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all cause mortality was up 45% in 2021



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Nov 3, 2022·edited Nov 3, 2022

Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada - November 01, 2022

- https://saltspringexchange.com/2022/11/01/obituary-jan-rabson/

Jan Rabson 1954 to 2022

It is with deep sorrow that we share the news that Jan Rabson passed away suddenly due to a massive heart attack on Oct 13th. Son of the late Sonia and Alex Rabson, Jan was born in East Meadow, New York, on June 14, 1954.

To describe Jan’s life and legacy is an insurmountable task. He was bigger than life with a laugh that came from the deepest part of his being and became infectious to all hearing it. He was a creative, out-of-the-box thinker and had a brilliant sense of humour. He kept a playful spirit throughout his 68 years of life and a childlike wonderment about virtually everything. He was one of a kind!

His greatest passion was his immediate family as well as his extended family. He was a mensch in the truest sense of the word. Nothing mattered more to him than his devotion to his wife, Cindy and two sons, Adler and Hayden.

Leaving New York in his early 20s, Jan ventured to Los Angeles to pursue his career dream of acting. His dream became a reality. In a career that spanned over four decades, Jan’s face and especially his versatile voice graced literally hundreds of movies, sitcoms, cartoons and video games. Among his treasured accomplishments were working on many animated films for Pixar, Disney, Dream Works, Illumination, Universal, Sony Entertainment and many more spanning three decades. Two of the quirkiest roles of his career were being the voice of “Leisure Suit Larry” as well as the voice of Tetsuo Shima in the 1989 dubbed version of “Akira.” He was a nerd’s superstar!

Around 1990, he was invited to join the Might Carson Art Players. According to head writer Andrew Nichols, “Johnny didn’t trust many people to perform in his sketches, but we knew that Jan had the comedy chops required to appear live on stage with a legend and hold his own.”

Writer Ken Levine (“M*A*S*H”, “Cheers”, “Frazier”, “Becker”) kvetched, “When Jan acted in one of my scripts, I once said to him ‘the problem with you is you make everything work. I have no idea if it’s actually any good’ Jan Rabson was that naturally funny.”

Jan and his family left Los Angeles in 2002 for a more tranquil life on the shores of his beloved Salt Spring Island in Canada. He loved his island life and sharing in a community of people who had also chosen an unbeaten path. He loved the beauty of living in British Columbia. He truly stopped and smelled the roses daily.

In 2007 Jan, Cindy, Adler and Hayden proudly became Canadian citizens. The family also maintained their U.S. citizenship.

Jan is survived by his wife, Cindy Akers Rabson, his sons, Adler Keane Rabson and Hayden Jace Rabson and his brother, Froman Rabson.

In lieu of flowers we invite you to make a donation to The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation.

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So many deaths. So many young have died. I’m not sure why these reports are always so shocking.

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