I’m churning out the unvaccinated homeschooled kids out as fast as I can

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Silent global holocaust. The Nazis were amateurs compared to their globalist descendants.

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This is the most amazing compilation I think I have ever seen.

Or am likely to ever see.

God bless you and all your team Mark.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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And yet, even with all of this, I can’t yet convince loved ones to STOP. I shared the dangers of cumulative injections w my bff of 50 years and her response was ‘so I should just kill myself now?’, and I later was told she got the next booster. I have promised to never mention it again, but I did my best. It’s out of my hands and into theirs. They are deeply motivated to NOT see this. Which I actually understand, but dread all the same. God help them and us who must witness and survive to right this ship and warn all who will listen. 😔

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In the US there is currently a sustained mass death event underway which is unprecedented in the country's history during “peace time” except during the Spanish Flu (it wasn’t the flu) event of 1918.

Here are some yearly US all-cause mortality figures to consider:

2015= -2,072 excess;

2016= -17,489 excess;

2017= +17,687 excess;

2018= +7,452 excess;

2019= -15,694 excess;

2017 had the highest number of all-cause excess of the listed baseline 5 year period at around 17,000. There are 10 weeks in 2021 that exceed the yearly total for 2017.

Now moving on to 2020 and 2021 and 2022:

United States reported 3,353,804 deaths, for the 52 weeks of year 2020 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,910,693. That is an increase of +443,111 deaths (+15.2%).

United States reported 3,457,523 deaths for the 52 weeks of year 2021 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,937,434. That is an increase of +520,089 deaths (+17.7%).

United States reported 3,247,883 deaths for the 52 weeks of year 2022 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,979,305. That is an increase of deaths (NaN%).

Year to date, United States reported 196,754 deaths for the 3 weeks of year 2023 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 195,786. That is an increase of +968 deaths (+0.5%).

From 2015 to 2019 not once was there a week of 5 digit mortality excess. In 2020/2021 combined there have been 50 such examples.

Every single week in 2020/2021 the US had a + rate of mortality excess off the baseline except the first 9 weeks of 2020. Weeks 10 and 11 of 2020 had negligible increase. Not until around Weeks 12-14 do we begin to see significant excess and only in specific locales.

The corresponding increase in excess corresponds with the March 11, 2020 WHO “pandemic” declaration. Leading into that declaration there was nothing notable that would have caused one concern based on direct observational experience.

Once the increase gets rolling we see 104 straight weeks of excess all-cause mortality in 2020/2021/2022 (temporarily interrupted in Weeks 12-16 of 2022)- the first 10 weeks of 2022 saw extremely high all-cause excess. Nothing like this has ever occurred in the country's history, not even close, other than times of cataclysmic events such as WW2.

Since Week 16 of 2022 the + excess has kicked in again every week up to Week 28 the last week of up to date data.

I'm compiling this mainly from:


I have the weekly data which is too long to post in a comment. Also working on age stratification data relating to all-cause.

One of the striking observations, (which is not new to those examining this for the past few years) which has been mentioned before, is the timing of when the significant excess kicked in, the locations (was it widespread e.g.?) and who was it that was dying en masse during that time called "the first wave.".

The answer to the above is that the timing, as mentioned, was right when the "pandemic" was announced- Week 11 of 2020. There was not only nothing leading into this that would alert one to a coming health crisis (other than your TV and media channels) but there was in fact negative "excess" all-cause mortality every single week leading into that announcement.

Who was it that was dying during the time of the initial "excess?" It was, as you know, the fragile elderly, the poor, the disabled who were already on the precipice of dying and many were living in institutional settings. What this would mean for the general public among other things is that they would not have been witness to any of this. And of course nowhere in the media did we get the question of "Who?" or "Where were they dying?"

And where exactly in the country was this happening? If this was a pandemic it would be widespread by definition. It was not. Even as this pandemic "was raging" in March/April 2020 it was not happening in 36 of the 50 states. How is this possible given we were told this was a "novel" virus to which we had no built in immunity as well as being the most transmissible, deadliest virus known.

