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Great article.

I've always despised the mendacious Dan Rather, Mark.

Thanks for justifying my animosity.

Terrific, comprehensive article. One of your best.

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That people capitulated on the JFK assassination --> RFK assassination --> MLK assassination --> 9/11 False Flag attack --> "7 countries in 5 yrs wars" --> 2008 financial meltdown Bankster special --> Global Plandemic --> inflation massive wealth transfer --> Ukraine/Russia war --> WW3?

Will people ever learn if we don't dig our heels into the ground and fight back this is just going to get worse and worse and worse.

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Nov 6, 2022Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

This is way too much swamp for one man to drain and am pleased others, like yourself, are stepping forward to assist. Babes born a couple decades ago have got no idea how corrupt our government is or for how long. Thank you for confirming we need to bust down all of the 3-letter agencies and start from scratch. Subscribed.

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Dan "what's the frequency Kenneth" Rather was imo handpicked by the MSM at the time to play the role he's played ever since. Toiling in obscurity as a reporter in Dallas, he "made his bones" with his blatant lies and was soon hired by Walter Cronkite and the CBS gang and brought to NYC. Every year for years he rolled out a CBS Special Report reinforcing the lie that Oswald did it etc. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He is a POS and I hope will meet his just punishment some day.

I would like to add that along with Bush/Cheney stealing their elections, we can of course go back to Bill Clinton, and forward to Obama, especially the 2012 election. And probably God knows how far back, really.

I'd like to also add that the late great Mae Brussell is imo one of the greatest researchers of our time, she got her start reading the analyzing the entire Warren Report and eventually did a weekly broadcast for many years from a Pacific Grove California Pacifica radio station, she can be found online. She exposed the Bush family and Kissinger and the murder of Princess Grace and so many other crimes which took place in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, all before the internet, using primary sources, books, newspapers, magazines, and confidential sources as well. The hair on the back of my neck used to stand up the things she revealed back then were pretty scary. Her followers were called Brussell Sprouts. She knew Garrison and the others as well.

Hard to believe we're coming up the the 59th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. I was 4 1/2 and I will never ever forget it.

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The Media IS the virus.

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On our side many people are convinced that Fauci/Baric or whomever else did created a semi-synthetic killer virus with a purpose of weaponizing HIV for them military, and have the technology to "create" any killer virus they want, and other powers (like China) have access to such technology. In many ways, this weapon of war is worse than nuclear armament. (Why does anyone have nuclear weapons anyway? Isn't that a potential killer of the whole industry of War? Why would they want that?)

A growing minority on our "health freedom" side says that they don't have the technology to create killer viruses. The vaccine was the bioweapon to cull the population, the greatest crime in all History. The real conspiracy was to brain-wash everyone into believing a vaccine was necessary for a disease that was just the flu, caused by a non-existing pathogen.

If the second version is true, then the mass murder technology was "propagandan" to persuade people to accept a poison directly into their bodies and the bodies of their children, a different tactic than pushing people in a gas chamber or fumigating or polluting the air, or a (literal) poisoning of the well. Like all other mass murders by the State, there can be no killing without violence and threats of violence, and there can be no violence or threat of violence without a very big lie.

The victims are real. The weapon is real. The murderers are real, and spent many years fabricating the oportunity. Will investigating the "wrong thing" help the murderres get away with it? Which brings me to the elections issue. Representatives must lead the investigation. But looking at the record of "representatives of the people leading investigations of big crimes) it does not seem to me like the enemies of the people are going to get caught. Popular research of crimes must continue. Senators and House Representatives must be pressured. There are many temptations for them to comply with "normalcy," which is the Big Lie.

Do not have high hopes in politicians becoming saviors or truth-tellers. Any person holding power from a public office must be forced to do the right thing. A person who begs if not forcing anything on anyone. Don't beg, force them.

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Here’s the link to JFK to 9/11 - Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. This documentary has been a central focus of my red pill development. And for many others as well. The JFK murder is examined in great detail. I don’t think anyone can say if it’s 100% accurate but it rips the official narrative to shreds. If you’ve never seen it, take the 3.5 hours to dive deep. You won’t regret it. https://youtu.be/9Wf3O93I4lI

I’ve befriended Francis Connolly the director and narrator and can pass along any message you may want to send him.

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I'm almost 50 and I don't think I saw the Zapruder video of JFK's head flying backwards in such detail. Wow. They got away with it.

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Thanks MCM great writing and research.

