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Great article.

I've always despised the mendacious Dan Rather, Mark.

Thanks for justifying my animosity.

Terrific, comprehensive article. One of your best.

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Rather’s so hate-able even in that clip. Fake concern.

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That people capitulated on the JFK assassination --> RFK assassination --> MLK assassination --> 9/11 False Flag attack --> "7 countries in 5 yrs wars" --> 2008 financial meltdown Bankster special --> Global Plandemic --> inflation massive wealth transfer --> Ukraine/Russia war --> WW3?

Will people ever learn if we don't dig our heels into the ground and fight back this is just going to get worse and worse and worse.

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Everytime I see one of those smiling, glad handing snakes at a local farmers market or county fair I cringe and run away. And for the most part, people just fawning over them. Once elected, you don't see them anymore until the next election, but only if they have any real competition. Same act, same fawning.

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"Meme Pathogens" is what I call the poison programs The Parasite has installed into the subconscious of our people, via "entertainment", "news" and "education. These Meme Pathogens block most people from facing the blatant pattern you note: "JFK assassination --> RFK assassination --> MLK assassination --> 9/11 False Flag attack --> "7 countries in 5 yrs wars" --> 2008 financial meltdown Bankster special --> Global Plandemic --> inflation massive wealth transfer --> Ukraine/Russia war --> WW3?". We likely both know who was behind those events, and have both experienced how hard it is to get our brothers and sisters to even consider facing who that was...

Our brothers and sisters can't face the truth because they've been psychologically inoculated against facing the truth.

So how do we fight back?

We need to deal with the fact that our brothers and sisters minds have been poisoned.

Poisoned with Meme Pathogens, installed by our victimizers via programming our people's subconscious via "entertainment", "news", "education", etc.

The best strategy I've yet seen to overcome this is to provide the Meme Curatives for the Meme Pathogens, helping our poisoned brothers and sisters Go Free of this toxic programming.

I see signs that this method works, e.g. recently the terms "antiwhite" and "antiwhitism" are spreading, and with them, awareness of the fact that our people are targets for victimization by antiwhites. Our people can face the fact that they are being targeted for being white, and that those targeting them do so because they are antiwhite.

This routes around the Meme Pathogens that get triggered when we name the particular group(s) that antiwhites might happen to belong to.

We don't fall into the trap of focusing on the immutable characteristics (ethnic, religious, etc.) of those victimizing us, we focus on their choice to be antiwhite.

We don't play the villain in the story our victimizers tell.

We write our story, where we are the heroes!

Once people see antiwhiteism, and have a name for it, they don't un-see it.

The book "Go Free" by Jason Kohne is a how-to manual for getting free of the toxic programming and releasing one's (suppressed) potential as a member of Westernkind. Rather than focusing on the failed strategy of naming our victimizers, this approach takes the morally high path supporting the well-being of Our People.


"Well being for all. Even white people."

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This is way too much swamp for one man to drain and am pleased others, like yourself, are stepping forward to assist. Babes born a couple decades ago have got no idea how corrupt our government is or for how long. Thank you for confirming we need to bust down all of the 3-letter agencies and start from scratch. Subscribed.

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How? It would take a violent revolution and who knows where that would go and many lives lost. But our republic long gone

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The government has to be dismantled and rebuilt. You know, i think the government creates and gets involved in foreign wars, because they don't want to face Americans here. This is our home...😔...and they are ruining the American spirit and dream! Whatever it takes...

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transparency. if not by the media (duh) here on substack and other platforms. even though we don't hear about it in the mainstream media the populist movement (of which Trump is a proponent) is gaining strength worlde-wide, as with the Truckers' Convoys, the French gilet jaunes, the Dutch farmers' protests, even the independent reseachers working on exposing the C19 vaxx and so on.

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Trump is such a populist he told everyone to go out and get a poisonous shot.

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I like Trump, but it is concerning.

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It's not concerning, it's wholly disqualifying.

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Okay, then you go ahead and vote for Hillary in 2024. 🤷‍♀️

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Perhaps it actually needs to go, so new honest ones can start over. It's been that way in all human history. I predict 3 or 4 new nations in N. America by 2120. Why cry over spilt spoilt milk.

