BLESS your heart...THANK YOU.....I have written about this EVERYWHERE I could....... I have been with three different unions and shop steward with all of them....I couldn't believe how they stood/stand by and let all this happen...... they have al been captured.....the teachers' unions were the worst of them all....this has continued with the trans movement, as well..... I am heart-broken..... check this out..... https://gettr.com/post/p1va6ik5a79

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The truckers in Canada came to their senses quickly and realized they had been lied to. It wasn't "2 and done" or "get the jab then you can go back to normal". They realized it and most importantly they DID something about it. Just what the country needed. A big assed block party with hot tubs for the adults, bouncy castles for the kids and a big single finger salute to the authorities.

They still need our help. Please consider donating if you can. These are the contacts you can use:

truckerlawyer.ca # Various

jccf.ca # Various

natasha.calvinho@gmail.com # Pat King

operationrescue@protonmail.com # Coutts 4

To give you a brief idea of what they are up against some idiot rammed his SUV into a crowd of peaceful anti-mandate protesters in Winnipeg and got bail in 1 day ...

Attempted murder against anti-mandate protesters = 1 day to get bail

Tamara Lich = 18 days to get bail

Pat King = 180+ days in solitary and max security with murderers

Coutts 4 = 500+ days AND COUNTING!!!!!!

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Never underestimate the sheer brilliance of the covid strategy. “The Left” always prided themselves on their shrewdness in “deconstructing” the media. They were wise to the machinations of the capitalist-run press .... but they had one massive blind spot: Science! They understood the profit driven corruption of every branch of industry .... but somehow the medical industry was exempt. And at the launch of the covid manoeuvre, the rhetoric of the media switched to a Leftist mode with all that “people before profits” and “we’re all in it together” etc.

And so, under the “scientifically validated terrifying pandemic” which (and this was a masterstroke) was brought about by “capitalist recklessness”, the Left was utterly bewitched. Confronted with that delicious anti-capitalist triumphalism, how could they refuse?

But then came the masks which preformed two functions: first, they prompted everyone to become physically involved. This was a very astute psychological move. If people start to behave as if some frankly dodgy assertion is true, then it makes them all the more likely to surrender to it. Second, the mask blocked off the organs of breathe and communication. Everyone’s face was imprisoned in this fabric.

And then there was the distancing. Everyone had to stay away from everyone else. This was further emphasised by the fear that others may have IT – the deadly disease.

And, the most brilliant move of all: the lockdown. Everyone was sent home and had to stay in their houses. Everyone was isolated and helpless before their TVs which thundered the same message at them 24/7.

By these methods, all direct face-to-face communication was abolished. And, as in Orwell’s 1984, the TV took over.

The “beauty” of it is that even those who were utterly sceptical were made to feel that they “ought to just go along with it” since the TV gave them the impression that everyone else was going along with it.

Then the deliberate division sewn by the simultaneous messages that we were all in peril and everyone should get vaccinated .... but it was still up to the individual. And along with that came the sowing of hate toward those “too selfish to submit”. (With various criminally venal celebrities waxing about the dangerous unvaxxed. Thank you Arnold!)

And even that doesn’t cover it all. But none of this would have been possible without the total capture of Leftist institutions. Indeed ALL institutions have been captured. And here was another cunning move: the Left were totally on board with the covid thing. But some scepticism was permitted on the Right – which thereby resulted in scepticism being related to “reaction” and “conservative thought” and “fascism” etc.

It is truly a work of art.

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If the labor unions couldn't/wouldn't stand up when it REALLY counted - what is the use of them?


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Part of my 'waking up' was realizing that most, if not all, unions are compromised too.

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Joe's paying to play for four more years.

Of course, the endorsement of the 40% raise is just a ruse to make it *look* like he actually gets the votes he's intending to steal.

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My worldview was bought and paid for by Pfizer. I don't know how I got it. I don't even know if I wanted it. But now it's mine. And I can't shake it free if I wanted to. This fucking worldview is going to kill me. Although I might prefer that to the laughter you are all sharing at my expense.

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Unions were crippled by pro-business legislation like the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 and the Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959.

Ronald Reagan's brutal crushing of the Air Traffic Controller's strike—and their union, in 1981 encouraged an entire industry of law firms, located mainly in the South but working all over the country, to "discourage" union organizing.

And, yes, there is corruption. As a teacher in New York City for almost 20 years, I had to watch Randi Weingarten, leader of the UFT, sell out our interests again and again. Last I heard of her, she was earning about $500,000 / year, and expended most of her energy posing for photos with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his little rat of a school chancellor, Joel Klein, who was a lawyer by profession and had spent little or no time as a class-room teacher.

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where is de blasio ... a real american failure ...

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not a fair heading to many workers (particularly those non-unionised). feudalism never went away, the real struggle is and always has been is between employers and employees (aka slaves, 'workers').

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New York City Committees on Oversight and Investigations & Civil Service and Labor

Gale A. Brewer, Chair, September 9, 2022




DANNY HULKOWER: Hi, my name is Danny Hulkower. I worked for the New York City Department of Sanitation, I was terminated for refusing to take the vaccine.

I think the hardest part of this is the fact that we could have actually ended all this, my department could have done it, but our union said to us, the mandates weren't going to happen, and then it went from, it's not going to happen, they can't do that to you, to, aw, just take it! Just take it!

It was disgusting the way that they handled it, and it was disgusting the way the city handled it. Because we don't even work around the public. You see us working, you don't come running up to us. I mean, it's not like we're interacting with people all day long. And there weren't even that many of us that the union would have had to fight for. But they just didn't bother.

And the worst of this is the fact that I begged my guy, I said, listen, fight this now. Whether or not you're going to take it, whether you believe in it, fight for it now, get, end this. Do not let them do it to you. Why? Because they're going to step up next and take something else from you.

And just yesterday morning the MLC [Municipal Labor Committee, umbrella organization of unions representing city employees] voted to slash 12-126 of the city admin code, which is the city subsidizing the health care for both retirees and current workers. So everybody is pretty much affected by this. And then what's going to happen is, that they're going to force you onto a single payer for-profit health service that is not going to benefit anybody but them. And this is going to go before the City Council soon, and nobody knows about this. I go, I talk to my guys, nobody knows about it.

We went to our union meeting yesterday to confront Harry, and these guys— and there's no shop stewards here. I had information to give to these shop stewards. Nobody's there! Nobody knows what's happening. These guys are living in a tunnel vision, I'm just gonna retire and I'm outta here! Well, good luck with that, because the minute you try to go down to Florida and your healthcare service is gone, you're not going to have any options, you're going to be coming up to New York every time. You can still get GHI in Florida, there's still places to go, it's not going to work if the city has a specific plan just for everybody that's going to be for their benefit only.



# # #


See also the podcast interview posted June 28, 2022 with Danny Hulkower about the vaccine mandates and why he refuses to comply.


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the unions have been corrupted since the 1960s and maybe even since the 1940s, think the Mafia and Jimmy Hoffa as just a couple of examples...the Carpenters' Union in NYC where everyone is grandfathered in...from my own experience, probably the union which has the least corruption is the Musicians' Union.

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Same in the UK, all the big unions loved lockdowns and only the small Workers Of England Union opposed the 'Vaccine' Mandate for Care Homes & NHS...

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After the Wobblies were crushed Labor toed the line and played politics. The amusing thing about Covid is that it completely justifies non-violent resistance as if the USA was Occupied France. Labor fucked up.

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