We are all addicted to the dopamine buttons. Instant communications. Faster than cocaine.

Like sex with little commitment. Push button

Ecstasy. We were lucky to grow up without these


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resistance is not futile

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Covid was the great revealer. It revealed who your true friends were. It revealed what kind of person you are. It undoubtedly revealed the massive corruption in government and media. It revealed the amount of propaganda we are subject to in order to sway and control our emotions. It revealed how terribly broken the education system is. It revealed the weak foundation and bought-off studies most scientific opinion is built upon. It revealed that the world we were living in was essentially just an illusion and it revealed the true evil that permeates throughout it. The silver lining is that we can see this so clearly now (well, some of us anyway). And the opportunity ahead is to take back the good bits we all had growing up, reapply them, and carve a brand new path forward for future generations. One that’s built on truth and integrity. That excites me very much, and I’m willing to spend the rest of my life working toward that goal. I hope you are too. Have faith and push back. - found this on x.


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Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.

I'm half crazy all

for the love of you.

It won't be a stylish marriage,

I can't afford a carriage.

But you'll look sweet,

Upon the seat,

Of a bicycle made for two.

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How I yearn for 1971 Who’s Next album

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If it was only the touchscreens =))))

Sounds like Sci-fi but it is completely proven. All brands of COVID vaccines and many swabs injected micro-routers emitting a Bluetooth Low Energy data stream (I'll teach you how to pick it up), picked up by your phone and uploaded to a Human ID multinational (will soon post about that).

Start here:

Video: https://rumble.com/v24xmw6-c19-vaccine-bioweapon-genocide.html

There is definitely a man-made Climate Crisis, but it has nothing to do with so-called greenhouse gases, and everything to do with satellites, balloons and ground stations causing artificial drought by dissolving clouds with EMFs, and of course, other geoengineering techs such as chem-trails:



Best scientific sources to debunk carbon climate action:


Killing me softly with green songs:


Carbon reparations:


Climate deaths:


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A tool is a tool is a tool. Nothing special about it. It’s the mind of those who manage the tools that is mad. Programmers embed multitude of data collecting options not because they are needed, but because they can. Adding a line of code costs 0.5 s and earns a real cash in salary. Who cares about the actual use? Splitting a simple set of options across several screens (“tabs”) will produce even more cash. Why can’t you put all page layout options on one screen? Because it will look so easy. It will also bring huge time saving for users - a bad idea. Same goes for font options or paragraph options. And all other options. The more clumsy you make the interface, the more complicated your job will look like. You win.

Data is needed for analysts. Who don’t really know what to do with it and what it means. But the processing looks so complex, secured with unintelligible statistical terms and charts. Done properly, the analysis will be a starting point for commentaries, publications, reports, international summits, and more software written to handle all this. Money will follow. You win.

More data means more problems. You need higher computational capacity, larger disks, storage solutions, special a/c rooms, data submission cells, special power supply systems, anti-theft devices, security personnel, supervisors of the security personnel, inspectors of the supervisors, officers to whom supervisors will report, managers of those officers to ensure command chain integrity, departments for those managers, and more. Add a few million lawyers to write and enforce legislation, special police units to oversee related crimes, and a lot of paper sheets produced in the process on a lot of copiers in a lot of offices with a lot of power-consuming devices. Money will follow. You win.

More complexity means less transparency. Here comes the media coverage. Printed papers and magazines, and a lot of new stuff: podcasts, clips, commentaries, image processors, chart processors, text processors, news aggregators, censors, reporters, and occasionally a few real journalists. The web is a huge playground for everybody to win. From dumb repeaters to brilliant observers. Money will follow. You win.

At the end of the day you end up with trillion TB of useless junk which nobody really knows what to do with. It’s all useless, anyway. Human behavior is 100% the same today as it was 200 years go. We don’t need any analysis. We only need gossips, quarrels, fights, enemies, perceived enemies, fear, hatred, envy, rat race, competitive edges, slander, vaporware, lies, fake stories, fictional reports, made-up information, destruction, fraud, extortion… This is what really drives humanity, the same as it always was the case. We have managed to solve millions of technical problems - but we have not done anything real to change our drama-loving mindset.

Ah, and we need a lot of falsified, broken or incomplete data to analyze - to multiply all these problems in perpetuity. The programmer will take care of it. The code will be so complex that nobody will find out. Forget energy saving or optimization of power consumption. Buy a disposable electric vehicle which you won’t be able to sell, trade, or buy insurance coverage for. But it will have 20 airbags, 50 cameras working 24/7 and transmitting completely useless footage to huge data centers, and a lot of programming to enable opening the door without handles. Sounds familiar?

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Not me!

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These days we're at the end of 1984. Orwell wrote that about his time as British intelligence in Asia and the horrors he saw.

I don't know what path we are on now, but it's definitely not Brave New World, because in that story pharma actually cured diseases and made people happy.

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There aren't enough Watchers to watch the Watched.

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Interesting... That the gender movement is run by the sexless, the loveless and the undesirable...

Frankly, I cringe now when I hear the word sex. Not a good aphrodisiac... Maybe we should rename it in newspeak before THEY do....

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The age of darkness is upon us. This is revelation times. The last 3-1/2 years will be brutal with mass famine and slavery of mankind. Now is the time to start praying

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A good old piece of tape over one's camera lens goes a long way. That's what Mark Zuckerberg does and he knows what he's talking about.


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It's like everything else in life.

Be disciplined.

There is lots of info on keeping your surveillance to a minimum.

I'm not the expert but they are easy to find.

My friend is an expert who I listen to.

I'm 67 and he's 43 and now teaching us about blockchain phones which I'll be looking at.

Human creativity works for both sides.

There are many technologies already here and in the works to help our FREEDOM in the future.

Mike Adams has Decentralised.tv with 27 episodes and counting which is covering amazing new coming technologies.

TPTB are FUCKING idiots.

We are going to hang their asses!!!

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{"Same Op, Same Op"}


~ Dr. Joseph Sansone'


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