F*ck this is hard to take,

(harder than taking the vaxxx)

no winks, no smiles...

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Not sure this young Marine was listed in September since his death was delayed from being announced at the time of his death. Reasoning so his family could grieve. Which seems to be yet another weird thing happening, delays in announcements of people passing. The politician from I believe IL waited months before announcing his daughter died.


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It might be time to take vehicles away from those that have been vaxx'd.

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The sheer volume of these obituaries is horrifying...

No cause of death mentioned is horrifying...

I have trained my eye to look at what's not being said. It can be just as important as what is being said...

And it is a giant red flag when cause of death is omitted.

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I pulled off the track of these U.S. pieces to check my local paper’s obit section. 18 of the first 25 listed were under 65 years old. Three were under 40. And five were under 73. The majority of the under 65’s were said to have “died unexpectedly.” I’m sure this could not be the norm, even now, but c’mon. Wow.

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Wow, so many reports, Mark, week after week. How does a person interpret this data?

Are there sudden death episodes like these with the unvaccinated? Were there sudden death episodes like these before the Covid-19 vaccination drives? Against what baselines can we compare?

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Here's some further info about Tommy Boggs. The last sentence is all too familiar.


Thomas Winton “Tommy” Boggs passed away Wednesday, October 5, 2022. He was surrounded by his loving family and several of his dearest friends. Tommy left this earth with a baseball in his hand with a fastball grip. He suffered from a short, aggressive battle with throat cancer.

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Still hearing sirens everyday, sometimes several times per day. And now this: Just heard a commercial played on a radio station whose listeners are mostly urban, African-Americans. The ad urged people with diabetes AND HEART DISEASE to take the injection as they are, according to the ad, at high risk of getting the u-know-what virus... Here's the punchline: The ad was sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services--the same dept that takes in the VAERS data -- vaers.hhs.gov -- So... this agency that reviews the VAERS data and knows that heart disease is one of the most common side affects of the shot is telling people who already have heart disease that they must take the shot.

How sick and diabolical can these people be? Everyday, I just keep wondering how far they're going to take this.

Oh, and the radio station played that ad TWICE within the same ad cycle. So that ad, a few other commercials, then that ad again... cuz... ya' know, black people really need to take this shot...

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Sad but here is another one in high school rehearsing a solo.


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Where have we come to, when I feel relieved I could read through the sudden deaths of a country in less than 10 minutes? When it ended I thought oh, it could have been worse this week... 😵‍💫

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Oct 13, 2022·edited Oct 13, 2022

You are very irresponsible to publish these death reports without at least making the effort to check if the victim was vaccinated or not by looking through their social media. Someone dies in a car accident but you just assume it is the vaccines.

thecovidblog does a better job when publishing sudden death reports by investigating first if the person published any pictures of them getting the vaccine through twitter, instagram, ... or if they were students or teachers, Brian A. Wilkins (editor) checks if there was a vaccine mandate imposed by the state or the school/university. Check some of his blog posts to see how he reports sudden deaths. It is a lot of work but less prone to mistakes.

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