My friend died suddenly age 43 found in bed the morning of April 15,2022. Autopsy pending.

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thank you for doing these Mark 💔🙏

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Well, looks like you will be doing these compilation for a while.... :( "White House pushing global vaccine SUMMIT to “vaccinate the world,” targeting “everyone, everywhere” https://www.newstarget.com/2022-04-19-white-house-vaccine-summit-targets-vaccinate-world.html

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They appreciate your memoriam of them.

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Ryan Campbell the Australian cricketer is currently in a coma after a sudden heart attack, despite being in top shape

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Your own link states April 12 2011

Love your work and everything that you’re doing. Small blip. Enjoyed the RFK episode. Happy to help you out with whatever you need. You have a lot on! I’m in the UK btw.

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Haven’t read this yet, but right now I see six MCM articles re sudden deaths, stacked up in my inbox like cordwood. So sad and scary.

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i thought these countries weren’t using mRNA? Are the other kinds very deadly too?

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You have to be very careful. While the covid 'vaccines' must be responsible for much of this, not every heart attack is vax related. In 2022, we're looking suspiciously at EVERY death in the world. There must be vast numbers of heart attacks that are - just heart attacks as always since the beginning of history. Implying all coronary events are cause by Pfizer & Moderna makes skeptics look hysterical.

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As with all-embracing Soviet era propaganda, it is necessary to carefully scrutinise what passes for news in our new societal cage:


“Whatever happened to the Novavax Covid vaccine?”

The question that instantly arises for me is “What Novavax vaccine?” I never heard of it before. Or did I? Was it part of another one of those scarifying memes flashing past? And I love the way the article assumes I already know and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to find out more!

Apparently this vaccine is “the first Covid vaccine based on an older, more established technology. Its developer, Novavax, has pitched it as an alternative for people reluctant to take newer mRNA-based jabs.”

Ah now it starts to make sense. The article is aimed at the “vaccine hesitant”. And it immediately goes about creating a sales pitch via scarcity meme:

“But while it is now available in much of Europe, Novavax is still not cleared for use in the UK.”

And then:

“”It’s been so frustrating – and it’s not just me,” says a woman in her 40s, who did not want to be named. “There are other people out there who are not anti-vax or anything like that, but are just hesitant to take the new kind of mRNA vaccines.””

A woman who “did not want to be named”? I wonder why? The mention of those who are “anti-vax” or “just hesitant” raises the spectre of nasty people who may target our unnamed woman. Or …. dare I suggest that our woman doesn’t actually exist at all? She certainly has a colourful story:

“She caught Covid last year and spent five nights in hospital on oxygen.”

According to those dinky little tests, I myself had covid. It was basically a heavy cold. Others tested positive and may – just possibly – have temporarily lost their sense of smell. But it seems our lady here was gasping for oxygen. And there’s more:

“Last month she travelled from the UK to a vaccine clinic in France to have the Novavax jab.”

Cue scenario: desperate for life saving medication she had to go abroad! And it turns out she was put off the vaxxes available in the UK due to that new-fangled gene code thingy. This Novavax is a traditional vaccine! So you can trust it!

After which the article descends into the apparently unchangeable scripture of how the unvaccinated are filling up the hospital wards etc.

“Kenneth, from Bristol ….has been waiting for an alternative to the two main mRNA vaccines. “I’m making a personal choice based on my own research and my own body,” he says.”

So we’re now making an appeal to these troublesome critters who insist on doing their “own research”!

As for the Novavax,

“In January 2021, an order for 60 million doses was placed by UK ministers, with a deal agreed for it to be manufactured at a Fujifilm plant in Billingham, Teesside.”

60 million? Now that’s a lot of money, time, resources etc. Also bear in mind that

“Health Secretary Sajid Javid recently toured the factory in Billingham, which is in the middle of a £400m expansion, though it is still unclear if – and when – Novavax jabs made here could make their way into the arms of UK citizens.Novavax itself says it is continuing to work with Fujifilm and plans to update its submission to the UK medicines regulator so that doses produced in Teesside can be used by the NHS. The developer is also in the process of applying to regulators to use the vaccine as a booster shot and in children, where vaccination rates are currently much lower than in adults.”

Note the herd of mastodons in the room: the automatic assumption that we need this crap, that the vaccination programme ought to – and indeed must – carry on regardless!

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It really is both brilliant, and the only thing they could have done, to usher in an age of the most draconian fascistic totalitarian restrictions: An invisible menace sanctified by The Science where they constantly tell you that the decision lies with you .... however if you don’t follow the rules you will be responsible for the deaths of thousands – and so the public can police itself. And all discrepancies and contradictions can be forever blamed on “incompetence”!

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Australian columnist died in 2011 fyi.

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