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Professor MIller, thank you again for doing this and not flagging. It is important that we know, and posterity knows, what this hath wrought.

I am lucky...my two friends, one has recurring melanoma but is till hanging on just took the combined VAXX three days ago, god help us...and one others husband with pneumonia, edema, and atrill fib...has to go see a heart doctor...might have congestive heart failure. jabbed. Healthy as a horse up to now.

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Oh my God…..this is so hard to choke down…..no thought, no questions, no self understanding I’m so very sorry. I have decided I need to send something like this to my siblings, as they are flourishing in ignorance …maybe will change the dynamics of the holidays …

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That's our hope.

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I stopped sending things as I get absolutely no response....my whole family is in denial. ( and I mean all , save for myself and my two adult children) ..all living in oblivion mode as if it's still 2019....I have stopped shaking my head. I can no longer help; I just wait for the bad news to arrive.

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My neighbor recently found out that I was un******. She is also. She told me that her mother suddenly came down with a bizarre form of cancer rarely ever seen and the doctor said they are seeing all kinds of these strange cancers and he thinks it is because of the v***. Where I live the religion is enforced by Bonnie the unholiness, who is, I am convinced, the Irma Grese incarnation in Canada, so to hear of a doctor saying this gives me a flicker of hope.

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Love the vocabulary…and so many just use “like” in between the other words LOL

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Are you taking Ivermectin as a preventative? Also, the shedding is going to get us all to some extent.

Shedding Is Real: FLCCC Weekly Update (Nov. 01, 2023)


Synergistic pairing of ivermectin and fenbendazole found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing and treating cancer


They ship to Canada (at a premium, to get around Justin Castro's Border Commies)!

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Here is an Alberta doctor who deserves everything she's about to go through. https://ibb.co/LkssmQy The screenshot is difficult to see but you can hit her up on Twitter to see the posts on her timeline. Her handle is nhungtrandavies. She was comfortable injuring & harming her patients by denying them vaccine exemptions. She was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer, most likely caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines she trusted. She deserves to go through everything she about to experience. I don't care for these people anymore.

I've also been going rounds with one person on another site regarding excess deaths and was pointing out the increase deaths of athletes and infants. She said people have always died in sports while posting 4 links to athletes who have died over the past decade before covid. I sent her a study showing a 1700% increase between the jab until the beginning of 2023. It listed pages and pages of names. On the 3rd day, she comes back laughing and told me I didn't know how to look at the data and was a conspiracy theorist. I told her to get the rest of her boosters and the new vaccine because we don't need her kind here anymore. I let her know to find a nice plot and casket. I said it's cheaper to get a plot without perpetual maintenance. LOL This way we don't have to remember her when the grass and weeds cover her tombstone. I'm tired of being nice. I still remember what they said and how they treated all of us who didn't want it. It's good riddance from here on out. There's no getting through to some of these people. I have compassion for the ones who were deceived and know it. Forget the idiots. They are the problem. I've already lost family and others are sick.

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I was so gobsmacked when so many Canadians ( including all my family of origin) rolled over and followed suit with all of the Covid nonsense, including the bio-weapon, for that is what it is! Let's call a spade a spade! I am with you....there are so many who refuse to see the truth...I don't wish them harm, but I can't help them either. Help those who ask for it....or help the ones who are innocent, and do not have a voice..like the children. I am also done with virtue signalling morons. Wake the fuck up!

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Ugh! "Yes I can live with myself if you lose your job or get vax injured."

Well honey you now get to reap the rewards. Enjoy your chemo.

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I’m so sorry. Yes it is getting so discouraging, on the battle field, exhausted, arrows striking everyone around you, the horses down….and it’s not even noon …. It is shocking …unless all this plays out some other way, I could expect loss of family, I don’t know….

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Heartbreaking beyond words. Some days, it’s hard to look at, and grasp the profound loss of these human beings. I cry for these innocent souls and all of us. May their Father guide their souls with the angels on the other side. Amen...

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Renee me too it is crushing for the young who never had a life in this realm

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I know Donald. I cry quite often. I believe that ALL of our souls chose to be here, and the outcome is different for each individual. The only answer is love. Unfortunately, we all have ego that sometimes closes off love. We are all guilty of this.

Be aware of it!

