Canada's public health system is in such disarray it's a death camp. Add MAIDS to the mix and it's a horror show. Canadians should be ashamed. They should be demanding reforms begin immediately. But they remain steadfast in their misplaced boastful pride for a second-rate system. There's no incentive for officials to lead the charge for change aided by the fact the public isn't pressing and pressuring for change.

Everyone knows it's crap. It's an open secret. Now what?

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Is it not necessary to report cause of death to the public to exclude foul play?

Who or what is withholding disclosure of cause of death?

Are the families not interested in the public disclosure of cause of death in order to honour their deceased loved ones and warn the public?

Is no one advocating for these deceased individuals who cannot speak for themselves?

Why are the police not all over this?

Why are the courts not all over this?

Why are the churches not advocating for deceased members?

Why are the medical examiners not disclosing and reporting and warning the public?

Why are paramedics not whistleblowing?

Why are investigative journalists not looking into these deaths and reporting to the public?

Why are the hospitals not calling for an inquiry?

Is everyone in service to the public compromised?

What are they all waiting for?

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An appalling lack of curiosity, I daresay!

Possible reasons as I see it:

--mass formation psychosis producing blindness to the Truth,

--a total capitulation to the Covid/jab "safe and effective" religion and propaganda,

--fear of losing one's job,

--an "I can't 'go there'/face the truth because I either took the jab myself or urged others to do so, causing SAE's (or death) and an uncertain future for me/my loved one,"

--being accused of causing vaccine hesitancy, disinformation/misinformation and being called a conspiracy theorist or cancelled, etc.

I do know the React19 organization advocates for/supports seriously injured jab victims, that there is increasing (and successful!) litigation in this area, and that the hospitals were part and parcel of the Covid fear porn for financial profit (why would they call for an inquiry?).

People dying daily and all one hears is crickets.

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Yes, and there is another aspect as the tactics are identical to those used by Secret Societies on their members -

Secret Societies - Complicit Via Initiation:

These secret societies promote their members through Initiation.

Through Initiation, members literally sell their souls for promotion.

They are asked to do morally reprehensible tasks to demonstrate unquestioned allegiance. An example of a mild task, comparable to what they will be asked to perform later, is spitting on a crucifix. Acquiescence results in promotion but also results in the darkening and sale of their souls to evil, the deadening of Conscience, and further entrapment into the Society. These rituals occur everywhere. One of the most renowned of course is Epstein Island where the participants are recorded and afterwards blackmailed, having performed these Initiation trials wittingly or unwittingly.

Now you have a framework to understand what was foisted on us by compelling us to participate in:

Masking asymptomatic children.

Corporate persecution, marginalization and denigration of the non-vaccinated.

Threatening and firing the non-vaccinated even when they had C19 and could prove antibodies.

Threatening of doctors with loss of license for prescribing antivirals, writing exemptions or even providing prescriptions for CV19 injections. Most acquiesced and became complicit, i.e., were Initiated.

Did you have any idea that so many were being Initiated, coerced into alliance, into compliance, by participating in morally reprehensible acts in order to receive reward, even the retention of their career employment?

Diabolically, it has been much more of a Soul-op than a Psy-op.

Check out my Podcasts on Podbean for my narrations of ‘Secret Societies’ by Bill Cooper and ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ by Robert Grayeagle.


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Can't believe all these under 50 people who have passed away. Very distressing. A public outcry is needed.

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Most reports indicate “No cause of death reported”. Maybe five indicate cancer. It seems odd to me regarding obituary reporting.

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It is certainly odd.

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Well in Canada, I think one could say, based on a study by McCullough and colleges, the cause of 75% of the deaths was voting for Trudeau.

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This is a slaughter! I cannot stand the silence. Makes me sick to my stomach.

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