"Sudden deaths" all over Europe, India and Australia, among other places, with some especially macabre "adverse events" throughout the UK and in…
The toll appears to be especially high in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria
Still more "unexpected deaths" in Canada, Australia, Nigeria, India, Ireland and (especially) the UK, among other places
Once a euphemism for suicide or fatal overdose, "died suddenly" now means exactly what it says—and it's more common than it's ever been, worldwide
Four musicians (including Taylor Hawkins), four public servants, two students (who both "died suddenly" at school), and—among all too many…
Students, teachers, coaches, cops and other local heroes of all kinds have been among this past week's "suddenly" departed
While the media continues to obscure the ever-rising toll of the injection program, we continue doing our best to track it
Actor Roberto Nobile; four doctors and two nurses; four police officers; eleven "found dead" at home (and one in a hotel room); ten "died suddenly" on…
Competing in a bike race, a cardiologist "died suddenly" of cardiac arrest; a summary of 32 other Canadian doctors (all "vaxxed") who have “died…
Three dads with 12 kids between them all "died suddenly" in the UK, two writers and two musicians are among the many who "died suddenly" in Italy, with…
Oracle's CTO died of a heart attack, at 55, in Ottawa—along with 32 others who dropped dead in Ontario, and 84 who died elsewhere. Thus 116 people "died…
Three died hiking; nine died in eight strange accidents; five more died of "sudden illness" on the road; ten mysteriously drowned (while a famed…