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You can add this musician, sound guy who was out on tour with rock star Grace Potter,. Of course young, vibrant, healthy,out working and then -------died suddenly Oct 31st. https://www.gradwellhouse.com/steve-poponi


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The criminals in the Govt. media and Med. cartel continue to gaslight, but thanks for your great work! Most friends and family who now have prob, go figure!lems are still in denial

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go to Insurance newsnet scroll till you find skull and article on excess mortality. This article says that insurance actuarials say we have an alarming problem this is what Mark and Ed Dowd have been telling us claims are huge I used to own a re-insurance co. so I was into this. Premiums for life and disability Ins. well go way up, to say nothing about state work comp.

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Wow, what a background for you, to be watching all this

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Should un-jabbed young people in great health buy life insurance NOW while the premiums are low and “affordable”?......OR

Should the un-vaxxed assume all of these life insurance companies will go bankrupt, that their premiums will only ever go to paying out on the multi-jabbed policies and that their own policies will be dissolved in the end anyway?

Should the healthy un-jabbed wait a decade and buy their life insurance policies in their 30s from the remnants of the insurance industry after the multi-pricked have expired?

Do you think their Pureblood status would guarantee them affordable premiums? Or do you believe that, in general, life insurance will become a luxury purchase that few can afford because premiums have skyrocketed and will remain too expensive for most young people to afford?

What are your thoughts? Anyone with an opinion, please chime in.

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It seems to me that the life insurers are cheerfully lining up to commit suicide. If they wanted to safeguard the future of their industry, they’d have to start refusing to pay out on policies.

It seems to me that the life insurers could claim that volunteering to take an untested, experimental gene therapy treatment with completely unknown outcomes was a violation of the terms of the policy and therefore, the company is justified in refusing to pay out.

But they’re not doing that. The life insurers are complicity silent and paying out on policies right, left and center as if healthy young people suddenly dropping dead in their tens of thousands is totally normal and expected.

Life insurers are confronting the total decimation of their business and yet seem unperturbed. This makes me suspect the insurance companies already made a secret back room deal to be bailed out by governments when the dust has settled. Perhaps these deals were even struck prior to 2019. It would not surprise me at all.

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In my opinion, life insurance will become a luxury purchase. Unless there is a dramatic reformation of the industry. Too many people dying equals too many payouts. There also seems to be an ongoing process of trying to suck more money out of the bottom which is growing bigger and bigger as we speak. Eventually average people won't have anymore to give and will stop buying it and benefits company will start paring back their coverage or create different tiers of coverage and once again we will have the creation of a massive class divide. That seems almost intentional to me. Like one of those movies where the lower class lives in near chaos outside the walls of the city where the elites live in luxury. Until the revolution.........

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I agree with those points. It will become a luxury product or there will be a bifurcation of the industry: a few companies catering to elites and lots of smaller insurers offering policies to the “useless eaters”.

But do you see the industry dying altogether (in which case the advice to young people would be don’t bother buying a policy at all )?

Or do you think the life insurers will get bailed out as a reward for their silent complicity (in which case, it would be sensible for a young person to buy a policy now when they’re comparatively cheap)?

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would be interesting to see if the question "Are you Poison-19 jabbed ? " will be part of Life Insurance application - like "Do you Smoke and Drink ?" and what will policy details look like in terms of Premiums and payouts etc.

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Logically, insurers should be asking this question NOW before they sell any more life insurance.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion that legal shenanigans will be employed by shady politicians to prevent this question from ever being asked...for insurance purposes, employment purposes, etc.

I think the still surviving multi-jabbed will be designated a protected class shielded from the ravages of discrimination and safeguarded under civil rights legislation...despite the fact that, for purposes of insurance, it’s virtually the same circumstances as asking if they smoke or drink.

We’re already seeing this informally. It’s considered rude & tactless to inquire if someone was jabbed. I expect this will be enshrined in law before too long, because it will be an instant vote winner for some sleazy politicians.

So the schizophrenic atmosphere of not discussing the obvious and behaving as though apparently young & healthy people suddenly dropping dead is totally normal will continue.

The best chance we have of leading a normal life is bifurcation. Joining and interacting with parallel institutions in a parallel society of Purebloods. I don’t regard this as discrimination. The bifurcation of society was, on the contrary, forced upon us without our consent.

The multi-pricked now have a corrupted genome. They are no longer homo sapiens sapiens. They are something else entirely. None of this good. The multi-pricked are known, through ample anec-data (1,000s of anecdotal tales) to be shedding the spike protein and sickening un-jabbed people. Their presence is literally a hazard to the un-vaxxed. Intimacy with a multi-jabbed person could be a death sentence for a Pureblood.