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Dan "what's the frequency Kenneth" Rather was imo handpicked by the MSM at the time to play the role he's played ever since. Toiling in obscurity as a reporter in Dallas, he "made his bones" with his blatant lies and was soon hired by Walter Cronkite and the CBS gang and brought to NYC. Every year for years he rolled out a CBS Special Report reinforcing the lie that Oswald did it etc. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He is a POS and I hope will meet his just punishment some day.

I would like to add that along with Bush/Cheney stealing their elections, we can of course go back to Bill Clinton, and forward to Obama, especially the 2012 election. And probably God knows how far back, really.

I'd like to also add that the late great Mae Brussell is imo one of the greatest researchers of our time, she got her start reading the analyzing the entire Warren Report and eventually did a weekly broadcast for many years from a Pacific Grove California Pacifica radio station, she can be found online. She exposed the Bush family and Kissinger and the murder of Princess Grace and so many other crimes which took place in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, all before the internet, using primary sources, books, newspapers, magazines, and confidential sources as well. The hair on the back of my neck used to stand up the things she revealed back then were pretty scary. Her followers were called Brussell Sprouts. She knew Garrison and the others as well.

Hard to believe we're coming up the the 59th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. I was 4 1/2 and I will never ever forget it.

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a considerable portion of brussell's research is archived here https://archive.org/details/the-compleat-mae-brussell

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Thanks...I just checked this link out. I was a college student living in Santa Cruz in the early 70’s. I had never heard of her! (But back then I didn’t listen to the radio much...didn’t have a car, rode my bike or took the bus.)

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I was living in Santa Cruz 1981-85 and then again 1992-94

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I was at DLI in Monterey learning Romanian for 9 months in 1969. I went back to DLI for reserve duty several times in the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately, I never heard of Mae Brussel.

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isn't the DLI run by the CIA? it's a shame you never heard of her it could have red pilled you a lot!

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Love Mae! She was braver than shit. Sorry, couldn’t think of a better word. I admire her courage, tenacity, and above all, her research.

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one of my heroes for sure!!

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The Warren Report has no table of contents, or index, so if you want to find something, you pretty much have to read the whole thing.

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If it's on Kindle, you can do a word search. That's what I do with RFK Jr.'s book on Fauci.

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The media, like tech, is awash in Intelligence agents and former spooks

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paperclipped Germans and their handlers (OSS etc).

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The Media IS the virus.

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On our side many people are convinced that Fauci/Baric or whomever else did created a semi-synthetic killer virus with a purpose of weaponizing HIV for them military, and have the technology to "create" any killer virus they want, and other powers (like China) have access to such technology. In many ways, this weapon of war is worse than nuclear armament. (Why does anyone have nuclear weapons anyway? Isn't that a potential killer of the whole industry of War? Why would they want that?)

A growing minority on our "health freedom" side says that they don't have the technology to create killer viruses. The vaccine was the bioweapon to cull the population, the greatest crime in all History. The real conspiracy was to brain-wash everyone into believing a vaccine was necessary for a disease that was just the flu, caused by a non-existing pathogen.

If the second version is true, then the mass murder technology was "propagandan" to persuade people to accept a poison directly into their bodies and the bodies of their children, a different tactic than pushing people in a gas chamber or fumigating or polluting the air, or a (literal) poisoning of the well. Like all other mass murders by the State, there can be no killing without violence and threats of violence, and there can be no violence or threat of violence without a very big lie.

The victims are real. The weapon is real. The murderers are real, and spent many years fabricating the oportunity. Will investigating the "wrong thing" help the murderres get away with it? Which brings me to the elections issue. Representatives must lead the investigation. But looking at the record of "representatives of the people leading investigations of big crimes) it does not seem to me like the enemies of the people are going to get caught. Popular research of crimes must continue. Senators and House Representatives must be pressured. There are many temptations for them to comply with "normalcy," which is the Big Lie.

Do not have high hopes in politicians becoming saviors or truth-tellers. Any person holding power from a public office must be forced to do the right thing. A person who begs if not forcing anything on anyone. Don't beg, force them.

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On our side, very few people have bench experience doing virology. Few have the basic microbiology to understand why the Baileys, Cowan, Kaufmann etc are frauds and disinfo operatives.

There was a time when legal scholars understood the Federal Government to have thirty constitutional powers -- no more.

None of those powers include funding science, creating bioweapons, or sending billions to dark projects overseas.

If the citizens of the 50 states would only, exclusively vote for senators, congressmen and presidents who understood and adhered to the 30 constitutional powers, none of this mess would have happened.

