I just lost my brother-in-law. He was in perfect health. No problems whatsoever. He took two COVID-19 injections in the spring of 2021. He went out for coffee with a friend but before they arrived his head slumped down and he was suddenly gone. Thank God he wasn't driving the car they were in . The autopsy report says his death was due to thrombocytopenia. He never had that diagnosis. But remember when the New York Times did the article about 37 people who developed thrombocytopenia within weeks of getting there COVID injections? A doctor in South Florida passed away two weeks after his pfizer injection due to thrombocytopenia. The NYT covered that story too. I know in my heart it could not possibly be a coincidence that my perfectly healthy brother-in-law dropped dead nearly 18 months after his last COVID-19 injection. It's very horrifying for me to know that the concerns many have about the inability of the spike protein to stop activating with the adjuvants in this injection could be ticking time bombs in so many people, including my own brother-in-law. I already reached out to Dr. Ryan Cole and his office got back to me and said they don't have a protocol yet to test to see if my brother-in-law's death was indeed related to the vaccine. But they're working on it, and since we did have an autopsy, when they get their protocol in place, they should be able to test my brother-in-law's slides.

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When I heard about Leslie Jordan on NPR today, I listened to see if he died from a vax incident as many many are these days. NPR reported that he died in a car crash. "Oh," I said to myself, "maybe this one is genuinely NOT a vax incident. Of course they left out the information - that he had crashed after having "some kind of medical incident" and smashed into a wall. Thanks, Mark, for putting in the details the media deliberately leaves out.

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I am recovering from a fall in a rehab facility and will be here about three weeks more. My roommate is 90, recovering from a stroke (wonder how that happened), watches CNN and is planning on getting a Moderna booster and a flu shot right here in the facility. Ugg. As I can hear, CNN is brought to her by Moderna.

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Thanks for compiling these, Mark. I'm here in Bloomington, Indiana, and tracking sudden deaths locally. They did report that the professor, Timothy Baldwin, was a suicide. But this is baffling. He was a well-liked business school professor making a six-figure salary and was close to retirement. There was a suicide of a female undergraduate last May that I also found hard to believe. She was in a small program (Russian) in which students are friendly with all, including professors. Is the vaccine making people psychotic? What do we know?

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Oct 29, 2022·edited Oct 29, 2022

'Flemington, NJ - Robert “Bob” J. Whipple, age 47 years . . . bravely fought one of the rarest cancers in the world, Glioblastoma"

Oh, there's that 'rare' Glioblastoma again.

(A while back, I posted about this Penn prof: "It is with great sadness that the Wharton School announces the passing of Management Professor Sigal G. Barsade, who died February 7, 2022, after a hard-fought battle with glioblastoma. She was 56." https://news.wharton.upenn.edu/in-memoriam/2022/02/sigal-g-barsade/

That page doesn't even address the fact that she was Co-Chair of the COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Behavioral Science Task Force https://mgmt.wharton.upenn.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Covid-19_Vaccine-Uptake-Behavioral-Science_Task-Force_Report_Feb-23-2021.pdf)

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Foul play is not suspected. It is assured.

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From https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/peninsuladailynews/browse

Just a quick review...


"ROGER OTTO OBITUARY,Jan. 19, 1957 - Oct. 6, 2022, died from natural causes. He was 65."

"BRYAN CURRY OBITUARY, June 11, 1983 - Oct. 21, 2022, died from natural causes. He was 39."

"CHERIE KROCKER OBITUARY, March 17, 1965 - Oct. 17, 202, died from natural causes. She was 57."

"Robert J. Parks, He was 39 and passed away on September 19, 2022, from sudden cardiac arrest."

"JOSHUA DEWEY OBITUARY, Joshua was taken very sadly on August 17 of natural causes." Age 50."

There are many more. "Natural Causes" is main death notation. Natural causes at 39? 50? WTF is going on and why is no one at the papers publishing these obituaries asking questions? I do not remember natural causes being so deadly to younger people in the past.

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It just now occurred to me that it is possible, although unlikely, that Tiger Woods' car crash in February 2021 could have been a vaxxident. Althought he has had issues in the past with addiction to painkillers, the accident report showed that was not the case and there has never really been an explanation for the single-car accident that nearly cost him a leg.


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Darin Chong, executive at Cunexus, a credit-union/banking/lending ap company, passed away October 15th. Age 50, in apparent good health. Heart attack at golf course. I do not know his vax info. If you read this site, you are aware of a highly likely cause of such a death in 2022, but of course, we do not know for certain. Condolences to J, E, C&T, and others survivors. By all accounts, a wonderfully good man. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/pressdemocrat/name/darin-chong-obituary?id=36863809

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October 25, 2022 - Many in Pikeville are mourning this week over the unexpected death of a beloved second-grader. Andrew James Allen, 7, died Saturday at the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington after battling a sudden illness.

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The depop works in mysterious ways.

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Allan J. “Al” Dantes Jr., age 43 of L’Anse, Michigan passed away Friday, October 14, 2022.

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I wonder if any of these people who "died suddenly" understand what is going on and what caused their deaths or is this die off as blinding to the covid cult as the shot is?

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Frosty/Rudolph Producer’s daughter, Jean Nicole Bass, died “suddenly” & “unexpectedly” at age 61 this past January. She was a “daycare provider,” so not too far fetched to conclude the clot shot probably killed her.


Her beloved father, Jules Bass, died 3 days ago at age 87.


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