There are a variety of reasons we have to separate and go our own way. First of all, the majority of the jabbed are not long for this world. This is obvious. There are even n

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(Sorry, this accidentally got posted before I finished, because I had to jump up & referee a literal cat fight.)

There are even new expressions that reflect this reality such as “died suddenly”, “turbo-cancer” and “vaccident”.

It is apparent that it would be unwise to try building any kind of future with a jabbed person. Not as a business partner. Not as a life partner. Not employed as your lawyer, your mechanic, your dentist or your accountant. It is what it is. We didn’t choose the current circumstances. We merely survived the weaponized, military-grade propaganda and coercion.

I expect that we will continue to see our society crumbling around us - even without the added stressors of a deliberately-orchestrated economic collapse and uncontrolled mass 3rd world invasion. The groups and organizations upon which we currently depend will, little by little, cease to exist as their management structure dies off. (Or it could happen all at once, if the Predator Class gets impatient & launches another bioweapon. Always keep that possibility in mind.)

It’s imperative that Purebloods find each other and form new social and economic networks. I think our future well-being depends entirely on making a success of constructing a parallel society of human beings with uncorrupted genomes.

To continue pretending that our present, utterly psychotic state of affairs is perfectly NORMAL is not a viable option going forward. It would be best to make a start on forming a parallel society before we’re faced with complete bedlam.

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Some insurance companies were bailed out but some were flush with good investments during the 2008 crisis. Lloyds crashed because of asbestos and pollution claims they had underwritten but couldn't afford anymore. If you think it is important probably the best bet would be to find a solid company and research it with an eye to knowing what their long term viability is. I don't think the whole industry will just crash all of a sudden. They will probably stop, or greatly limit, certain offerings. Where I live insurance for all kinds of things has skyrocketed in cost while at the same time insurers have been working out how to insure some things they didn't insure before. So what will be cut and what won't is anyone's guess. Some kinds of insurance might end up being nationalized (owned by the government) also. So...probably the best advise would be that if you can afford it and it really is of benefit to your peace of mind, get it while you still can but do some research about who to buy it from.

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For more information, look at a few Substack posts (Dr. Kevin McKernan’s would be one) about DNA segments and DNA fragments which should have been filtered out in the manufacturing process of the Deathvax™️ but we’re left in. This is unconscionable. This was a KNOWN danger to human health.

The foreign DNA has entered the cells and PERMANENTLY altered the genome of the jabbed.

Currently, the most obvious manifestation of this is the phenomenon of so-called “turbo-cancers”. Cancer promoting genes have been turned on. Cancer preventing genes have been turned off. Hence, the immune system is completely helpless at fighting cancers.

We have yet to see the full effects of this DNA corruption. We know that some fetuses of jabbed mothers have managed to result in live births. For those infants who do survive childhood with a more-or-less functioning immune system, I shudder to think what will result.

Regardless, these beings are no longer homo sapiens sapiens...and therefore, do not enjoy the legal protections of Human Rights Laws. No one has given much thought to this.

In court (and we KNOW how corrupt our Supreme Court has become), it may emerge that the vaxxed are now the legal property of Big Pharma. The argument will be: they agreed to be transfected with a patented product owned by Big Pharma. The manifestation of this patented product, the corrupted genome, will likely be ruled as the property of Big Pharma, too.

Was the point of this PLAN-demic/ SCAM-demic to effectively, reintroduce SLAVERY by stealth by voiding most of the Human Rights and Civil Rights of the multi-pricked???

It’s time to give this serious thought and discussion, in my opinion.

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Hi Everyone - REACT19 is a non-profit dedicated to helping the vaccine injured get treatment.


Recruitment is now OPEN for REACT’s patient-led research collaboration:




The study will help all of us understand many aspects of what we are experiencing, including treatments that people have tried.

The study is a collaboration between React19 and the University of Maryland, Baltimore. We plan to publish the results in top research journals and through our platforms.

Many have already joined and interesting patterns have already started to come out.

However we need all your contributions to send a clear message through the scientific community! You can truly make the difference if you participate.

You do not have to take the survey in one sitting. You can start the survey and save your progress so that you can continue when you prefer.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

#Vaccinelnjuries #CovidVaccine

Thank you so much for helping to gather this knowledge!!!!

Take good care of yourselves, and be well.


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Thank you.