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And now we are at the REAL beginning.😐😭. This time next year we will see the true cost of the "pandemic". I've mentioned 50% in the past, for the highly developed countries. I think that will be about correct, only if we are lucky, and find out that the government lied about shot uptake numbers.

The whole universe will weep for what has happened.

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforget

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Yes, painful and heartbreaking, hard to understand and grasp, that so many of all the stacked educational accomplishments? really have no intellectual curiosity, no humility, “No, didn’t know that! Please send that to me.” …..Life long friendships, what are those? These days. A friend I’ve known since my early 20s long gone. Cant disagree on ordinary things, don’t stay around for salad and iced tea. It is amazing. At least, “I always admired your wisdom and perception,” but oh no, think I will not listen to you this time. One can say, “Oh well, go head on your own, don’t let me get in your way.” Always love Katie, irreverent, smart and courageous, tells truth to hearing ears. Be prepared for empty homes on your block, for lonely children whose parents insisted on the magic shot and who left orphans behind. Fogged brains, ballooned egos, drained wisdom and no patience, I actually know friends who are proud they don’t waste time reading! What a shame. I read cereal boxes ;-). I read bad signs! Read, you might learn something to save your life So very sad

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Well I’ve only read 1/4 of the article and I can tell your a FAR-RIGHT FASCIST now...like me! Congrats!

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"rethink the issue of abortion—not, certainly, to let the state dictate to women what they may or may not do with their own bodies",

Hate to burst your bubble Mark, but outlawing abortion has nothing to with dictating to women what they can do with their bodies and everything to do with preserving the life - the SEPARATE life- developing in their womb.

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i still cant get over the fact that trump refuses to RECANT on the vaccines

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You’re wrong to narrow your “we” to the left, or some fragment of it. I’m sure I’m not the only reader from the right (at least as these terms used to be defined) that joins your fight on these issues. And you’re very wrong to equate vax mandates with laws making abortion illegal. The better analogy is between laws prohibiting abortion and those prohibiting murder— both protect the innocent. And you aren’t going to get anywhere on rethinking abortion if you can’t be honest with yourself that abortion always results in the death of an innocent life.

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Ya’ll need to be Catholic (not like fake “Pope” Francis, but real ones). We call Mark’s ideas “Natural Law.” They come from Genesis, but are written on the hearts of every person. When forced to examine what is really real, one always comes back to Truth. Truth is real and unchangeable. It also came to earth and walked among us. God bless everyone on this thread!

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Excellent article. I believe being prolife is being pro-women. Subjecting women to birth-control pills and abortions is an assault against women.

The hypocritical virtue signaler: A guy tells his buddies that Kaitlyn Jenner is kinda ugly. A woman over hears him and indignantly says, I think she’s beautiful! He says, you know, you look like her. She replied, Fuck you!

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What if the planet was in the midst of an enormous holocaust but did not know it? I tell ya' it takes some real talent to be this deaf, dumb and blind. Lulled to sleep by psychopathic kleptocrats advertising plans so stupid and ideology so pathological it would seem difficult to pass over intelligent 2 year olds. Makes Nazi Germany look almost tame by comparison. This time the horrors are well hidden. They have gotten away with it.

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Prof. Miller, you know that, according to Catherine Austin-Fitts, the pension funds have been stolen. (Max Keiser also says this - a standard Wall Street practice). Now the 1% are killing two dupes with one booster!

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You can rest assured that the excess Canadian deaths as listed by Health Canada (that itself is an oxymoron) are lies and damned lies. The real total will be much much higher. With Teresa Tam in charge, there is no way on this earth that total is correct. To record a vaccine injury (not even a death) in this cold hell, the report has to be reviewed by four different bodies before even making it to the register:

- the patient's doctor.

- The local municipal health board

- The provincial health board of whatever province it happened in

- The federal PH Canada.

Each of these can scrub the record, to lower the numbers. You can imagine how far past the gatekeepers a sudden death will get. And no post-mortems are ever done. A close friend didn't wake up one morning - passed in his sleep. Hadn't been attending a doctor, was in reasonable health so a PM should have been done. Nada.

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