Amen Mark. This article by David Stockman is also one of the best for the greenhorns out there to get up to speed. Some people are so assimilated to the Ukrainian Borg, it doesn't matter what the truth is, they're happy to outsources their brains to the CIA controlled media.


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Where has all the on the ground war reporting on Syria been all these years?

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Thanks Mark.

The liberals are falling all over themselves to prove who is the staunchest supporter of outright Nazis in the Ukraine. It is quite something to watch the people who call everybody they don't like Nazis now supporting people aligned with Nazis and actual swastika wearing Nazis in Ukraine.

For 70 years the CIA has been working to undermine and occupy Ukraine to bring down Russia using such things as paramilitaries, right wing Nazi groups, corrupt politicians and businessmen, coups, and warfare in the eastern Ukraine region of the Donbass.

None of these studiously ignorant individuals parading around with blue and yellow flag pins gave a thought to Ukraine a few days ago and now *poof* the mighty Wurlitzer has their scrambled brains thinking about "solidarity" with proto-fascists in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.

Meanwhile Operation Covid has been banished to the dustbin of their short memories.

An antidote to the historical illiteracy of the liberal academics and their legion of acolytes below. How is it possible that all of these "educators" can be this consistently ignorant on these matters:

Declassified CIA document: “Cold War Allies: The Origins of CIA’s Relationship with

Ukrainian Nationalists”


Since 2014, with American help and money, Ukraine has been refashioned as a nationalistic state, a deadly weapon aimed against Russia. The Ukronazis, never spoken about on the West, have been given an easy road towards power. Other elements in the national makeup have been intimidated and suppressed as a Ukrainian national identity has been imposed on a multicultural people. The message from nationalists has been – become part of our dream of Ukraine, or leave. We have no use for you, this is our land now.

The Russian Orthodox Church was penetrated and turned against the church centre in Moscow. A tragic schism has taken place.

Terrible events – above all, the torching by Ukronazis of the Odessa Trades Union Building in April 2014, and the burning to death of 45 peaceful protesters who had taken refuge inside – drove home the deterrent message of suppression of human rights. Do not resist us, you will pay with your lives.

And the heroism of the people of Lugansk and Donetsk in saying no to such cruelty, in taking up arms to defend their vision of their homeland after Poroshenko in May 2014 ordered an all-out military assault on them – all this went unreported in the West.

For eight long years the Russian government tried to make the Minsk Accords peace process work. Kiev prevaricated and sneered, as the shells continued to rain down death on the rebel regions. And as the US and NATO pumped more and more weapons and instructors in terrorism and sabotage into Ukraine.

Finally in December last year, Russia had had enough. Putin tried to propose ambitious new principles for relations with the West, most importantly a pledge that Ukraine would never join NATO and the withdrawal of NATO weapons from Russia’s borders. All to no avail. The West prevaricated, cherry-picked and sneered at Russia’s peace proposals.

The west remains mired in its fantasy world of big bad aggressor Putin ruling his unhappy country with an iron fist. How totally untrue this narrative is, as I have tried to relate in my two books on Russia in 2017 and 2019.

Now, the real world of bombs and bullets, and the Western false narrative world of selective indignation and pointless ‘how does it feel’ fact-free journalism, finally have come together in jarring dissonance in Ukraine.


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Absolutely - the Stockman article has a lot of the gritty detail.

Most Americans couldn’t locate the Ukraine on a map - that’s what we’ve got to start with.

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Thank you Mark, my other substacks are dropping like flies.

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To summarize, two regions (Donetsk and Luhansk) declared independence from Kyiv in 2014, and Kyiv has been at war with them ever since. It's an internal Ukrainian conflict between the breakaway regions and the central government in Kyiv.

"How long should Russia have waited to intervene?" asks the podcaster.

How long did Russia wait to intervene when Catalonia held a referendum on independence from Spain in 2017, and then the Spanish authorities arrested and tried the independence leaders for rebellion?

Oh, that's right, they didn't. Because it's not their country and none of their goddamn business.

