I wish there was amnesty for the dead that they could come back. All a bad dream.

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A few weeks ago there was a car crash where a Tesla went through a store front. A few days ago a friend said a car jumped curb and hit a person near his shop. He said it didn't make the news. He said he brought that point up to a friend who believe those who question the MSM are kooks and tried to explain how MSM picks and chooses which stories are relevant. So you will be fired up to be upset by a story that isn't local and be completely unaware of a local story that is relevant - like weird car crashes.

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Aaron Carter made a video saying that the music execs were going to kill him because they owed him 10 million dollars and didn’t want to pay. They told him he would make them more money if he died. Then the cops came to his house for “no reason” because someone told them he was “suicidal”. He said they were all in on it, and even his real estate agent refused to sell his home. He was asking to raise 100k so he could relocate to a safe house.

His last tweet was to Kanye West asking to speak man to man.

Then he was found dead in a bathtub, which is odd….considering how many celebrities die in bathtubs….

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An odd thing I have been seeing is a number of people are having their deaths announced a good while later after they have passed away. There were a couple listed here. Why is that?

Carter had a long history of drug addiction, very possible he OD'd, but doubt we will ever know.

Weird how there was a run on teachers, cops, and car people.

Our Church prayer list had a rushed to the ER w/a heart attack, and another w/blood clots this week, every week there is a vaxx injury or death to pray for, and it is a very small church.

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Words fail me. The cumulative power and undeniable truth of these weekly reports is truly startling. No one who follows this will rest peacefully until the whole wide world acknowledges what is happening and the criminals (at the very least) confronted and banished from ordinary routines.

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

For those that didn't read the article about surfer Loch Eggers, his 51 year old brother Hunter Eggers died suddenly during a canoe race in April 2022. What a nightmare.

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So sad the one about the 24 girl that died after having medical episode on a boat.

Her dad wrote a Facebook post https://tinyurl.com/3t7pfde4 and there are several comments about the Vax causing the death.

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I used to have an astrological client who was brought to me by a concerned family member. He was a very interesting man in his 30's with a law degree but a large problem attracting clients. To me he was clearly someone with the symptoms of Asperger's. He not only had few social skills, but had an abiding contempt for human beings, and seemed ot consider himself clearly above the average human. His politics seemed more appropriate to the 19th century than today and he expressed an interest in running for political office although I don't know how he'd get votes as he did his best to avoid people. That is the kind of personality I fear is possessed by a good number of those fomenting this insane plan for world control. Sometimes people can even fake social skills, such as Bill Gates foes, but my feeling about him is that he has no capacity to care about anything other than either things or ideas, and despite his own lack of education, he seems to have no problem sharing what he considers to be sound thinking. We are in thrall to people incapable of human expression or feeling. How do we wake up from this? I have a friend who is avoiding me ever since I begged ehr to reconsider getting a fourth shot. I hear from her what I've heard from some other friends - she can't take a chance because she has a chronic illness, in her case MS. I have read that one of the possible causes of MS is vaccines. The more I read, the more I'm suspecting that just about everything outside of accidents is caused by vaccines, and maybe sone of them as well. What kind of reasoning is it that taking a potentially lethal jab is somehow protective if you have a disorder that makes you even more susceptible? I usually don't say anything but this is a woman whose intelligence I respect - outside of this faulty reasoning. I discovered today that a spiritual group to which we both belong is madating proof of vaccination to attend live events. For me, it means I am no longer a member but her commitment to this group explains her trust in this jab. If the medical crime cartel can;t be held liable for the horrific harm they are doing for profit, what about organizatiosn with zero medical training who insist on these as a condition of attendance. Why can't, why shouldn't they be held responsible. If they get sued, perhaps they'll think, not twice, but at all, about demanding control of other people's "health" care. This is disastrous! And I feel, they, those who created this scenario, are exulting at their success. We are being controlled by beings who've long since lost their humanity or else never had any.

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MC Miller,




I'm Sure You Made Their Living Loved Ones, Most Appreciative, In The Deepest-Welling Sense.

These Memory Traces...

Shall Never Fade.

Heavenly Blessings

To All Bestowers.


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I am starting to become surprised there aren’t more sudden deaths with all the people around me that are jabbed, multiple times. My rehab roommate is 90. Her son is 52. They are both multiply jabbed. They’ve also both had covid colds. I mentioned lightly, it doesn’t seem that the jabs are working, to which the son replied - well their cases were mild because of the jab. To me either it works or it doesn’t. They both just received flu shots. Do those also work like the covid jab or don’t they? Are the new flu shots deadly as well? I don’t trust jabs anymore. I’d rather take my chances and use NyQuil, DayQuil, Tylenol and hydroxychloraquin to battle colds, flu, etc. and take my vitamins.

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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

https://www.classicchristianrockzine.net/2022/11/michael-tyrrell-former-mylon-and-broken.html?m=1 Muscian, Michael Tyrell died suddenly at the age of 62 on November 1, 2022 of a cardiac event.

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Police: Woman suffered ‘serious medical episode’ before deadly 3-vehicle crash in Franklin https://news.yahoo.com/police-woman-suffered-serious-medical-174151913.html

November 2, 2022 - Police responded to a three-car accident at the intersection of West Central Street and Union Street just before 3:30 p.m. An investigation determined that a Toyota Highlander was stopped at a red light and a Chevy Equinox was stopped behind it when a KIA SUV rear-ended the Chevy, which then hit the Highlander.

When officers arrived on the scene they found the driver of the KIA, a 58-year-old woman from Wrentham, unresponsive in her car. First responders quickly began CPR before she was transported to a local area hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Police said the woman had suffered a medical episode while driving which caused the crash.

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