these kids are blind, deaf and now also muted. what do kids learn in school? to blindly obey orders.

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think it's time to start Miller University. The refugees from the Nazis did it with the New School for Social Research in the 30s - too bad that the New School is also requiring the death shots now

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First and foremost, you have got to know some entity is either giving them money or threatening them with defunding..... end of story.

There are a lot of the indoctrinated college students, but no one need ask how the German people allowed Hitlerr to come to power anymore.... at least we have that answer, eh?

Billions were supposed to have died from CoV2, which did not happen, and the jab was only meant to be clean up. They had to quickly play around with the contents of the jab to make sure not too many died at once. There simply were not supposed to have been so many left alive asking questions.

Nevertheless. "they" will move forward with their plans even as their plans are failing, at least until we stop them.

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The entire graduating class of Stanford medical school is both vaccinated and wore masks during their outside class photographs.

They get away with mandates because the faculty and the students are sheep.

Whatever happened to the 60s?

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Probably unrelated



A friends 32 year old son died a few weeks ago and a city librarian and 47 year old mother of 3 just a few weeks before that. And on and on../

Unfortunately I’m still here in Berkeley. In addition to UC mandates about half the main institutions for music and recreation remain closed to unvaccinated residents. It’s not uncommon to see people masked up solo outside and in their cars…

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Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 27, 2022

How to kill a University; (did I miss anything?) 2nd update!

Lesson 0 (take gov grants, sell off med/sci/engineering depts)

Lesson 1 (hire more admin than teachers)

Lesson 2 (student quotas)

Lesson 3 (more wokeness, good profs leave)

Lesson 4 (mandate jabs to kill the students and staff)

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As a UC PhD grad, I'm outraged & saddened by cowardly betrayal of UC radical free speech tradition. And for what?

Lousy "vaccine"? Just abominable.

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"those student editors (a different breed from those who flourished in the days of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement) decided not to run." I live in Berkeley. It's just an embarassment to me now.

I have looked at various rundowns of the bargaining demands happening now in the UC Strike (UAW and various sub units) and there is no mention of any objection to anything related to medical mandates. So they have a list of demands but the elephant in the campus is not on it.

From List of bargaining demands : "sustainable transit demands", "parent worker rights" -....Primary caregivers, many of whom identify as women..... (DUH!)


So get out there on those picket lines with your demands for better wages and whatever else woke crap you think you need and then get in line for your Booster of Death.

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I’m so embarrassed and disappointed in the UC system of which I graduated in 1980. Was on a sports team and refuse to participate in any reunions. Probably couldn’t go anyway unjabbed . I guess I need psych meds now ... what A*Holes

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My guess is is that Big Pharma is paying these colleges to push their murderous agenda. How despicable....and yes, they are blind, deaf and muted just like Ingrid below says but mostly, I think they are also brainwashed and soon they will be dead.

In my area, on Facebook in the last week, 4 of my FB friends have lost their babies. 4 innocent babies! One was 5 months old. the others were full term stillborns. Absolutely heartbreaking~

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I'm pondering suing my UCSC alumni association. It would be good to expand this letter to include alumni as well. I moved to Santa Cruz as many alumni do, to be part of an academic community. I paid for a lifetime membership as soon as I got here. I made a home right near campus, but cannot attend any events. The chair of my former department informed me that I am selfish, racist and sexist. Funny, that a spooky Brit without a degree in the field of the department he leads is also running a new global community health program.

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Seeing mass murder makes me cry , makes me very ugly to be around.

Knowing that people who should speak out but don't... Sickening.

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I hear you. I don't go out much. I just can't handle it, how they are.

Go to store 3 blocks away and I see multiple driving alone masked up fools.

In the small grocery store, woman makes a point of pulling her mask up tight when she sees me maskless.

Peace sign is the antithesis of vaxxed. Bring a barf bag when you visit Berkeley.

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Most of these institutions are in bed with Government and now Pharma. Look at what the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario, Canada just announced? They sent letters to all of their doctors implying that if they have patients who aren't vaccinated with the jab, the patients should be prescribed psychiatric medicine!!! WTF.

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Oscar-winning Flashdance...What a Feeling singer Irene Cara - who also starred in Fame and sang movie's theme song - is found dead in her Florida home aged just 63. https://mol.im/a/11471923 via @MailOnline

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Why on earth are these students continuing to attend colleges and universities that resemble concentration camps?

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