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President Earpiece W. Teleprompter announces continuation of state of emergency that has been going on already since the Corona Cult, er ah, pandemic began. 100% of the boiling frogs, er ah, American people hail the dear old decrepit dictator. Dissidents have been corralled into virtual ghettos and will soon be riding actual boxcars to the reeducation camps with classes to begin right after a good long hot shower.

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Great link will be posting today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Loved all the people waving their little Ukranian flags at the SOTU. Didn't see any for Yemen!!!!!

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Mar 2, 2022·edited Mar 2, 2022

Uh, another piece of Russian propaganda narrative with all the whataboutery and even with Russian subtitles overlay. A classic of "Firehose of Falsehoods".


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Thank you Mark. Excellent video.

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Mark, it's far worse than you think.



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So we're to trust the people who brought us the Covid narrative - and demonizing the questioners? I don't think so. I feel bad for the common person. It is all too apparent we're all cannon fodder. Wish Adam Schiff would doing investigation into Hunter's ties. Isn't this akin to reading instructions to a dangerous machine before using? A friend sent this. I know nothing about any of this and refuse to pretend that I do but I did find this funny.

A simplified explanation of the Russia vs Ukraine war.

More than 20 years ago, Ukraine divorced her ex-husband (Russia), and she was given custody of their children.

The ex-husband was also very accommodating to her and left her a lot of family property. After that, the ex-husband also paid off more than USD 200 billion debts for her.

After getting rid of her ex-husband, Ukraine started flirting with the village bully (USA) and a group of prostitutes (Western states) until she was completely in their arms. That's still okay, but she completely listened to the village tyrant, and hooked up with the tyrant to attack her ex-husband.

The ex-husband naturally got angry and insisted on returning one of their children: Crimea.

Ukraine then wanted to marry into the NATO family (controlled by the USA) and further squeeze her ex-husband.

The village bully (USA) didn't want to marry her. He just wanted to use her to bully her ex-husband. Meanwhile she continue ill-treating 2 of the children (Ludansk and Donetsk) who looked like the father. So the two children were forced to cry and look for their father for help.

The village bully was always on the sidelines, but keep sending her military equipment and ammunition ( some expired) allegedly for her to protect herself from her ex-husband.

So Ukraine thought she had someone to support her, and she became even more presumptuous n aggresive towards her ex-husband.

The ex-husband couldn't bear it anymore, and decided to rescue his 2 poor children who were being ill-treated by his ex-wife.

Thats why this war started.

Weibo netizens posted this explanation of the relationship between Russia, Ukraine, the United States, etc. with a family ethics drama.

For easy understanding😂😂

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Crikey! Trying to get into substack to comment is like trying to break into Fort Knox. Now I’m finally in I forgot what I was actually going to say!

In any case the video you posted is perfectly said. But just like covid, no one wants to hear the truth or listen to any facts. It’s far easier to put the colours of a flag on your social media profile than it is to do anything close to a bit of research. Especially when it might expose you as a moron who doesn’t have a clue.

No doubt those of us who say, hang on a minute, there’s more to this than what your favourite mainstream news source is telling you will be told we’re Qanon Trump supporters and right wing conspiracy theorists, just like we were with covid.

Oh well. I guess I’m about to lose some more friends because how dare I talk about facts, and don’t I know they’re virtual signalling means they’re intelligent and woke. Sheesh.

Honestly, I don’t think I can listen to another round of shut your face, you don’t know what you’re talking about, let me correct you with this factually inaccurate fact from (insert woke media propaganda source / hit piece here).

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Good perspective, thanks for sharing!

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I sent the video you linked to my ex who is Ukrainian and currently lives in Zaporozhye and she said that video you sent ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OisJkpGYpAo ) was Russian propaganda and she says " They are bombing the cities!!! And not only military infrastructure. They kill civilians everywhere." So I am not sure what to make of it. I understand the history of Ukraine since the Fall of the USSR. I can see propaganda from the west everyday and can recognize it as such, but Russia must be using propaganda too and for as an anarchist, Putin is not better than any other person in government anywhere else. They are authoritarian garbage, from Trudeau to Putin, they are all the same. I would like to hear more from credible everyday people who actually live in Ukraine... I find it so hard to get reliable information these days....

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