Gets harder and harder to read them doesn't it. This week particularly, the mother driving the car with her 3 children on board.

Thanks as always to Mark and team 🙏

Can I just add a little story..... I have started following a lady called Grazia Picinelli who is the President of Comitato Fortitudo. She is just an absolute hero. (the papers like to slur her name by calling Anti-Vax ). She is fighting the Italian Health system, which has in place at the moment, a memo (with NO LEGAL obligation), that masks and PCR tests are necessary for entering hospitals, visiting old peoples homes etc. However the application of these 'rules' are left to the discretion of the management of each place. So, some places are applying them in a rather authoritarian fashion. (one example - last week they operated on an 8 year old , the day after ordered her and her granny to do a PCR - they refused and the hospital threatened to throw them out. Grazia intervened and the situation was resolved and they were 'allowed ' to stay.(albeit it isolation 🤬).

So I just wanted to warn anyone living here, that IF you have the misfortune to have to go to medical appointments/hospitals/old people's homes - THEY ARE DOING THIS ILLEGALLY. So please feel free to go on Telegram - search Canale Comitato Fortitudo and there is all the info and support to fight this. Grazia has already had a lot of success , but she is only one person - WE must learn to defend ourselves and fight this evil from the bottom up (and that includes nazi type nurses who throw their weight around too much ). Thank you 🙏

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Thanks for sharing. I'm not in Italy but I feel better when I hear of efforts to push back on tyranny wherever people live.

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