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“If the citizens of the 50 states would only, exclusively vote for . . . . “

We try. We try.

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We try, and in three days, we will. God willing.

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Not a single Republican candidate is a constitutionalist by the letter of the law.

They might blow some smoke up your ass by mentioning the constitution, but do they advocate ending any unconstitutional department? Any single one?

Not one of them campaigns on the the thirty enumerated powers or the 10th amendment.

Not one of them is out there explaining what has to happen to make Washington DC Lawful again.

All they do is drive you to destruction while going the speed limit whereas democrats openly celebrate the genocide of white european nations and civilization itself.

Work at the state level to support NULLIFICATION and SECESSION.

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Do you like bongos? Here is a bongo inspired song. Featuring no bongos. The artist is an old anti-globalist from non-soap Left. From the late 90s. He probably caved in to eco-Fascism, like most anti-globalists of that generation have. I hope you like it.

With respect to your accusation of those individuals being disinfo operatives, I want to say that you don't seem to have the bench experience in Politics to understand why they are not diinfo operatives. It's a completely different game than that.

How to manipulate people when people don't want to get manipulated? An example. Cigarettes do not cause lung cancer (many things cause lung cancer, b/c the lungs are constantly exposed to the exterior world, where there is a lot of bad stuff everywhere.) Cigarettes cause many problems, but none of them are as scary as the big bogeyman of cancer, because cancer has been made to be the worst thing that can happen to a person, and only their own fault, setting up people mentally to be extremely fragile and have worse diseases over their lifetime. So people who cannot be persuaded with fears of aging, loss of sex-drive, CVD, or eternal damnation in hell (there was a time where some priests where trying to convince people that cigarette smoking was a sin, not only a unhealthy habit,) can get scared enough out of smoking with the manipulation of "CANCER." Not a good idea, in my opinion.

What happens when you lie to do good things? Often the outcome of that tactic is even more problems everywhere! It is one manifestation of the curse of good intentions, sometimes called the law of unintended consequences (unintended by whom? The do-gooders. Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity comes to mind.)

Back to virology and disinfo. It seems we are facing a risk of societal collapse. Possible problems are many wars, some small, some big, mass killings, theft and plunder, disease, famine, conquest and persistent damage to the environment, said by the fifth horse of the Apocalypse, which was green outside and red inside. The ultimate origin of the societal collapse risk can be traced back to the creation of the FED, but the proximate risk is the fake epidemic of COVID. People can be coerced to do very harmful things to themselves and to their nation with lies coming from people suffering from the curse of good intentions.

But other people say: there is no need to lie about the economic collapse in order to prevent the societal collapse. People just need to go back to rational living. Down to earth. Simplicity. Stop living dominated by the utterly mad finance world. This is the true conservative position. Therefore, we have to kill the lies (virology) that prevent people from living a meaningful life.

I wonder if the virus deniers are suffering also from the curse of good intentions. But understand that if viruses exists and they are mostly harmless, then the thugs in charge can keep exploiting that bogeyman, and keep manipulating people with an unrealistic fear, destroying all the Good Laws. Not a conservative outcome. If the mad scientists servants of the Thug class have found ways to make viruses more of a problem than they really are –all drug research involves weakening the body's natural defense against bad stuff, thus making the whole system unstable as a (unintended?) consequence,– then we have to accept the reality that there will be a restoration of the lost equilibrium after we pay a great penalty prize in disease an lives for it. In a sense, we have been paying the price of disrupting the equilibrium for many decades, and the current events seem to be the climax of this error. Accepting reality is also a conservative position.

The reality of the restoration of equilibrium implies that synthetic things will stop if left alone, like a car stops moving if it runs out of fuel. But there is a new bogeyman in town: there is no natural restoration of equilibrium and synthetic bioweapons that contaminate everything will last forever. There is no evidence for this, but it can be used to manipulate people to keep up this evil system we are all suffering.

Why do people keep injecting weird stuff that harms them and everyone else? Because they are self-coercing themselves as a result of being victims of mind-control.

How do we dispel the mind-control? By telling the truth. Viruses do not exist. Get over it.

That is the tactic of the virus deniers. It can help a lot of people to find the courage to face many problems, like the tactic of saying that cigarette smoking *will* cause lung cancer have helped many to find the courage necessary to live a better life, including the health aspect. But at what price? Certainly, no price seems to high to avoid societal collapse, right?