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I was watching European Football/Soccer - Champions League highlights, and noticed commentator telling viewers that "There is serious Shortage of Referees in European football" and they were encouraging people interested to become a Referee. Referees calling the games were also were T-shirts with msg saying "Be a Referee"

First thing came to my mind was "are Referees also dying or getting injured due to Posion-19" ?

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Because of the great work Prof. Mark Crispin Miller does we are focused on the human and family emotional cost all over the world and we should be, but no economist that I know has tried to put a number on the catastrophic

contraction and slow down starvation etc this well bring

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wow, many great questions. I cannot give advise, I owned a small re-insurance company that specialized in providing insurance for several types of property and financial products but you can be sure that premiums for insurance of the physical body well be going up and up. Also there are several life and disability rating co. check them out also check out the financials of the Insurance co.

Life has no guarantees and we have changed the odds against the individual and the companies. also email Ed Dowd at phinance

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Mark, "OH ! Professor > my apologies. Well Prof Mark; as mentioned below; my apologies". Yu let me post a couple of other sites before ... doing the same as you; in highlighting the people that are being eliminated...

They were:

Athletes only by "REAL SCIENCE" = "2021 Athlete Cardiac Arrests or Serious Issues, 1413 of Them Dead, Since COVID Injection" ... seemingly being attacked tonight. = https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/


General by "checkur6 "= "YOUNG" HEARTS PART 46 - SYSTEM SHUTDOWN"- notice episode 46 ???; more general = https://www.bitchute.com/video/EeylFtsh5T0h/?list=notifications&randomize=false


General by "Dr. William Makis" = https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/william-makis


Found another one that may blow your mind IF you take them all together ...





I am interested really in the atheletes for "Real Science" ... not my site at all; but I have a conspiracy theory about what is happening to sports ... same withTV, films, celebs of all shapes and sizes etc...

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newest article in Insurancenews.net very interesting

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Me neither. Can you repost a link that works?


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That link isn't working for me.

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this is excess mortality, is it the one you are referring to the newest ?

‘Excess mortality’ continuing surge causes concerns


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yes,we know what it is, but ceo cfo etc are being politicaly correct for now

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A young Japanese celebrity dies. 2023

Junnosuke Kuroda (age 34), guitarist of the 4-piece rock band Sumika, died suddenly on February 23. He had updated his SNS the day before his death.

Maon Kurosaki (age 35), singer, died on February 16 due to the worsening of a chronic illness; in September 2021, she collapsed during a live-streamed concert and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery for an epidural hematoma.

Aki (52), vocalist of the rock band Laputa, passed away on August 29 due to a sudden illness.

Atsushi Sakurai (57), vocalist for the rock band BUCK-TICK, died on October 19 from a brain stem hemorrhage. He staggered and fell at a concert the same day. He was rushed to the hospital from the venue, but died a few hours later.

X-JAPAN bassist HEATH (age 55) died of colon cancer on October 29. He had been battling colon cancer since it was discovered during a checkup in June of this year, but his condition suddenly changed in October.

Makoto Hashimukai, a well-known photographer of Mt. Fuji, fell ill on a business trip and was rushed to the hospital; he died of a sudden illness on November 4 (age 46).

Conductor Yukito Yamawaki died suddenly on November 2 at the age of 31. He was a talented conductor who won first prize in a competition in London.

Popular manga artist Hisaya Nakajo died of heart disease on October 12 at the age of 50.

Former idol group member Yumeko Mizuki died at the age of 27. She had been battling an illness and did not return home on October 17. The cause of death is not known.

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Deer good Canadians: GTFO, invade our norther border. Nothing will happen to you (well maybe, depends, if you're non-white you'll be fine). Come to the USA where you still have a chance at a good life.

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Thank you professor Miller.

For the people reading this please try to step back and look at the bigger picture.

US empire is collapsing so the psychopaths on top are getting desperate.

Think about it - US used to fight a couple of tiny countries all the time, stealing their gold reserves, their oil and anything else of value.

Now US is fighting Russia in Ukraine, half of Middle East in Palestine and is seriously talking about starting war with China.

So the good news is that within a decade most of us will have other things to worry than the jabbed dying.

The bad news is that unlike the jab - where we could still refuse - the coming wars on US soils are not optional.

Here is my advice: read "Cassandra" (https://arounddate.com/cassandra-by-c-j-cherryh/) and realize that most people you see are dead already - they just don't know it yet. Maybe it's not a nice way of coping, but like I said, we will have bigger worries soon.

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