A riveting piece, Mark — it expresses so well what many of us feel and think about these charades. Just one that you pointed out: “Concern” for the deaf! Yeah, right. Wear masks so that no one can read lips.

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Illuminati tries for those who will do the most damage to souls... celebrities, politicians, educators.

Saint Michael the Archangel, protect us, especially the little children

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I can't recall ever watching the Academy Awards, you've got grit Mark to sit through this! Whatever others may think about him is their business--I always appreciated an interview I saw of Elvis Presley being asked his opinion on some current event. He said something similar to--I am an entertainer and I prefer to keep my opinions to myself.

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At one point, people in Hollywood like Matt Damon, George Clooney and Susan Sarandon used to make sense, especially opposing the invasion of Iraq. Informative Documentaries were nominated at the Academy Awards and people seemed to at least know what was going on. Not anymore, even the likes of Bono and Sean Penn, who used to be reasonable have lost it and gone full Authoritarian, falling for false media narratives.

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On the topic of the increasingly unliveable realm of celebland, here's a glimpse into the horrendously toxic wasteland of the new cyber highway:


It's like McCarthy on steroids.

Now look at this:


Isn't it deeply ironic for the WSWS when they state:

“As we have explained repeatedly, in the upside-down world of #MeToo, allegations of abuse are to be accepted uncritically, regardless of evidence to the contrary or even the reality that the only “facts” provided are from the accuser. In this witch-hunting atmosphere, unsubstantiated and salacious descriptions of sexual abuse or physical battery have been picked up by the celebrity gossip press and hysterical middle-class types and used to throw basic democratic rights, such as those protected by the Fourth and Sixth Amendments, out the window.”

Let’s rephrase that:

"As we have tried to cover up repeatedly, in the upside-down world of COVID, allegations of a deadly virus are to be accepted uncritically, regardless of evidence to the contrary or even the reality that the only “facts” provided are from an unquestioned but deeply questionable crew of paid up pseudo-scientific stooges. In this witch-hunting atmosphere, unsubstantiated and fear-mongering descriptions of “surges” and “tsunamis” of corpses have been picked up by the monolithic media machine and hysterical middle-class types and used to throw basic democratic rights out the window.”

But whilst I was reading over the MeToo persecution of Johnny Depp, I read up on Amber Heard's borderline psychotic outbursts. Of course, with a court case, both sides are trying to present the other as evil, demented etc. But I noted that Depp in court sounded infinitely weary and I feel that Heard's reported outbursts are probably increasingly the norm in a celeb world that has become increasingly insufferable with the bickering viciousness of attacks all round from stooge attack dogs like Taylor Lorenz.

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It seems like the tribalistic mind of humans makes them forget where they came from.

My favorite are the "f the system" punk and rock bands that rolled up their sleeves like cowards.


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Thank you, Hollywood. You showed us that we don't have to be religious to be narrow minded, preachy hypocrites.

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Wow! How many cups of coffee this morning? My guess is at least 6.. you used the energy well..

Thank you for essentially nailing it..

The decay of the entertainment industry and most of its offerings.. which teeter on the brink of the debouched continues to offer little to nurture a healthy civilization

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The hypocrisy of Hollywood and the academy awards is astounding. The amount of violent imagery they put out in the world bothers me. I don't care for extremely scantily clad women at the academy awards either. I think/ hope they've lost their sheen.

Movies can illuminate and inspire, but I find there's few of those type of movies anymore.

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Apr 26, 2022·edited Apr 26, 2022

"The global miseries of lockdown made no visible impression on “iconic” star-and-activist Jane Fonda, who, in October of 2020, grinningly called COVID-19 “God’s gift to the left.” "

Poor Jane has it quite backwards since, given the abject failure of most left tendencies regarding truth telling around COVID and their indifference to the fate of the working class in its wake, the default tendency will be to drive many further to the right NOT the left. But such subtleties do not likely concern her very much.

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Thanks Mark for such brilliant and accurate analysis. It's very depressing - but thank goodness there are exceptions who have a public voice. Much needed and appreciated

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Thank you for helping us understand this. You might be the only person *in the world* to voice such thoughts.

It seems like the Academy Awards have gone from a celebration of art to a public relations event, a three hour attempt to project a face of virtue in the presence of the ever-declining quality of their work. If this sounds like hackneyed negativity to someone they should consider all the strictures that are increasingly put on the studios to prevent them from producing inspiring products. A sign of this is the yearly "Black List" where the studio execs are surveyed about screenplays they've read and liked but aren't going to film. Perhaps they all respond as an outlet to plead with humanity that they aren't just tasteless cynics. Some of these screenplays look like movies I might actually want to see should they be made, or at least applaud the imagination of the writers.


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On the bright side Mark, look at all the great material liberals are providing for the Babylon Bee and Mark Dick e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrB5k9DO-aY&t=9s

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Excellent piece, appreciate the exquisite sarcasm employed.

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Easy to see why it's the weeks later, probably took that long to write. 😇

Something that long must be very well written to hold interest and it did. Glad you didn't sit on it


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Man. That's exceptionally good.

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