Will this tactic work better than the tactic of the other side, which consists of having millions of people paralyzed by fear of "imminent death by Chinese viruses (created by Fauci) floating everywhere and only a nostrum like ivermectin can save them but the evil Government (run by commies) has forbidden the use of the cure, omg what are we going to do, someone save me I'm helpless"? So far, this second tactic has not bear good fruit. Maybe because it is based on lies. Who knows.

What is easier: to create an effective bioweapon (SARS-CoV-2 is NOT effective, look at the numbers) or to create an avalanche of mind-controlled people? The avalanche.

Which one is easier to control? The avalanche.

What is a Government hack like Fauci best at: the development of effective bioweapons or mind-controlling people? The latter.

Politicians are manipulators, and can only destroy. Non-politicians must take control of their lives, or they will remain slaves. I think the deniers, even if they are wrong, are sincerely trying to go directly to the solution phase of the problem that has been created for us, and the virus "affirmers" are sincerely stuck in the helplessness phase of the problem. Conservatives are more likely to survive any man-made disaster, and THE DENIERS ARE MORE CONSERVATIVE, and I say that with the intention of offending everyone on the health freedom movement, and even the poeple outside but adjacent to it, who still deny the obvious war we are in, because they like playing politics.

No one is going to survive this by continuing the bargaining with the Executioner.

All salute Ivan Illich, King of Conservatives and Duke of Slow.

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I like the idea that virus denial is a positive move, even if viruses do exist, simply because more harm is done in the name of “fighting viruses” than ever could be caused by a virus if it did exist.

I also agree that it’s far easier to fake a virus than to actually make one, especially for those who would benefit from a virus scare.

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Yes, the lab-origin theory is a clever trap. Why pursue “leads” buried in research articles and patent applications it when all the evidence you need of human rights violations by our elected and unelected officials from lockdowns to corced medication is staring you in the face?

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There was a distinct pathogen, most likely created synthetically by playing with other viruses. People got sick from it and there does seem to be something that lingers for some people (See Igor's latest post on this). The no pathogen meme was CIA, designed to discredit truth-tellers. The MRNA Treatment was a bioweapon antidote, or intended to be. It failed miserably, or was never intended to work.

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Okay, abolish de CIA too.

But I will remain convinced, for a while, that the whole pathological microbiology enterprise was refurbished many decades ago as a means of mind control, highly effective. I'm still in the honeymoon period with this belief, and I still like to play around with it. But I wouldn't hate to revert back to my lifelong belief in contagious disease. When my handlers give me the order, I will obey and get my treat, like everyone else seems to be doing.

SARS-CoV2-2, and SARS-CoV-1 from November of 2002, never existed as a chemical compound and were always a false idea planted in our minds by professionals. And we all love to be manipulated by pros.

I mean, being manipulated by amateurs feels gross. When I get brainwashed, I like an expert to do the brainwashing, with a well developed criminal plan of a long reach and deep consequences, involving many millions being stolen from the public and many bodies dropping dead. If it is just a weekend project, I'm not interested.

That's if I'm allowed to choose. Am I allowed to choose?

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIb6AZdTr-A

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Yeah, just like when my team is loses in the World Series, at least it’s been beaten by the best and not by a fluke team. Congrats Astros!

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They blew it. The "vaccines" are such a failure that I don't think there can be a second act.

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Yes it does seem they did “go for broke” on this one. The resistance to vaccines of all sorts is stronger, more informed, and better connected than ever now, I would imagine.

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Comment removed
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The people for medical freedom, our side, believe the following:

- The so called "pandemic response" was either an unjustifiable over-reaction based on misinformation about the real danger, or part of a power-grab plan designed at least as soon as the '08 crisis or even before.

- The doctor-patient relationship is sacred and must be protected at all costs.

- There should be no law preventing in any way the normal "capitalist acts between consenting adults" such as selling/buying/prescribing drugs like HCQ or Ivermectin (or even BHT for herpes and shingles). Therefore, medical licensing and the boards that terrorize and persecute Western Allopathic MDs should be restricted to actual crimes (theft, sexual abuse, murder) and forfeit any other measure of control about what therapy can be prescribed and what actual medical research can a doctor perform (field case report based on direct observation are far more relevant (even when biased and wrong) than a meta-analysis of several randomized control trials that are designed to fail by bastards with an agenda who are posing as Doctors, corrupting all data.) Caveat Emptor should be the rule.

