Holy crap! Is it just me or are these numbers just climbing by the week? The image of the poor little 9-year-old boy on his bike is just heart-breaking. Thanks for your tireless efforts, Mark.

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Next week it might be quicker to just print a list of the names of people who are still left in Canada.

Fucking awful.

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Dear God, there are at least 9 babies here! And young children and young people and so many people in late 50s to early 70s. Will there be ANY person in their 60s left in Canada?!

Will there be any people at all left in Canada?

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Hasn't 'Pussy' Trudeau banned AUTOPSIES when "VACCINES" might be the primary suspected cause?

'TERRORIST' seems to be the favourite word for anyone that dares to question the WEF (NWO) agenda, which includes implanting McCarthy and other gimps into 'high office' in order to dominate world politics = to remove 'FREEDOM'. McCarthy has attended WEF Davos TWICE!

DEADLY POISON INJECTIONS, called VACCINES, must again carry the responsibility of 'LIABILITY' for the manufacturers! Then Covid will fade into obscurity and Pfizer et al, will be BANKRUPTED! Common sense!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and enjoying Freedom of expression!

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Based on the analysis of 535 401 death notices from necrocanada.com* for the last four years (2019-2022), I didn't find any significant surge in sudden deaths in Canada.

Actually, the number of sudden deaths is following a stable trend these past four years (2019-2022) as can be seen in the table from my article: https://canadiandeaths.substack.com/i/94104655/results-with-preprocessing.

For example, these are the number of death notices from necrocanada mentioning 'passed away suddenly' (relative numbers within brackets):

Year 2019: 1904 [1.47%]

Year 2020: 2167 [1.63%]

Year 2021: 2061 [1.52%]

Year 2022: 1912 [1.39%]

Thus, for the year 2021, there were 2061 death notices mentioning 'passed away suddenly' which represent 1.52% of all death notices for that year, and so on for the other years.

* necrocanada.com is a huge archive of death notices (in English and French) from various funeral homes in Canada.

The dataset is the major bottleneck of the project since it is not easy to get the data quickly in one day or even one week, especially four years of death notices. Then the preprocessing part can take multiple hours for each year analyzed and you might have to launch various jobs in parallel to speed things up. And if you have an old computer like I do then you need lots of patience and coffee.

More details about the dataset and methodology can be found in my article: https://canadiandeaths.substack.com/p/deaths-in-canada-2019-2022

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One more for you ... Liam Coward, vaccine fanatic and "social justice activist" from St. Catharines, Ontario:


His Twitter account, featuring diatribes against "anti-vaxxers" and celebrating a recent monkeypox vaccination, is still up:


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