What?! I LOVE BTO, and followed Robbie B. on FB until I quit FB a few years ago..... That's heartbreaking. 69 is too damn young. 🕯️

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Merely the latest in a long procession of those killed by unexplained reasons or 'covid' related damage or rare conditions - 'not related to the mRNA vaccine'. The new form of 'collateral damage'?

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I feel like I should point out, that this has always been a meme, already... Kieth Moon, John Bonham - every drummer, ever, from Spinal Tap, etc.... Though, obviously, the drugs that killed those guys weren't MANDATORY.

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And while we on the sidelines struggle to keep track and publicize suppressed deaths and injuries from the completely criminal mandates and lockdowns, against which the globalist elite have long ago 'immunized' themselves with bought Beltway thuggery and politicians, those same vermin are already planning the next Plandemic which may be even worse. The Gates Foundation thugs had done Event 201 in the fall of 2019, and just recently did a computer simulation of 'SEERS-25', scheduled to hit us in 2025-6? Tucker Carlson is being horsewhipped for broadcasting video clips exposing the January 6 'insurrection' as pure fraud, and Musk pressured to reveal names of journalists who gave him the inside dope on Twitter collusion with the WH on VAERS suppression, plus suppression of anything pro-Trump or anti-Senile-Joe such as Hunter's laptop, plus such connivances in suppressing 40,000 accounts falsely accused of being pro-Modi bots. Plus the reckless burning of deadly chemicals in East Palestine, OH, poisoning air/water/soil for who knows how long, the returning of citizens evacuated for a bare 48 hours to that poisoned environment without any safety testing, and the sociopathic refusal of GiganticButtHead Buttigieg to visit EP until embarrassed by Carlson on Fox. And Senile Joe PREFERRED to go to Kyiv where he gave his son's drug-snorting TV comedian puppet MORE BILLIONS, while no money for the suffering and poisoned citizens of EP, OH. Years ago, white sociopath in black skin Obama was forced by news reports of lead poisoning in Flint MI to go there - where he shocked the hopeful black residents by pretending to drink tap water (having refused a bottle), fooling no one, and then ordering a military training exercise in abandoned areas of Flint, terrifying the residents. Those were African-Americans. The residents of East Palestine are mostly white and Christian. But we know from the Pentagon bioweapon covid and the Pentagon designed mRNA vaccines (as revealed by RFK Jr., the BigPharma thugs were all military contractors) that in the depopulation/transhumanist plan at least, the 'elite' don't discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, nationality, class or profession. Only the key players including the bought politicians and medical authorities plus the 70% or so jabbed with saline - are excluded.

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The rhythm section grooves and are the most physically demanding parts in a band. It's like running marathons. No wonder these guys are dropping like soccer players.

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“Through the ear, we shall enter the invisibility of things.”

― Edmond Jabes

a little jazz funeral music to carry this unbearable weight for us

Just a Closer Walk With Thee


Line the Wordcaves

Line the wordcaves

with panther skins,

widen them, hide-to and hide-fro,

sense-hither and sense-thither,

give them courtyards, chambers, drop doors

and wildnesses, parietal,

and listen for their second

and each time second and second


Paul Celan

Translated by Pierre Joris


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I vibrations can be very destructive????

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All hands on deck!

The interview supercedes everything!

If humanity does act on these revelations,nothing else matters. Share in every possible way to every possible person.


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BREAKING - 1 hr. video - Pascal Najadi & Astrid Stueckelberger - THE HOUSE OF CARDS IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE - https://m.youtube.com/live/H_PJkBV4GiU?feature=share#dialog

Pascal Najadi, the Swiss Investment banker who filed a criminal complaint against Pfizer, against the Swiss President and Minister of Health, has submitted a new case in the USA that has been accepted by the Supreme Court in NY against Pfizer Inc. The case is based on Pfizer’s violation of US law for selling products for profit into the Swiss market in a way that violates the Swiss National Constitution. In his dedication to justice, Pascal Najadi who was injured by the Pfizer shot, has filed the lawsuit against Pfizer in the United States in a private case. Pfizer now faces litigation on multiple fronts in multiple countries. So far no MSM outlet has reported on this bombshell. Help us get the word out! https://m.youtube.com/live/H_PJkBV4GiU?feature=share#dialog

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