- Patients ought no to go abroad for so called alternative cancer therapies, and doctor providing alternative therapies should not be raided or harassed in any way if there are no evidences of harm or specific claims by patients or whistleblowers.

- The insurance industry is evil and corrupt and must be reined in, because they are killing people by neglect, at least.

- Most screening procedures give false positive results ("never ask a barber if you need a haircut") and many epidemiological data is corrupt, and the policy decisions of of public health institutions are utterly wrong and misleading, thus exposing everyone to a greater risk of iatrogenic disease, which is never taken into account.

- Many people were killed in hospitals all over the countries under the sphere of influence of the US, in order to create mass psychosis. The people responsible for this are at large, getting a windfall for their relatives doing masks business and tests business, and getting reelected for public office. These people should die in prison serving several life sentences.

- Censorship maims and kills people, and big tech companies like facebook and amazon should pay a big penalty for their necessary collaboration with the mass murder ongoing event caused by the pseudo-vaccine.

- The Sun is a great disinfectant.

- Fluoridation is evil and must be rooted out.

- Eugenics is evil and must be rooted out.

- Corporate media is evil and must be destroyed. Abolish the FCC, who keeps them alive.

- Wikipedia is evil and must be punished.

- Schools and universities brainwash people and turn them against their families, and cause permanent mental illness in some individuals. The US Department of Education must be abolished, and education must be controlled by the community.

- The Federal Reserve system is utterly evil and has created all the problems we endure. End the Fed!

- Internet must remain free, abolish the Patriot Act and the DMCA.

- End all patents in drugs, because it is a system that creates perverse incentives to prevent new drugs and to keep alive bad drugs, whose flaws are routinely hidden from the public.

- End the NIH, the NIAID and the CDC, because politics should not control scientific research in any way.

- Stop spying on people.

- Pass Constitutional amendments everywhere that ban monstrosities such as the Gesundheit pass and any variant of it, and all forms of coercion and pressure for testing or medicating any condition.

- Open all the records, even the redacted contracts with the evil and inhumane pharmaceutical companies. The public needs all the names, the dates and the quantities of money.

- Any future epidemic must be dealt with following humanitarian and ethical public health principles, and avoid all improvisations by hucksters like Fuaci, Birx and Redfield, to name a few (every Western country has its own clowns to deal with.)

- Publicly admit that weapon research has included bioweapons meant to disable military personnel and civilians, and its associated antidotes, such as chlorine dioxide, vitamin C and activated carbon, to name a few. Stop misinforming the public about such research and stop hindering distributed epidemic preparedness.

- Computers modelling of pathogens is a vector for regime change operations. Ban in silico genome sequencing. Force scientists to do the sequencing the hard way, in order to reduce the possibility of fraud. Computer generated fake viruses are a systemic risk for any country, worse than a realistic nuclear threat, as we can see.

- Ban all PCR based diagnosis. No diagnoses are allowed without proper anamnesis (direct examination of the person and medical history of the individual being diagnosed.) We cannot cut corners on diagnosis of contagious disease.

- Most people know now that "global warming" and "climate change" are, at least, cover up stories to distract from the effects of bioweapon research (Lyme disease comes to mind) and pollution. Stop lying about the damage done and pay up the victims according to specific claims and general claims.

- Vaccine victims must be compensated with assets from pharmaceutical companies and their Executives. We must make an example of them.

- We all must study logic and rhetoric, and these subjects should be a requirement for any licensing in any public health position, they are as important as statistics.

I think most people on this side will agree with most of those points, that I have stated as specifically as I can. I think little more can be added.

On a personal aesthetic note: I regard Peter Duesberg as a hero, Peter Breggin as a hero, Peter McCullough as a Hero, Paul Marik as a hero, and Robert Whitaker as a hero, and everyone should learn from their courage, their endurance of persecution, their successes and their errors. Heroes are simply humans who try very hard to search the truth and to act consistently with it, and are punished for doing that because many people loathe virtue.

We have been fooled, people have died and economic destruction is everywhere, which kills even more people than midazolam and fentanyl. The price of the panic. We have to destroy the system or the system will destroy us.

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The system *is* in the process of being destroyed every day. No one should expect one big major takedown. It doesn’t work like that.

