Oh my goodness they truly are getting younger and younger.

So many in their 40s!!!

This is not normal at all. So many people are just delusional.

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I noticed the same thing about so many dying in their 40's. This can't be normal.

The weekly reports for Canada get longer each time.

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Me too, I've noticed the same thing the last couple weeks. 😥

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Yeah they do.

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Jan 20, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

So this is Canada in the first half of Jan. 2023, deaths 63 and under that are shown here.

Omar Martinez Rosell, 51

Coach Jason Peters, 50

Ty Marcel Corbett-Litschgy, 18

Victoria Finley-Waterson, 23

January 11, 2023

Tanelle Latesha Garbutt, 25

Shekeela Francell Martin, 25

Milan Vidovic, 30

Arizona Noël-Crockett, 1 month

Lochlan Birchall, 3

Payton Rose Biggar, 22

Krista Colleen Angele Roffey, 35

Chantal Renée Bradshaw, 35

Christina Cheung, 38

Ryan MacDonald, 32

Emma Heffernan, 33

Lauren Nicole Steffan, 38

Matthew Charles Ross Smith, 37

Noah Kai Shiva Pangalia, 19

Jamie Lynn Roberts nee Eaton, 40

Elaine Michelle Barber, 40

Alysha Ashenden-Larabie, 35

Collin Victor Lammi, 31

Keith Calvin John McGuire, 46

Ann Margaret Pangowish, 43

Hendrik William Van De Pol, 46

Heather Faye Nicole Recollet, 41

Amy Leigh Yanover (nee Morrison), 49

Robert Wedden, 44

Stephanie Rae (Miller) Visentin, 41

Danielle Morales, 47

Shannon Lowe, 48

Stephen Francis Ford, 45

John Spehar, 50

Marka Christine Beaten, 48

Taylor Kimakowich, 42

Amalia Farina, 48

Anthony Costantini, 46

Derek Doxtator, 49

Ryan Eldridge, 41

Jeffrey Mann, 47

Jonathan Brandon Abra, 44

Sonia Lyssette Amatuzio, 48

Tim Bélanger, 47

Frederick G. Pfeiffer, 47

Stephane Willy Ouellette, 47

Steven Margie, 58

Bruce "Goochiman" Neil Lachinette, 59

Kirk Alexander Ross, 59

Cathy Lynn Naveau (Worme), 59

Rachelle Stephenson, 52

Kristine Louise Moreau, 55

Donna "Gooch" Durand, 52

Fleurette White, 60

Beverly “Jody” Gerrits, 55

Mijo “Mike” Kuharic, 57

Edward John McFarlane, 55

Brian "Pooker" Paterson, 51

John Joseph Starr, 57

Matthew David John Foesier, 51

Frederick Postma, 60

Hugh Murray, 60

Bruce Stephen Legault, 57

Craig Alexander Moss, 51

Christine Anne Golec, 57

Martial Joseph Serge Lavoie, 59

Maria "Josi" Giuseppina Pietrantuono, 51

Paul Dilosa, 53

Sheri McGrath, 58

Terrance Lee Scott-Fletcher, 52

Carol Bradshaw (Ryder), 56

Deborah "Debbie" Elizabeth Barnes, 54

Joanne Mainville, 51

Virginia Abbott, 54

Mark Tossounian, 52


Frederick Young, 54

Barry James Smeltzer, 60

Linda Ann Gaysek, 56

Jacqueline Suzanne Jones (Salottolo), 51

Walter Gordon "Wally" Monroe, 53

Kathleen Ruthann Elsbrie, 58

Richard Andrew Hohman, 60

Sharon Rosemarie Morris Ejemhen, 54

Carmine Liotti, 58

Patrick O'Doherty, 51

NiNi Khin, 55

Tammi-Lee Smith, 54

Martin Van Den Hurk, 53

Dean Bellinger, 52

Randy Samis, 61

Michel Desormeaux, 62

Donald "Flash" Savoie, 62

Shelly Anne Hall (nee Craig), 61

Jean-Guy Desormeaux, 62

Glen Ritchie, 61

Deborah Anne van Dyk (Adair), 61

Nadine Peirrard, 63

Albert Cohen, 61

Robert "Rob" John Gill, 61

Brian Bardeau, 62

Kevin Rolfe, 61

Dale Anne Cavanagh (Gillespie), 63

Sean Gregory Vedell, 61

Derek Semeniuk, 62

Randy Fagan, 61

Kimberley Ann "Kim" Chomiak (MacFarlane), 62

Deborah Bomberry, 62

Lesley Marie (Townsend) Burnett, 62

Victor Krempin, 61

Leslie Youngblut, 63

Dr. Roch St-Aubin, 63

Lorelai Horne, 40

"Art" Serov, 31

Kendall Nadine Best, 40

Kevin John McCarthy, 52

Peter John Doyle, 60

Wesley Arthur Tatlock, 63

Andrea Darlene Osmond, 62

Rod White, 63

Brodie Alexander Ritchie, 19

Jonathan Wayne Lundstrom, 21

Luigi Zuccaro, 42

Jimmy Collins, 45

Christopher Raczkowski, 42

Bradly James Murphy, 54

Brian Dycke, 63

Darrell Ralph Armishaw, 61

Jennifer Dawn Doucette, 30

Rodney Dziadek, 48

Olusoga John Akinriyibi, 45

Darlene Marie Dolores (Piche) Dumas, 60

Thomas George Cox, 58

Holly Roxanne (Reimer) Wall, 53

Richard Brian McGillis, 60

Kathryn Lynn Buttrum, 52

Timothy James Smith, 63

Frank Lee Baldwin, 47

Joshua Frank Noel Jadis Jr., 1

Michael Folkins, 60

Marilyn Power-LeBouthillier, 29

Bryan Julien, 35

Michelle Jeanne Maillet, 37

Vicky Arsenault, 45

Gaetan Allain, 48

Shannon Regenbogen, 41