I sometimes wonder if any of those people way back, probably early '70s, who laughed in my face when I asked them to sign a petition to reopen the investigation into the assassination of JFK, ever remember their incredulous mocking laughter over my petition? Did they finally at some point in their lives GET IT?

Now in 2022, it's a weird sort of deja vu. As I did in fall of 2020 and 2021, I wrote a note to "friends" imploring them to forego any more injections/"boosters" re C19 and/or the newly weaponized "flu shot." As they did in 2020 and 2021, I've been accused of "spreading misinformation" and called a "conspiracy theorist."

Just like with that petition decades ago, they can laugh and call me whatever but I KNOW what's the truth here.It will come out, it's cracking...I hope at some point in their lives, before the clot shots kill or injure them, that they GET IT.

As for Mr Rather, yes - a tool.

My most despised is Tricky Dick; I can't even watch anything that has his face in it. Evil man. (I would fly into a rage every year on Jan 9, his bday and mine, "He doesn't deserve any fkg cake! Where's MY CAKE???")

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And “Jack Ruby” real name, Jacob Leon Rubinstein just happened to kill Oswald out of grief…

Then died of a “pulmonary embolism” before his new trial on appeal could be had…


Just SMACKS of Epstein bullshit.

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Great article- thanks

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With Veterans Day/Remembrance day approaching what pisses me off is all these people who put the poppy on their chest, virtue signalling "I remember the dead". No you are pissing on the graves of the dead, those who fought and died so you won't have Nazi jackboots on your neck. When it comes to really showing your true self, they cower like terrified little children, "I'm so scared, I might get the flu, I will do whatever you ask, come on over Hitler, we surrender, we give up, I don't want to get sick, I'll take your injection even if it kills me, whatever you tell us, I will obey".

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Yup, an' no surprise JohnJohn's magazine was named George (another takeout, poor young feller).

From all I've gathered, Zapruder was edited in all versions--not just the 10 sec removed jump cut few noticed---in some accounts it wasn't just one from the front either---Jack's noggin' wuz a Pepper Jack cheese horrifically and literally shot up by FIVE riflemen from all angles except from the back--the limo had to literally STOP for them to finish the hit. Obscene stuff if ya ask me... if you go by some stories of the near-botched hit even the mob ace-shooters missed. In one version (there are so many--all incredible--all credible!), they even switched the bodies tryin' to mask the swiss cheese/peppered Jack--and had to kill a cop (with a similar face) to do it---long dark rabbit hole... Jackie on AF 1 wouldn't recognize what they tried to pass off as her husband and was very upset as Johnson was sworn in (to toasts). An obscenity... and sad...

Highly reck'a'mendin' viewin' -- From JFK to 911: Everything's a Rich Man's Trick


Not sure if we'll ever know the truth (only scrape at the outside of that carrot) but do appreciate seein' the bigger picture--the effect on VP status, election results (uppin' an already long-time scam--some say Poe was killed that'a way--pumped him up with lordy knows what and he died before they could drag'im off to make a vote in that semi-comatose state)

It's in deed a rich man's trick and most'a' We the People have no clue... the grassy knoll's betw. their durned ears and they don't wanna pull out the sod to hear the ugly...

PS are we dun' screwed fer this election?--NES (new to me but worse than 2000 Mules if all it takes is a button) seems awfully sinister... and powerful... Red Wave's gonna be a streak of ketchup on the tail-napkin our 'lections've become?

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Reminds me of what Rather said on 9/11, serving the patriotic propaganda of the moment: “Mr. President, tell me where to get in line.” Or something like that. Interestingly, when one goes to try to track the actual quote down (which was exceedingly easy to do just 5 yrs ago), it appears to have been scrubbed from the search results.

Rather is an exemplar of Project Mockingbird. Always has been. Looking at what he said here about Jan 6 is the perfect lens into the message the propagandists want you to hear.

Excellent analysis. Thank you Mark Crispin Miller.

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In late 2020 RFK did an interesting interview on Mike Tyson's podcast, https://youtu.be/9jzs7y_MIJs where RFK talks about some of the propaganda which I had always taken for granted, his grandfather Joe Kennedy being involved with the mob. Interesting that this angle could have also been a construct of the CIA all along. I haven't looked into it too deeply but it does put an interesting twist on the 1960 election and the assassination, long a topic of interest in my home growing up, that could be complete BS.

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Fascinating and entertaining - yes, your annotations were very fun. I do hope you have good security, professor truth-teller.

So many lies we grew up with. It's taken almost 60 years for me to understand what that 5 year old saw and was told is not the truth.

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