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I think the biggest tent for 'our side' is those opposing the medical tyranny. The plandemic 'measures'.

The biggest schism occurs because the cabal of Gain of Function tinkerers, including Daszak and Baric, Nathan Wolfe, and the rest of the epsteinized network -- are running a 'no virus' diversion.

The plandemic scam is run on the backend by Albert Bourla, Leif Johansson, Stephane Bancel, Alexander Gincburg providing the fake 'cure'.

What do these people have in common?

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Love the Epstein reference. I didn't get the client list, did you?

All these bastards are part of a big plan. It is impossible to explain all this with greed alone.

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There were some flight logs released but i don't think i grabbed em, they were never claimed to be exhaustive.

Some fun stuff about the GoF network



and oh look, a penny! Baric and Daszak are both 'ukranian'.

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Those links are very juicy, thanks.

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Here’s the link to JFK to 9/11 - Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. This documentary has been a central focus of my red pill development. And for many others as well. The JFK murder is examined in great detail. I don’t think anyone can say if it’s 100% accurate but it rips the official narrative to shreds. If you’ve never seen it, take the 3.5 hours to dive deep. You won’t regret it. https://youtu.be/9Wf3O93I4lI

I’ve befriended Francis Connolly the director and narrator and can pass along any message you may want to send him.

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It is a great film. Please tell him I said so.

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Will do Mark. And I’ll give him the link to your Substack as well.

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we're in Europe and this film brought everything very close to home. another deep dive is finding out who actually filmed the 'liberation' of the Nazi war camps (hint: Hollywood) -



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It’s been taken down. 😤 Got another way to view it?

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I'm almost 50 and I don't think I saw the Zapruder video of JFK's head flying backwards in such detail. Wow. They got away with it.

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The final shot came from a storm drain manned by two young men.

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The storm drain shooting is what is stated in Rich Man’s Trick although there are several other reports saying otherwise. Maybe one day the truth will all come out, but it’s quite apparent that it was a well planned conspiracy that changed America forever.

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Nov 6, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Thanks MCM great writing and research.

I sometimes wonder if any of those people way back, probably early '70s, who laughed in my face when I asked them to sign a petition to reopen the investigation into the assassination of JFK, ever remember their incredulous mocking laughter over my petition? Did they finally at some point in their lives GET IT?

Now in 2022, it's a weird sort of deja vu. As I did in fall of 2020 and 2021, I wrote a note to "friends" imploring them to forego any more injections/"boosters" re C19 and/or the newly weaponized "flu shot." As they did in 2020 and 2021, I've been accused of "spreading misinformation" and called a "conspiracy theorist."

Just like with that petition decades ago, they can laugh and call me whatever but I KNOW what's the truth here.It will come out, it's cracking...I hope at some point in their lives, before the clot shots kill or injure them, that they GET IT.

As for Mr Rather, yes - a tool.

My most despised is Tricky Dick; I can't even watch anything that has his face in it. Evil man. (I would fly into a rage every year on Jan 9, his bday and mine, "He doesn't deserve any fkg cake! Where's MY CAKE???")

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Most people were just too overwhelmed by the fear mongering to think critically and made the bizarre choice to opt for the clotshot. I tried to warn everyone I knew as I was afraid I would be watching them suffer as a result. Like you, my standard refrain was "It's not the virus you need to be worried about. It's the Vaxx." One of my best friends later told me he never felt normal after the first vaxx, but he went on to get two more injections. Died in June from aggressive renal cancer. Another very close friend, typical Bay Area liberal, admitted to me two weeks ago that I was right and "that he was a dumb son of a bitch." Multiple pulmonary emboli in his right lung and now short of breath without exertion. I have 17 other cases of people I personally know like that. But most can't admit or even entertain the idea that the clotshots did it.

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And “Jack Ruby” real name, Jacob Leon Rubinstein just happened to kill Oswald out of grief…

Then died of a “pulmonary embolism” before his new trial on appeal could be had…


Just SMACKS of Epstein bullshit.

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Wake up. WHY do you think they had a Jew kill Oswald? To make people (like you) think JFK's murder was pulled off by a Jewish/Communist conspiracy.

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I think the Mossad was involved, and they were even more involved in 9/11. Were they or are they calling the shots? I doubt it, because if so, then why would they allow Israel to be used as a human petri dish for mRNA depop shots?

Look, we need to name names, not religions or ethnicities.

