Re: the driver that crashed into the pub at Daylesford, Australia, authorities are saying it was because he had diabetes. Anything to take it away from possible boosters.

So sad that babies are dying after being vaccinated no doubt, 13 months is about the time they either get life long health issues or die. Parents are now waking up and slowly turning away from vaccinations. Authourities are concerned about the decline and will be ramping up their "advertising".

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But we all know they're pathetic losers and liars.

The masses are likely to take that reason hook line and sinker. But when u observe the global pattern AND FREQUENCY you can't but come to the JAB.


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Nov 10, 2023·edited Nov 10, 2023

53 year old Victorian, Peter Semos died of a heart attack in the swim leg of last weekend's Noosa Triathlon (5th November 2023)


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