing.

* Stay home if you are sick became long-term lockdowns.

* Non-essential workers became useless eaters.

* Optional shots became mandatory jabs.

* Censoring doctors became throwing them in jail (e.g., Dr. Simone Gold).

* Electronic medical records became show-me-your-papers.

* Green technology became electric cars that can't be charged on the California grid!

* Expanding cities became no-more-farmers.

* Bitcoin became mandatory digital currency and ESG scores.

* Traffic cams, Alexa dots, and Ring cameras became the surveillance state.

You get the idea!

By ignoring history and the signs of tyranny at its earliest stages, we've allowed tyranny to become such a massive force that millions will suffer and die before we can -- if we can -- claw our way back. It's so easy to stick our proverbial heads into our video game consoles, TVs, and social media while ignoring events in the real world. But doing that is what brought us here, and it must stop.

You don't want to be paranoid, but -- by golly -- the likes of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and even the smallest tyrant at school board and city council meetings -- really may be out to get you.

Sometimes conspiracy theory is actually conspiracy fact. Do not abandon critical thinking or the ability to be your own lie detector. Do not fear being "cancelled" on Facebook or Twitter; find other platforms and vote with your feet and your wallets. We must respectfully, factually, and presciently call out tyrannical measures -- and offer positive solutions! -- if humanity is to survive.

As smarter people than I have said: "Wake up Sheeple!" 💤🐏

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I had written a couple of months ago about a button campaign I and a fellow protester started in BC, Canada. It began as a simply tulip logo on a small button and an accompanying living mission statement. We now have larger tulip buttons as well, with a growing and changing selection of messages that befits the more obvious (to some of us) agenda. We hand them out at rallies (not too many at the moment - a big problem - because the media tell people that our lives are normal now), meetings, protests by courageous doctors, etc. We've now given out/received spontaneous donations for 10,000+ of them, which, I've learned from watching people in the street, is a drop in the bucket. But during a hit piece on truckers and dissent on The National, the CBC evening TV program, several days ago, the trucker interviewed was wearing the button!

The button was initially for mutual recognition, to avoid sinking into a deadly malaise. The hope now is for it to become a way, first, of increasing our numbers because we recognize that there are more of us than we are told and, second, ultimately to put pressure on the government and media.

The problem is advancing the campaign, especially during a summer when the slightly relaxed restrictions have lulled the majority. If we do not grow, we become irrelevant, a couple of people with a hobby living in a totalitarian society. I still see it as potentially powerful, even as I see my future as more precarious than I ever dreamt it could be.

Any suggestions are welcome. If I'm sounding a bit desperate, I am. I've been a classical musician all my life (and a "progressive," another story altogether) and this activity is not part of my repertoire.

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If you look on the Canadian government's web-site you will see what this app is really about. It is an experiment that Canada and Holland signed on to. All part of the digital framework they have fantasies about. And if you actually unpack the trucker's convoy story it is also about that. When truckers arrived at the border customs agents were waving them through because they had already read their phone and knew whether they were vaxxed or not. Thus, many of the truckers were not protesting anything to do with the V. They were protesting the invasion of privacy and the surveillance state.

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We must resist going cashless. Digital money will be our end. Pay cash as often as possible!

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It’s not clear we can change society now, any more than we could in the past. Many of us have always seen through the information control narratives to a certain degree. But generally the horrible rain of death was falling on other countries. Now it’s falling on the western nations directly. Most can’t or don’t want to see it. It’s terrifying to consider. But fuck, look at 9-11, the Kennedy assassination, Oklahoma City. It’s clear the ends always justified the means; maintain wealth and control. The groups who seem to have seen through the covid situation best are the religious, and the financial sector. America is completely fracturing, there’s no cohesive society here to return to either way. I think the fracturing is to the peoples benefit, it makes narrative control more difficult. As much as it hurts my heart, it appears to be every one for themselves at this point. America’s probably not a terrible place to be right now. You have options here. The mandates will not be able to return across all states. There’s nothing we ants can do about the shifting tides of hegemonic power.

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I will not take another vaccine. Lucky I survived 60s & 70s childhood without being severely damaged. I vaguely remember rooms with screaming kids being injected with whatever it was at the time.

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