Is the rate of died suddenly speeding up, it does seem like it. Could be wrong.

May they all rest in peace and may their killers hang. After a speedy trial of course.

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Just got off the phone w/a friend who teaches guitar. Woman who takes a weekly guitar lesson comes in and tells him that one of her employees- 63 year old guy- literally dropped dead in the office this afternoon. She tried CPR but it did not work. Guy had three Covid shots- she knew this for a fact.

She is a pureblood- tough Arkansas lady- had a whiskey and made her guitar lesson.

His death will not be cataloged properly as death by injection.

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RE: "MEP who tried to uncover Von der Leyen's text messages with Pfizer died suddenly"

I hope it's not too cynical of me, but I can't help but picture Frau Von der Leyen and Herr Bourla sharing a toast upon hearing this wonderful news.

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Personally, I would rather Do without a speedy trial for these evil Psychopaths!

I think they need to be strapped to gurneys and given every single dose of their poison at one time! Then weld them in ghetto high rises like they did in China. No food, no water!

No freaking mercy for any one of these sick bastards!

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This death and injuries that Mark repetitiously brings back to our attention IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN THE WORLD. It is a failure of all govts. and institution to pay it it's due and soon we shall rue the day. The anger and mistrust that is coming well ingulf the world and there well be no hiding.Let us have rational fear but give good console and stay out of the violence.

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I look forward to your new posts. Although they're devastating to read, they need to be recorded and made available like this. Your research/writing on the sudden deaths is important & commendable work.

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All these relatives being told their loved ones died of "really really rare" things which only happen to one or two people a year and just kill people with no prior symptoms. It's wicked. I really think the medical profession is full of people who have got their fingers in their ears and are humming mindlessly because, deep down, if they are any good at their jobs, they must know what is causing all these deaths. Wicked.

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Thanksgiving Eve -47 y.o. died unexpectedly in CT https://northhavenfuneral.com/obituaries/

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Dear Vaccine Injured,

I Usually Have To Pay

To Watch People

Mentally Molest Themselves.

Thanks For The Freebies.

- Long May You Last.


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In Dallas, Driver rescued after crashed truck hangs off bridge on I-35, causing rush-hour delays

It was not immediately clear if anyone was seriously injured.

By Lana Ferguson

3:36 PM on Dec 4, 2023 — Updated at 5:44 PM on Dec 4, 2023


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Manner of Death:


Cause of Death:


~ Your Local Government Coroner.

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