This Great Reset is like a giant international RICO case with a multi century history that needs to be unraveled. And prosecuted.

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Mark, you don't think that there wasn't a zionist hand in JFK's murder? You don't think that his refusal to assist in Israel's acquisition of nuclear weapon technology, and his sympathies for the plights of the Palestinian people didn't play a role in his murder?

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JFK's support for the non-aligned countries/Indonesia - https://alethonews.com/2021/02/27/jfk-allen-dulles-and-indonesia/

and his refusal to support Israel's nuclear industry also played a role in the assassination - https://12bytes.org/articles/history/israel-jfk-and-the-bomb-the-rest-of-the-story-on-the-assassination-of-john-f-kennedy/

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Wait…is this sarcasm or not?

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One internet comment by reporter in police basement [?] that he saw no blood after Oswald was shot. blanks ?

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Great article- thanks

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With Veterans Day/Remembrance day approaching what pisses me off is all these people who put the poppy on their chest, virtue signalling "I remember the dead". No you are pissing on the graves of the dead, those who fought and died so you won't have Nazi jackboots on your neck. When it comes to really showing your true self, they cower like terrified little children, "I'm so scared, I might get the flu, I will do whatever you ask, come on over Hitler, we surrender, we give up, I don't want to get sick, I'll take your injection even if it kills me, whatever you tell us, I will obey".

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Except that was a lie too. Hitler wasn't going to invade the USA and 'take over the world'.

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Yup, an' no surprise JohnJohn's magazine was named George (another takeout, poor young feller).

From all I've gathered, Zapruder was edited in all versions--not just the 10 sec removed jump cut few noticed---in some accounts it wasn't just one from the front either---Jack's noggin' wuz a Pepper Jack cheese horrifically and literally shot up by FIVE riflemen from all angles except from the back--the limo had to literally STOP for them to finish the hit. Obscene stuff if ya ask me... if you go by some stories of the near-botched hit even the mob ace-shooters missed. In one version (there are so many--all incredible--all credible!), they even switched the bodies tryin' to mask the swiss cheese/peppered Jack--and had to kill a cop (with a similar face) to do it---long dark rabbit hole... Jackie on AF 1 wouldn't recognize what they tried to pass off as her husband and was very upset as Johnson was sworn in (to toasts). An obscenity... and sad...

Highly reck'a'mendin' viewin' -- From JFK to 911: Everything's a Rich Man's Trick


Not sure if we'll ever know the truth (only scrape at the outside of that carrot) but do appreciate seein' the bigger picture--the effect on VP status, election results (uppin' an already long-time scam--some say Poe was killed that'a way--pumped him up with lordy knows what and he died before they could drag'im off to make a vote in that semi-comatose state)

It's in deed a rich man's trick and most'a' We the People have no clue... the grassy knoll's betw. their durned ears and they don't wanna pull out the sod to hear the ugly...

PS are we dun' screwed fer this election?--NES (new to me but worse than 2000 Mules if all it takes is a button) seems awfully sinister... and powerful... Red Wave's gonna be a streak of ketchup on the tail-napkin our 'lections've become?

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Reminds me of what Rather said on 9/11, serving the patriotic propaganda of the moment: “Mr. President, tell me where to get in line.” Or something like that. Interestingly, when one goes to try to track the actual quote down (which was exceedingly easy to do just 5 yrs ago), it appears to have been scrubbed from the search results.

Rather is an exemplar of Project Mockingbird. Always has been. Looking at what he said here about Jan 6 is the perfect lens into the message the propagandists want you to hear.

Excellent analysis. Thank you Mark Crispin Miller.

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In late 2020 RFK did an interesting interview on Mike Tyson's podcast, https://youtu.be/9jzs7y_MIJs where RFK talks about some of the propaganda which I had always taken for granted, his grandfather Joe Kennedy being involved with the mob. Interesting that this angle could have also been a construct of the CIA all along. I haven't looked into it too deeply but it does put an interesting twist on the 1960 election and the assassination, long a topic of interest in my home growing up, that could be complete BS.

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Yes. Sam Halperin of the CIA came up with all that crap about Joe Sr.

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Check out all of RFKs books. My fave being TRAF

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Fascinating and entertaining - yes, your annotations were very fun. I do hope you have good security, professor truth-teller.

So many lies we grew up with. It's taken almost 60 years for me to understand what that 5 year old saw and was told is not the truth.

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