Randall Stuart Saunders, 51

Richard Mariner Clifton Trivett, 56

Andrew “Andy” Allen Edward Little, 58

Dale Albert Logan, 58

Tristan Tobias Thorassie, 18

Troy Thomas Loder, 41

Marie Mugford, 44

Robert Ricketts, 60

William Rex Ford, 52

Corey M. Cluett, 48

Roger Frederick Sheppard, 58

Ruby Martin, 59

Natalie Marie Tapley, 63

Gladys Winnie Sarah Blundon (nee Cumby), 61

Arthur Stead, 62

Brandon Ricky Boutilier, 30

Michelle Lesley Cummings, 45

Lorrie Morrison, 53

William "Bill" Thomas Smith, 56

Paul Roderick Gallop, 63

Gordon Slauenwhite, 62

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Hi Cheri, Are you here in Canada? Would you consider joining Mark's data-collection team in Canada? It's very easy, and we really need help. You can email me zeldalevine2022@gmail.com or just comment on my Substack and we can chat. Cheers!

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I sent you an email. :)

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Thank you for posting this info. Surely there can be independent analyses of the data that will answer the Big Question about the Big Elephant in the Room.

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I just simplified/condensed from the list Mark had already made and posted here, just so you know who gets the real credit. I think it's eye-opening to see it all listed that way, with the ages.

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It would have been a LOT longer if I had included just one more year, 64yo.

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Man! This had to be the youngest slew of Canadians yet!

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So many people are dying in Canada. Do Canadians know? At first I thought, wow, so many in their 20s and 30s. Then, I added 40s. By the end it is simply many many people of all ages. Oh my. Thanks MCM for this report. What an amazing undertaking.

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To answer your question. If most know, they certainly keep it quiet. Probably because most are jabbed.

But....I suspect most have no idea whatsoever. Certainly not in my circles. I have never once heard any of my jabbed aquaintances ever mention it. They talk about what a great job Nova Scotia did to get through the bullshit, with lockdowns and mandates.. They talk about getting boosters....but never once have I heard anything about the jab and death or injury, among the jabbed. They do not know.

CBC, CTV and Global...the larger networks are all part of the scam, because Trudrip paid them to shut up. Not that there is an honest individual among them to begin with.

The pumping and pimping of progressive ideology and neo- communism is what their purpose is. Not reporting on the reality that surrounds us.

As a nation....we are a total mess with lipstick and foundation covering up the ugly truth.

If there is anything our great leader seems to love....it is man dates.

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Sometimes I want to show people this substack, ESPECIALLY this one, with oh so many young people dead but I know in my heart they would explain it away somehow. It’s so sickening. I can’t believe this is happening but there it is, in black and white and right it front of my eyes.

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I do hope we throw a ton of money at “ unknown” like we do against cancer.

We’d rather waste money than face truth. How corrupt and evil our authorities have become.

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Hi Stevanovitch, I see you're here in Canada. Would you consider joining Mark's data-collection team here? It's very easy, and we really need help. You can email me zeldalevine2022@gmail.com if you think you might be interested. Thx and Cheers!

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That’s Chinada to you, good sir! Lol will do in about 10 min or so

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I can tell you that Christopher Nesich died by suicide after killing his wife and son. No conspiracy here.

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I fail to imagine how a young 30-year-old can die unexpectedly but "peacefully". Surely this must be the most tragic and volatile situation, with people frantically doing everything they can to save the person who is dying "unexpectedly"?

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