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In Denmark, we have also just had a 7 yo girl die from cardiac arrest in the area where I live. The girl had been diagnosed with fluid at her heart just after the covid injections, and now - my guess is ca 2 years later - her heart had ultimately given up. They had worked on her for 45 min. to try to save her.

I have this info from my friend who was told this by an old friend she had met, who was going to the girl's funeral. I have found no info in the media or elsewhere about a 7 yo girl's death. But in the morning on 21 March, a student was flown away in a medical emergency due to an 'illness' from a public school in a neighboring municipality, and I'm thinking if it could be related. In addition to the medical helicopter, there had been a medical car, two ambulances, two police cars and at least one motorcycle officer.

The media never updated their story like they wrote they would.


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